[Women will experience such changes in the four seasons]

[Women will experience such changes in the four seasons]

Nowadays, sexual life is no longer purely for the purpose of “pregnancy”, but still contains multiple meanings.

In any season, sex is an additive to life.

“Sex, the more you enjoy, the more you want.

“This is true for both men and women.

When having sex, sex hormones will strengthen secretion, thereby improving healthy and harmonious emotions.

How to ensure the quality of sex during the spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons and adjust the sexual life differently, you must know the secrets of the four seasons of sex and female hormones in the four seasons.

Spring hormonal spring Awakening hormonal spring is the first stage, that is, the first to six days after menstruation (calculated based on the average five days) (ie, the 6-11 days of the physiological cycle).All plants and creatures in the world swell with various impulses, and the division of all cells begins to accelerate.

At this time, the female pituitary gland secretes a hormone FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), which stimulates the woman to wake up from deep sleep.

Just after going through a “blood” movement, some may experience experiencing intense dysmenorrhea. Although they have the spirit, they may want to gossip with their friends in the boudoir.

Husbands who have been depressed for several days, must not be anxious about the “sleeping beauty” who just woke up, but must slowly cultivate his wife’s “sex” taste and regain his wife’s desire in the gentleness that is gradually heating up.