Old man fishing self-cultivation

Old man fishing self-cultivation

“Historical Records” contains: Jiang Taigong, formerly known as Lu Shang, once lived in the sacred waters of Lishui, the place known as “rape” in ancient times.

“Lu’s Spring and Autumn” records: “Tai Gong fishing in Zizhan encounter Wen Wang.”

It can be seen that “traitor” and “Ziquan” are in the same place.

When the Tang dynasty Zhang Shoujie commented on “Historical Records”, he further pointed out: “There is a spring in the stream, which means that it is a spring, a spring water pool, and a self-contained, that is, “Lv’s Spring and Autumn” is the so-called Taigong Fishing Zequan.”

Therefore, the site of the “Jiangtaigong Diaoyutai” in the Xihe River (the yang of Lishui) in Baoji County, Shaanxi Province, has been around for more than 3,000 years.

Jiang Taigong fishing can be said to be the preliminary description of ancient Chinese literati fishing.

  Why does Jiang Taigong want to fish?

How to fish?

“Historical Records” is not clearly recorded.

It is only an objective introduction. Lu Shang (Jiang Taigong) also worked as a grand official on the ancestors, but later he wanted to curse people.

From the performance of Lu Shang’s later Zhou Zhou’s unification of the world, he was a learned and ambitious person. However, he was unable to display his talents for a long time because he was not born, so he once lived in the yang of Shushui.

But I thought that he didn’t really become a laborer who had no food and clothing, so fishing is not a “good way to eat”, otherwise it is called entertainment, or “self-cultivation”, because fishing needs to be quiet.The environment and mood.

At that time, “Ziquan” should be a relatively quiet place, but Lu Shang’s heart could not be quiet forever.

He urgently needs to meet the Ming Lord and create conditions for his own achievements.

But we must wait patiently for the timing, not half-hearted.

This kind of quietness, patience and waiting is the cultivation that politicians or those who are ready to become politicians must possess.

What is different from Lu Shang is that he is not afraid of setbacks, and he has not lost the confidence he pursued in his “old age” and ultimately succeeded.

The story of Jiang Taigong’s fishing story has been rumored for a long time because it is consistent with the Chinese Confucianism of “the poor are the ones who are good at themselves and the other is good for the world”.

Of course, this outstanding point is that when you are “poor” (not a little hopeless), you have to be “independent” and prepare for the future “comprehensive world.”

Bai Juyi’s poem “Southern Fujian” is the most direct: “The old white-headed people, also fishing this Xiangyang, fishing people do not fish, seventy won the king.”

  In order to render the success of “fishing people do not fish”, later generations imagined and compiled many specific plots of Jiang Taigong fishing, such as fishing without bait, three feet from the water, wishing to hook, etc., so that “Jiang Taigong fishing – willing to hook”It has become a saying.

But I think this may not be in line with the actual situation of Jiang Taigong fishing in that year.

As mentioned above, he simply couldn’t talk about self-cultivation in fishing.

The records in “Say the Court” are relatively true and credible: “Lv Wangnian seventy, fishing in Yu, three days and three nights without fish food”.

In this case, Jiang Taigong, who is also talking about “cultivating self-cultivation”, will inevitably lose patience for a moment, so that he will “see what he wants and take off his clothes.”

Self-cultivation is not easy to do. Can Jiang Taigong be an exception?

What’s more, long-term waiting.

How to do it?

I have to ask the old fishermen.

“There are people who have peasants, and the ancients are different. It is said that the scorpion will be smashed: the scorpion will catch the scorpion, and the squad will be fine, and the bait will be cast, and the fish will be thrown.

These articles on the introduction of fishing methods are concise and concise. They can not only harvest when fishing, but also catch fish, and enable the anglers to maintain a “quiet” state.

As a result, Jiang Taigong “gets the first time, the second time.”

Of course, he eventually caught the King of Wen.

  I think that in modern fishing activities, everyone is pursuing a state of mind and environment, so that they can achieve the goal of leisure and fitness.

We must master the appropriate fishing skills, as well as temper ourselves in fishing, self-cultivation, and then carry on the work.

Of course, most people do not have to be politicians (ie, “fishing king”), but everyone must continue to make progress, then you can get different revelations from the story of Jiang Taigong fishing!