5 principles of mental health for the elderly

5 principles of mental health for the elderly

Compared with the popular 1234 principle that promotes mental health in the elderly, it is very beneficial to the health care of the elderly, that is, “one center: health-centered; two points: a little chic, a little confused; three forget: forgetAge, disease, grudges; four old: there is a wife, old, old, old friends; five to: to fall, to be pretty, to laugh, to jump, to talk.

  A center: the elderly should protect their physical and mental health.

When the elderly are in good health, they will not burden the society and the family. This is a contribution to society and the family.

A person with a healthy mind can improve his quality of life and enjoy the joy of life.

  Two main points: a little chic, a little confused.

Older people should live a little more relaxed and tolerant.

Exquisite, natural and generous, easy and free, unconstrained; confused, great understanding, indifferent, not disturbed by trivial matters.

Life is short, life is the first, why bother to care about the boring trivia in life?

Confused, a little tolerant, forbearing for a moment, calming down, stepping back into the sky, why not?

  Three forget: forget the age, forget the disease, forget the grudge.

Old people don’t always worry about their high age, illness, and don’t always recall the past grievances.

Life, old, sick, and death are the natural laws of life. No one can escape this process, so there is no need to over-interest in what is bound to happen.

In the journey of life, there will inevitably be some ups and downs, hurries and grievances, and there is no need to care about the things that have passed.

Older people should relax and live optimistically. This is the most important thing.

  Four old: There is a wife, there is an old nest, a bit old, there are several old friends.

The elderly must have a wife, especially a male old man.

As the saying goes: “It is better to have a full house than a half-way couple.

That is to say, it is best for the old wife to live together, and the children are not as good as the husband and wife, even the old couple of the new combination is better than the children.

Old wives and old wives are comforting each other in spirit, and care for each other in life is irreplaceable by other relationships.

The emotional communication between husband and wife is very beneficial to health care.

  There is an old nest.

Older people must have their own homes in order to have a sense of security, which is good for their health.

  A bit old.

Older people should have some savings to prepare for the unexpected.

A little savings in the hands can be taken out in time to solve the urgent need.

  There are several old friends.
Old people should have a few old friends, usually chat together, have something to help each other, is very good for health care.

  Five to: To fall, to jump, to laugh, to be pretty, to talk (唠).

  Going off.

It is especially important for the elderly to lay down their shelves and maintain a normal heart.

After the elderly are retired, don’t say that I am a certain person. I am an old expert. I am an old professor. I am a famous artist. I want to know how I waited.

You should put yourself in the position of an ordinary citizen, look at the problem with a normal heart and deal with the surrounding objects, the mentality will be peaceful, and the mind will be healthy.

  To jump.

Older people need to be active, not simply dancing.

“Life is in motion”, exercise can enhance physical fitness, make the body full of vitality, and regulate emotions.

  I want to laugh.

Older people should be optimistic about life and always have a happy attitude.

I laugh in the mirror every day and I will have a good mood.  Be pretty.

Older people should be beautifully dressed to make their image more beautiful, so that they will feel a lot younger and others will see their youthful vigour.

  Have a chat.

Older people should always exchange ideas and feelings with others.

Closing oneself and loneliness is an important factor that jeopardizes the health of the elderly’s heart and is one of the causes of senile depression and senile dementia.

Chat is one of the most affordable and very beneficial activities for the body and mind, and it is always there to prevent depression and dementia.