Prevention of senile dementia, the sooner the better, the 4 aspects

Prevention of senile dementia, the sooner the better, the 4 aspects

The incidence of senile dementia in the elderly is currently increasing year by year, bringing great invasion to society and families.

Although it has a high incidence in the elderly, it has a tendency to become younger and younger. Because there are no particularly effective methods and drugs for its treatment, how to prevent its onset has become the most concerned topic.

  Let us first understand the brain.

The brain is an important organ of the human body, and its oxygen consumption accounts for 20% of the body’s oxygen consumption.

The oxygen needed by the brain is all supplied by the blood, so there must be enough blood supply for the brain to function properly.

The standard of blood supply to the brain is cerebral blood flow. Once the cerebral blood flow is reduced, the oxygen supply to the brain cells is also reduced.

  If the brain tissue level is more than 10 seconds, it will cause changes in the function of the brain; if part of the blood flow in the brain is completely interrupted vertically, local brain tissue necrosis occurs, that is, cerebral infarction; if the blood supply to the brain is not completely eliminated or even slowlyThe reduction is the chronic blood supply to the brain.

Thus, as the age increases, the blood supply to the brain will gradually decrease.

Relatively speaking, the brain tissue of middle-aged and elderly people is relatively resistant to contraction. The automatic regulation function of cerebral blood vessels is also gradually reduced. Therefore, as long as the blood supply changes slightly, it will obviously affect the cerebral blood flow, resulting in chronic cerebral blood supply.

Frequent recurring dizziness, dizziness, headache, and often upset, tinnitus, irritability, insomnia, dreams, memory loss, inattention, forgetfulness, etc. These are the manifestations of chronic brain insufficiency.

  At present, it is medically considered that chronic chronic cerebral insufficiency is one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, more medical experts suggest that early prevention of chronic cerebral insufficiency is one of the key methods to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Don’t wait until the symptoms appear to be considered for prevention. It is too late.

  The change of modern people’s living habits and methods is prone to insufficient blood supply to the brain. For example, the application of computers makes more people stay in a certain sitting position for a long time, causing cervical spondylosis and causing insufficient blood supply to the brain. In addition, long-term driving is also prone to occur.Insufficient blood supply to the brain; long-term use of excessive brain, staying up late, emotional stress, anxiety, etc. These factors are very easy to agree with the occurrence of insufficient blood supply to the brain and cause more people to know, so experts suggest that in life should pay attention to the following aspectsPrevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  1, long-term in a sitting position, to change the habits, should do a little exercise every half an hour, slowly active intervention, pay attention to the action can not be fast, work again after 10 minutes.

  2, do more finger, wrist and other small joint movements.

Although these small movements seem small, they are actually more acceptable than the more active activities, and they can also achieve the same effect of preventing Alzheimer’s.

In fact, the left and right hands are controlled by different right and left brains, and the right scorpion often uses the right hand, causing the left brain to exercise, while ignoring the right brain.

Therefore, often use the left hand to exercise the right brain, so that the left and right brain can balance and complement each other, to a certain extent, can really delay brain degradation.

At the same time, the hand part of a lot of acupuncture points, brushing teeth, can stimulate the acupuncture points to affect the cerebral cortex, delay brain cell aging, to a certain extent prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  3, insist on regular aerobic activities.

People who work indoors for a long time should pay more attention to this. Nature’s fresh air alternates to cultivate sentiment, better meet people’s need for oxygen, prevent brain blood supply, and use weekend time to do mountain, swim, fly kites, etc.Outdoor activities.

  4, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, bean sprouts, melons, black fungus, celery, and beans, milk, fish, shrimp and other foods; avoid eating raw, cold, greasy, and too salty and spicy food, especially lessEat egg yolk and animal liver, kidney, intestines and other foods.

It is advisable to eat 70% to 80%, which can reduce the degree of cardiovascular and cerebral vasodilation in one day.