[Drinking red bean barley porridge will you feel belly bloating]

[Drinking red bean barley porridge will you feel belly bloating]

Many people will try to cook red bean rice porridge, but some people report that the red bean rice porridge will swell after eating.

In this case, the first consideration is that the red beans are not cooked, and the stomach will have a twisted response after eating, and there will be some swelling.

In fact, if the red bean barley porridge is cooked, it will help digestion and will not cause swelling.

This article introduces this content, let’s take a look.

Do red bean rice porridge inflate? 1 Do you eat red bean rice porridge in general?

After cooking the red bean rice, a large amount of starch becomes starch dextrin, which is easy to digest and absorb. Therefore, the swelling of the red bean rice does not occur, but the red bean rice does not boil or the red beans are too much, which may cause swelling.Case.
Eating a certain kind of red bean rice porridge will swell. 2 The starchy structure of the uncured red bean and indica rice is very tight, so if it is not cooked, it will be difficult to be completely digested. A large number of uncured red beans and indica enter the interior and will appear.Indigestion such as bloating.

Too much adzuki beans There are some stachyose starch components in the red adzuki beans, which cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body, but will be broken down by metabolic bacteria to produce a large amount of gas.

Who eats red bean barley porridge will swell gas 3 People with poor digestive function and people with intestinal motility eat red bean barley rice easily swell gas.

1. People with poor digestive function will suffer from indigestion after eating some poorly cooked red bean barley porridge.

2. For people with insufficient intestinal motility, after eating red bean porridge, red bean porridge will be very continuous in series, so a large amount of stachyose will be decomposed by bacteria and a large amount of gas will be generated, which will cause the gas to expand.

How to eat red bean oatmeal porridge to swell gas 4 massage the abdomen how to appear after eating red bean oatmeal porridge to swell, you can intersect the palms, and massage the entire abdomen from the stomach counterclockwise, this can promote peristalsis and promote the exhaust of gas from the inside.

Drinking hot water Drinking some hot water can promote the metabolism of food in the digestive tract, help ventilation, and help digestion, so it also has the effect of alleviating inflation.

Eating Digestive Drugs If you experience indigestion in red bean barley porridge, you can consume some drugs that promote digestion, such as Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets.