Weapons: husband will make love, wife will sleep fast

Weapons: husband will make love, wife will sleep fast

Recently, an article in the media entitled “Common Sexual Life, Women Will Lose Sleep” has caused curiosity among married colleagues in my office.

After reading the article, everyone joked to each other: “No wonder your wife often suffers from insomnia. It turned out to be the reason why you are incompetent!

“Although it is a joke, it does make sense.

  Think about myself, once through the misunderstanding of understanding, I also walked through a tortuous journey from incompetence to competent.

  My wife’s pressure is particularly large. My wife is the director of a large-scale enterprise planning department, mainly engaged in corporate image promotion and planning.

  The wife said that the current competition of enterprises is more about the competition of corporate culture and brand building. Therefore, both the CEOs of the enterprises and the ordinary employees of the enterprises have high hopes for their department.

  As a result, his wife’s pressure is particularly great.

Especially before every major event, she always turned over and over in bed, and it was difficult to sleep.

  At first, I thought that treating my wife’s insomnia was to create a quiet rest environment for her.

  So, once I found out that my wife was turning around on the bed and it was difficult to fall asleep, I quietly got up and went to sleep in my son’s room (the son went to school in the field).

But as a result, I found that doing so didn’t work. On the contrary, my wife’s insomnia was even worse.

  The husband will have sex, what if the wife sleeps fast?

I suddenly think that happy sex can cure insomnia.

Why not use good sex to drive away the pressure in his wife’s heart and let her sleep beautifully!

  After that, as long as my wife is lying on the bed because of her work, her eyes are fixed on the ceiling and it is difficult to fall asleep. I will take my wife in my arms, use my caress, kiss, muttering love.So that the wife temporarily forgets the troubles of the work, and then, with the skill of making love, send the wife to the cloud.

  This is really effective.

  ”The husband will make love and the wife will sleep fast.

“I want to use my successful experience in treating my wife’s insomnia to tell my friends, when your loved one is insomnia for some reason, why don’t you try the “passionate sex” method?

  Doing love is not up to the climax, women are prone to insomnia, but I also want to explain: “making love” to treat insomnia is usually a general water, to do, you must let your wife reach orgasm.

  Only in this way can we create good conditions for sleep.

Otherwise, half-time love can only increase the insomnia of the wife.

  This is because there is a gap in time between male and female sexual desire, orgasm and libido.

Male sexual desire can be quickly stimulated, and can reach orgasm quickly during the whole sexual intercourse, and sexual desire can quickly subside after sexual orgasm.

  Therefore, once a male reaches orgasm (even after masturbation), he can quickly fall asleep.

  Women are different.

Women’s sexual desires must have an implanted initiation process, and the “platform” period is also distorted until the orgasm is reached, and the decline of sexual desire is slow, so women are more difficult to achieve perfect harmony than men in sexual intercourse, so that womenIt is easy to lose sleep.

  How to make sex help sleep research, found that in a one-time life, women consume only 1/3 of the physical strength of men, so how to let men and women fully relax in this common process, promote sleep, it becomes aproblem.

  In addition, the couple’s sleeping position is also very particular about it.

  American sex expert Tanya suggested that after sex, the husband can take her from the back of her wife to sleep, so that the two sides can fully contact the body without oppressing the heart, so that the woman can have the greatest sense of security, which is conducive to promoting the marital relationship and the quality of sleep.

  There are also some sex experts who recommend naked sleep. They think that the human body is more relaxed, and it is also beneficial to enhance the body’s immunity and replace fatigue.

  With sleep to maintain strong sexual ability, the best condition is to maintain 7-8 hours of sleep time.

  Tips: The three kinds of sorrowful life of magical sex treatment for women have unexpected relief and inhibition in many cases.

In addition to insomnia, female sex can treat the following kinds of illnesses: reduce the 5-7 replacement of women in premenstrual syndrome before menstruation, and increase blood flow into the pelvis, which may cause swelling and rupture, leading to abdominal distension or abdominal pain.

  The muscle contraction movement in sexual life can replace the pelvic area by blood, enter the blood circulation, and reduce the pelvic pressure, thus replacing obesity.

  The disinfection experiment for the female vagina proves that there is an antibacterial substance in the semen, semen cytoplasm, which can kill staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcal and other pathogenic bacteria.

  It can help female genitals from microbial attack.

Women who have no sex for a long time are prone to complications such as vaginitis, endometritis, and salpingitis.

  Effectively reduce the risk of heart disease. The pelvis, limbs, joints, muscles, and spine can be more active, promote blood circulation, and enhance heart function and vital capacity.People with a harmonious life are at least 10% less likely to have a heart attack than those with a disharmony in their sexual life.