Water cup microwave heating can prevent mold and bacteria

Water cup microwave heating can prevent mold and bacteria

No one in life can get away from boiling water, so the cup becomes a container that is in close contact with our lips every day.

Whether the cup is clean or not is closely related to our health.

A small network survey shows that nearly eight adults believe that as long as the cup looks dirty, there is no need to clean it.

However, health experts have warned that the water cup is prolonged all the year round. If it is not regularly cleaned and disinfected, it will become a breeding ground for mold.


hzh {display: none; }  毛小姐是一名典型的办公室白领,每日朝九晚五地泡在办公室,因为只喝白开水,所以她觉得自己的陶瓷杯看上去很干净,所以每日下班时把The remaining water is drained, and the next day, the water is poured.

  In fact, many people have the same habits as Miss Mao.

A small survey of cup cleaning shows that among the 3,849 netizens, 50.

2% of people can’t get a daily cleaning cup.

More than 75.

5% of people think that as long as the cup looks dirty, there is no need to clean it.

  At least 52.

When answering the survey, 8% said that when they cleaned the cup, they simply rinsed it with water.

There are also 8.

9% said that because cleaning cups is “too wasteful”, they are “too lazy to wash.”

  “Is it not harmful to clean the cup?

“For this problem, 22% of people did not cause harm, of which 2.

6% of pilots believe that this is not harmful.

  Therefore, the Director of the Infection Control Branch of the People’s Liberation Army 320 Hospital pointed out that because the water cup is full of water, it will be located in a vertical environment, and it is easy to breed a variety of bacteria based on mold, which is harmful to human health. Therefore, it should be washed and disinfected regularly and kept as dry as possible.

He suggested that the cups should be sterilized by physical means. Some of them should be boiled in boiling water, heated in an oven (except metal), and washed with a disinfectant.

It may be that the screw of the cup is most likely to be contaminated, and it is necessary to focus on cleaning the cup. The supermarket has a scale cleaning agent and buys a pack.

Use a pack of scale cleaner to tear into the container, inject hot water, so that the inner wall of the container is fully immersed in water. After 30 minutes, the scale is quickly displaced, and then washed with water.

If the dirt is particularly stubborn, soak it for a little longer.

  If not, there are the following methods: 1. Put some paper scraps in the bottle, then pour in the warm salt water, gently shake for a while, the scale can be removed.

  2, can be poured into a concentration of 1% of baking soda 500 grams, or the vinegar is heated to fill the bottle, gently shake the sputum, the scale can be removed.

  3, the two egg shells are slightly broken, put into the bottle, then put into the half tea pot cold water, plug the bottle stopper and hold with one hand, thumb and other fingers hold the bottle mouth, the otherHold the bottom of the bottle with your hand and shake it up and down, left and right.

For about 20 seconds, remove the stopper, pour out the eggshell, and wash it twice with water.

  4, with 250 grams of vinegar, heat into the thermos, soak for a few hours, then up and down, shaking left and right, the scale inside the bottle will be replaced.

  5, take 200 grams of dilute hydrochloric acid in a bottle and soak for a while, then shake to remove the scale inside the bottle.

  6. Pour the water from the boiled noodles into the bottle, shake it for a few minutes, then pour it off, then rinse with water to clean it.

  7. Take some sun-leaf or pumpkin leaves and cut into pieces of 3 cm to 4 cm square. Put them into the bottle, add cold water, gently shake the warm water bottle a few times, pour it out and wash it with water.