[Origin and History of Coffee]_ 来 原 _

[Origin and History of Coffee]_ 来 原 _

Everyone in life loves drinking coffee, but as for the origin and history of coffee, few people will understand that coffee itself is Greek, meaning strength and passion, and it became Chinese coffee after it spread.And history is various, but in fact coffee only has a story and a place of origin, and everyone needs to understand.

咖啡的起源”咖啡[1] “一词源自希腊语”Kaweh”,意思是”力量与热情”。咖啡树是属茜草科多年生常绿灌木或小乔木[2] ,日常饮用的咖啡是用咖啡豆配合各种不同的烹煮器具制作出来的,而咖啡豆就是指咖啡树果实内之果仁,It is then baked using an appropriate baking method.

There are various legends about the origin of coffee, but it is mostly forgotten because of its absurdity.

However, one cannot forget that Africa is the home of coffee.

The coffee tree was probably discovered in Ethiopia’s KAFFA province.

Later, slaves of the colonies were trafficked from Africa to Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula, and coffee was taken everywhere along the way.

To be sure, Yemen started to grow coffee in the 15th century or earlier.

Although Mocha, the most prosperous port city in the world at that time, existed in Arabia, it forbids any seed export!

This obstacle was finally broken by the Dutch. In 1616, they finally smuggled the living coffee trees and seeds to the Netherlands and began to cultivate them in the greenhouse.

One of the origins of coffee: the story of the shepherd There are several legends about the origin of coffee, and many of them are directly the story of the shepherd: according to a linguist in Rome, Rost.

According to Nairoi (1613-1707): around the sixth century, when an Arab shepherd, Karday, drove her sheep to the grasslands of Isobia, she saw that each goat was attracted and excited,He felt very strange. Later, after careful observation, it was found that these sheep were excited when they ate some kind of red fruit. Calder tasted some curiously, and found that these fruits were very sweet and delicious, and he felt very refreshed after eating.Since then he has often driven the flock to eat this delicious fruit.

Later, when a Muslim passed by here, he picked some of this incredible red fruit and took it home, and distributed it to other members. Therefore, its magical effect was spread.

Part 2: The Story of Sherlock Omar Another legend is Sherkel, the disciple of the guardian saint on the Arabian Peninsula (referred to as the North Leaf Gate).

Omar was a highly respected and beloved chief in Mocha, but was expelled by his people for crime.

As a result, Sherke Omar was exiled to the country’s Ossam, where he stumbled upon the fruit of coffee, which was a matter of 1258.

One day, Ouma walked in the mountains and rescued her intestines, and when she saw the strange feathered bird on the branch, after pecking the fruit of the tree, she made a very sweet and gentle cry.

He brought the fruit back and boiled it with water. Unexpectedly, it gave out a strong and seductive fragrance, and then the original feeling of tiredness disappeared.

Omar collected many of these magical fruits, and when they were ill, they put the fruits in the soup and placed them back, restoring their spirits.

Because of his good deeds and beloved by believers, his sins were soon forgiven, and he returned to Mocha, and was praised for discovering this fruit, and people only admire him as a saint.

At the time, the magic cure for the disease was coffee.