I want to live five long and five long presses.

I want to live five long and five long presses.

The position that can live longer, as long as regular massage, more maintenance, can increase the body’s immunity, in addition to prevent certain diseases, to achieve longevity effect.

This article introduces you to five places, and often massages these five parts, which can achieve the above effects.

The five places are the arm socket, the squat (the nest formed behind the leg when bent), the elbow socket, the waist eye, and the navel.

  First, there is a point on the top of the axillary fossa called the pole spring point. Regular massage can widen the chest and calm the nerves and reconcile the blood.

From the modern medical point of view, the lymphatic tissue at the armpit is very rich, and regular massage can promote blood circulation and improve immunity.

The massage method is as follows: cross up and down on the chest, press the opposite armpits with both hands, massage gently with your fingers, press each time for about 3 minutes; then, raise your left hand, pat the left arm with your right hand palm, then lift your right hand.Use your left hand palm to pat the right arm, each time tapping 30?
50 times, repeated 5 times.

  Second, the armpit armpit is a diamond-shaped depression in the posterior region of the knee. The blood vessels and nerves inside are very rich. They often beat the qi and activating blood to relieve the effect of obstruction.

A very important acupuncture point in the armpit is called the Central Point. It is often massaged and has a good effect on common sciatica, calf fatigue, neck pain, headache and pain.

The massage method is as follows: take the sitting position or the prone position, or ask the family to use both hands to slap the force and continuously beat the two-way armpit.

  Third, the navel navel is the only acupuncture point in the human body that can be touched and can be seen with the eyes, called the god.

It is inlined with twelve meridians, so it has always come to the doctors to think that it is necessary to cure the disease.

Frequently pat the navel, cocoa, An Ning, Ningxin, Shugan Lidan, reconcile qi and blood, Tongli Sanjiao.

The method is as follows: take the sitting position or the supine position, use the left and right hands to slap the palms, and force the front arm to continuously beat the navel 100 times continuously.

Or use hot compress, sputum and other methods to stimulate the navel.

  Fourth, the elbow socket is a triangular depression in front of the elbow joint. It is a place with very dense meridians. It can often penetrate the sputum to ventilate blood, disperse silt and poison.

Take the sitting position or supine position, insert the upper limb straight, the elbow fossa upwards, use the other hand to slap the force, alternately beat each other 100 times.

If the family is helping to tap, you can do it in both directions.

  Fifth, the waist and axillary lumbosacral fossa, commonly known as the “waist eye”, is a depression in the lumbosacral portion of the human body.

The lumbosacral portion bears the weight of the entire upper body, so as the age increases, it is easy to have symptoms such as back pain due to strain on the lumbosacral region.

Often massage the waist and armpits with loose bones to eliminate fatigue.

Sit on the upper body and lean forward, use the left and right hands to slap the palms and slap the waist and squats 5?
10 times.

However, elderly people with severe cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis are not recommended to use the tapping method.

  The above five positions can achieve the effect of health care, as long as you often tap the beat, you can always have unexpected results.

Everyone can polish it. These places are sensitive to us, and the blood vessels and lymphatic tissues are concentrated, which often stimulates the human body!