[Food with oranges]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

[Food with oranges]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

Any food tastes a little bit concomitant.

It is the time to eat oranges in autumn and winter. When people eat oranges, they must pay attention to some things that are equal to oranges.

For example, cucumbers cannot be eaten with oranges. Oranges are also rich in vitamin c. Cucumbers are also specifically used to break down this vitamin. When eaten together, the nutritional value will decrease.

Oranges and eels are poisonous when eaten together.

1. Cucumber oranges and cucumbers cannot be eaten together. This is because oranges are rich in vitamins, while cucumbers have a large amount of vitamin C decomposing enzymes. Eating two substances together will destroy the nutritional content of oranges and make them nutritious.reduce.

2, eel eels and oranges, poisoning with food.

3. Crab mandarins and crabs cannot be eaten together. The meat is rich in protein, while oranges contain calcium carbonate.

If the fruit rich in fruit acids, such as oranges, is eaten with the carcass containing protein monomers at the same time, the fruit acid in the fruit can solidify the protein and affect the digestion and absorption of the protein.

4, red and red are often used as medicinal materials in traditional Chinese medicine, and red and orange are the same grams, eat more oranges are easier to get angry, and eat with red even worse the situation of getting angry.

5. Milk oranges should not be eaten with milk.

The protein in milk will react with the acid and vitamin C in oranges, will coagulate into a block, affect the digestion and absorption of the stomach, and easily cause discomfort such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Therefore, people must not eat oranges within an hour after drinking milk.

6, animal liver cancer and animal liver can not eat together, vitamins are rich in vitamin C, animal liver cancer copper, iron plasma.

If consumed at the same time, copper, iron and other plasma can easily oxidize vitamin C in cholesterol, thereby losing nutritional value.