[Eat a few bananas a day]_Banana_How to eat_How to eat

[Eat a few bananas a day]_Banana_How to eat_How to eat

Banana is a common fruit. Many people also like bananas in daily life, but you should pay attention to the role of bananas in intestines and laxative, and pay attention to the principle of proper amount. Generally, one per day is appropriate, not to sayThe more you eat, the better.

1. Banana is a fruit with high migration!

But it has the advantage of being able to moisturize the bowels.

2. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bananas are sweet and cold, which can clear away heat and intestines, so those with spleen deficiency and diarrhea are not suitable.

But most suitable for hot people.

Those who have hemorrhoids and bleeding, and those who have uneasy fetal movements due to hotness, can eat banana meat raw.

3, those who have a hot body may have a banana a day, but if they are afraid of cold bananas, they can choose to eat plantains (more effective laxative), emperor bananas and other varieties.

4, on the sports field, especially some “time-consuming” sports competitions, such as tennis games, sometimes see players peel off bananas to eat during tea breaks, in order to supplement the calories consumed and lost electrolytes!

5. When exercising, it is not suitable to eat too full, eat banana halfway, the main purpose is to make up for the energy that the body loses quickly.

6, nutritionist said that football, tennis players like to eat bananas before playing, which helps performance on the field.

From a nutritional point of view, the sugar in bananas can be quickly converted into glucose, which is immediately absorbed by the body and is a fast source of energy.

7, banana is a high potassium food, potassium can strengthen muscle strength and muscle endurance, so it is especially loved by athletes.