[Encyclopedia of children eating fish]_How to do_How to do

[Encyclopedia of children eating fish]_How to do_How to do

Fish is a kind of food rich in fish protein, so eating more fish helps to supplement the body’s protein, and for children in growing up, eating more fish helps to develop intelligence.

However, there is a very big disadvantage of fish meat is the fishbone. If children eat fish, it is easy for them to get stuck in their throats.

Therefore, at this time, parents should learn how to make children’s fish meat to avoid the phenomenon of fishbone and throat.

Sweet and Sour Ribbon Fish Ingredients: Fresh ribbon fish, shallots, ginger, star anise, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, cooking wine, refined salt, starch method: 1.

After the fish is washed, it is chopped into 10 cm sections and marinated with salt for about 10 minutes.


Take a clean small bowl, pour in the right amount of cooking wine, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sugar, stir well, pour in an appropriate amount of vinegar, and stir in an appropriate amount of fine salt.


Dip the strips of dried fish into the starch.


Add oil to the pan. After the oil is hot, code it into the scallops and cook over low heat. Fry the scallops over the scallops and fry the other side slightly yellow. Turn the scallops to the side and add the shallots, ginger slices, and star anise.Fried incense.


Pour in the sweet and sour sauce, and preferably take the fish, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Ingredients for lotus cod porridge: half a cup of rice, 5 cups of water, 1/3 onions, 50g raw lotus seeds, 50g cod, 50g pork ground meat, 50g cauliflower, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil,2 tsp of rice wine.

Method: 1. Wash half a cup of rice, add 5 cups of water, finely dice the onion, put 2 cups of water outside the electric cooker, and cook.

2. Cook the raw lotus seeds. Use a stainless steel net and a spoon to crush the lotus seeds and sieve them.

3. Add lotus seed puree, 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 tbsp of cold-pressed olive oil to the porridge and stir well, so that the bottom porridge for the taste change is completed.

4. Wash the cod, wipe with thin salt, and add rice wine; cut the pork ground meat once again, and put it in an electric cooker and steam it with half a cup of water (should pick it up immediately after steaming, don’t be stuffy) 5. peel the fish from the cod(Make sure there are no fish bones), crush and mix into the porridge, it is lotus cod porridge.

Ingredients for squirrel catfish: 200 grams of mandarin fish, 2 grams of cooking wine, 10 grams of pine nuts, pepper powder, 10 grams of tomato sauce, 500 grams of vegetable oil, 40 grams of wet starch, moderate salt, and 15 grams of vinegar.

Remove the scales, gills, fins and viscera of the mandarin fish, remove the leather coat from the head, wash it, chop off the fish head, spread it out and pat it flat.

Use a knife to cut off the fish bones of the fish tail (don’t cut the belly of the fish), leaving about 1 rain of spine at the tail.

After the bones of the mandarin fish are boneless, spread the skin downwards and cut it into a flower knife with a diagonal knife. The depth of the knife is 4/5 of the meat. Do not cut the fish skin, open a mouth at the tail, and pull the tail out of the knife.


Sprinkle the fish with salt, pepper, cooking wine, and wet starch (some).


Heat the wok, pour the vegetable oil after the heat, heat the oil to 70%, dip the mandarin fish with a small amount of starch, fry it in the oil pan for several minutes, then dip the fish head with starch, put it in the oil pan, and fry untilRemove it in golden yellow, place the side with the flower knife up in a fish dish, and install the fish head.


Put the pine nuts in the oil pan, remove them when they are cooked, and put them in a small bowl.


Leave a small amount of oil in the wok, add clear soup, add salt, sugar, tomato sauce, vinegar, boil, stir with wet starch, add hot oil and stir well. Pour over the fish and sprinkle with pine nuts.
Steamed seabass ingredients: seabass 1 salt, children’s soy sauce, shallot strips, ginger practices: 1, clean the seabass, make a few mouthfuls on the fish, easy to taste, squeeze lemon on the fish, spread evenly, and evenly saltSpread it on the fish body. Wipe the fish belly with 2, and shred the shallots. Put the onions and ginger in the fish’s belly, and marinate for dozens of minutes.

4. Boil the water in the steamer, add the fish, steam for 12 minutes on high heat, and turn off the heat for a few minutes.

5. After steaming, pour out the steamed water from the plate, and take out the onion and ginger from the fish belly to feed the baby.

Pay attention to fishbone for your baby.

[What are the contraindications to stretch water in soda water]-How to drink _ diet taboo

[What are the contraindications to stretch soda?

】 _How to drink_Diet Taboos

Tendon grass is a kind of plant traditional Chinese medicine that is more common in life. Tendon grass has a very high medicinal value and has the effect of treating physical diseases. Frequent drinking of soda water can effectively reduce blood pressure and can also dispel cold.The function of activating blood is very good for the body, and there are some contraindications to drinking stretch stretch grass. Because stretch stretch grass is a kind of blood-activating drugs, pregnant women cannot drink it.

What are the contraindications for drinking stretch water?

The composition of the elegans and modern pharmacological studies The spores mainly contain trace oils, sterols, volatile oils, sugars, and the whole grass mainly contains huperzine, chrysospinine, chrysospermine and nicotine, and also contains a variety of tri-tertiary alcohol compoundsWait.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that diarrhea is diuretic, enhances uric acid excretion, and inhibits dysenteriae.

Huperzine has obvious antipyretic and analgesic effects.

Tendon is contraindicated in pregnant women and those with excessive bleeding.

The daily use of stretch grass: 3?

Decoction with water, or external use, smash the affected area.

Tension grass election method 1, cure wind cold and dampness, soft and numb limbs, joint soreness, flexion and extension are unfavorable: extension grass, stinging, solitary living, cinnamon sticks, and white sting.

Decoction, remove residue, and warm.

2. Treatment of limb weakness and skin numbness: stretched grass, pine knots, bone-seeking style, Wei Lingxian.

Decoction, remove residue, and warm.
3. Treatment of arthralgia: stretched grass, 25g each of barnyard grass, roadside vitex, 50g each of rat thorns.

Decoction, remove residue, and warm.
4. Treatment of cervical spondylosis: Dispose the flat fish cleanly, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water and stretch the grass to cook together, drink soup, and eat fish.

5, cure bruises: stretch the grass, hemu, earthworm, safflower, peach kernel each amount; decoction to remove residue, take juice, clean the affected area with medicinal juice.

The part used for stretching muscles is the whole grass of the stone pine family.

The material of the method of the stretched grass wine: 15 grams of geese, 15 grams of Chuan Aconitum, 15 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of Caowu, 15 grams of chicken Yato, 500 grams of white wine.

Practice: 1.

Cut the stretched grass, make Chuanwu, achyranthes bidentata, chicken feces rattan, and weed, and place them in a container.


Add liquor to seal soak 3?
After 5 days, filter to remove residue.

Pregnant women and those with excessive bleeding should avoid it.

[Freshwater fish suitable for sashimi]_Choose freshwater fish_How to choose

[Freshwater fish suitable for sashimi]_Choose freshwater fish_How to choose

Many people in life especially like to eat sashimi. This method of sashimi is generally passed from Japan. Although it is sashimi, it tastes very good. Generally, sashimi isAfter drying, the fish that is most suitable for sashimi is usually squid, and there are many fishermen there who make sashimi and make it very delicious.How about it?

Sashimi into the dish is a product of marine diet culture.

When fishermen enter the sea, they often drift on the sea, the main food is fish, all kinds of fish, the original boat was basically unable to light a fire, basically eat raw.

Continued to become a gourmet.

The deliciousness and eating of raw fish are transformed into rivers called inland.

Until now, the fish in the hotel was still expensive with marine fish, especially the colorful tuna flakes, which are often not rich enough to eat.

Of course, the lobster still has a supply guarantee, and you can eat it whenever you have the money.

In fact, in principle, all fish can be sashimi, as long as one live fish of the right size.

One of the most common goods is grass carp.

Grass carp is artificially raised, grows fast, is large, raw fish has few tender spines, weak fishy taste, and is cheap. It is most suitable for fish.

Making sashimi at home is easier than steaming in different fish cooking methods, and requires only a little bit of knife work.

Grass carp weighing more than two catties, slaughtered and washed, pointed at the knife from the head, inserted the spine piece towards the tail, and turned it over to do the same.

Slice the fish in half and remove the ribs first.

Then a 30 ° inclined blade produces 5 mm pieces of meat.

When all is completed, the yards are packed.

Prepare the seasoning plate when you eat, the simplest soy sauce and mustard cream can be eaten.

Raw fish and shrimp are delicious, and the only thing to do is live, the fresher the better.

[How to make porridge with ginseng and round meat]_Porridge_How to make

[How to make porridge with ginseng and round meat]_Porridge_How to make

Ginseng is a great tonic medicine that can replenish vitality, nourish the middle and nourish qi, and taking ginseng can strengthen our physique and improve our physical condition.

Longan, also called longan, is a fruit.

It is warm and sweet, and it can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish qi and blood, and has a good nourishing and nourishing effect. It can be used for insomnia, forgetfulness, consternation, dizziness, etc. due to heart and spleen deficiency, lack of qi and blood.

These two have a beneficial effect on the human body, so can these two cocoa be eaten together?

Let’s see how ginseng and longan meat congee.

Longan ginseng porridge Therapeutic effect: Supplementing Qi and blood, delaying the nutritional value of aging: protein, amino acid, calcium, sodium, sulfur, magnesium, copper, iron Suitable people: blood deficiency, chlorosis, vertigo, palpitations, upset and insomnia, lung dryness and coughContraindications: Not suitable for colds, weak spleen and stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, cough and sputum. Materials needed for cautious use. Main ingredients Ejiao, longan, ginseng, red beans, rice, white sugar. 1 rice foaming and washing; ginseng, longan meatClean; wash red hair with foam; shred Ejiao;

Set the pot on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, add rice and red beans, and cook over high heat until the rice grains bloom.

3 Put the ginseng, longan meat, stir-fry the gelatin, stir well, cook over low heat until the porridge is finished, season with sugar.

Efficacy and role Ejiao can increase calcium intake in the body, effectively improve bone loss caused by calcium deficiency, calcium salt outflow, and osteoporosis.

Longan has the effects of nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and nourishing muscles.

Ginseng has the effects of expectorant stomach, diuretic, excitement, etc. It is suitable for adjusting blood pressure, restoring heart function, neurasthenia and physical weakness.

Ejiao longan ginseng porridge has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, delaying aging, nourishing the brain and nourishing the skin, as well as beauty.

This kind of porridge can have the effect of nourishing qi and blood, which is very suitable for women. It can also be used for beauty and beauty. Regulating qi and blood is a good health recipe.

Everyone understands the practice of longan ginseng porridge and its nutritional value. Regularly eating this kind of food can not only enrich the rich nutrients, but also make your appetite widen, nourishing qi and nourishing blood and delaying the debilitating and old beautyAnd it can also have the effect of brain health and intelligence.

[What milk is better for milk tea?

】 _Fresh milk_how to do

[What milk is better for milk tea?
】 _Fresh milk_how to do

Many people usually like to drink beverages in their daily lives. In fact, many beverages are added with some additives. Occasionally, there is no problem. If you drink it every day, you may cause physical injury.

It’s better to drink some unhealthy drinks with homemade drinks.

Many people like to drink milk tea in life. In fact, it can be made in a simple way. So what kind of milk is the best when making milk tea?

Authentic milk tea uses black tea and flower milk.

Flower milk is a kind of special food.

It is the result of removing some moisture from fresh milk, which is slightly thicker than fresh milk.

Its lactose content is higher than that of fresh milk, and its milk flavor is stronger.

The secret of Hong Kong milk tea is that it is often used in cooking or pastry.

It is not the same as milk powder, so it cannot be replaced.

In fact, nowadays, milk tea made from plain Mengniu pure milk is also available.

The taste is also good.

First talk about the benefits of pure milk, and undoubtedly the biggest benefit is health.

However, the health of pure things does not mean that his taste is good. Milk tea made from pure milk has no silky feel, but it can be solved by adding light milk. However, some animal milk has a unique smell of animal milk, so the taste is worse than milkAlthough sperm and creamer are artificial products, it is precisely because they are artificial products that they can adjust the flavor ratio to make the most suitable taste.

And most people who drink milk tea are young people. Now young people are more concerned about taste than health, otherwise KFC McDonald’s will be closed.

And the cost of pure milk is too much than creamer, so the amount of pure milk milk tea will be relatively high.

It doesn’t matter if it is a high point in the business district. If it is near the campus, there is no market for too high a price, because children can only have a market if you can’t afford it.

The above are personal opinions. If the milk tea god has different views, you can come up and discuss them.

[Genital herpes symptoms]_ genital herpes _ performance _ characteristics

[Genital herpes symptoms]_ genital herpes _ performance _ characteristics

Herpes that appear on the reproductive organs are called genital herpes.

The emergence of genital herpes will pose a certain threat to the health of the reproductive organs.

However, if treatment can be performed at an early stage, the treatment time can be greatly shortened, so it is also very necessary to understand its symptoms.


Primary genital herpes Primary genital herpes is divided into primary genital herpes and non-primary primary genital herpes.

The former is the first infection with HSV, while the symptoms are primary genital herpes.

His condition is relatively serious.

Some patients had previous HSV-1 infection (mainly lips or facial herpes) and HSV-2 infection again. The first episode of genital herpes was non-primary genital herpes, and the condition was relatively mild.

(1) Incubation period 3?
14 days.

(2) There are clusters or scattered small blisters around the external genitals or anus, 2?
After 4 days of ulceration, erosion or ulceration was formed, and pain was conscious.

(3) Inguinal lymph nodes are often enlarged and tender.

(4) Patients may develop systemic symptoms such as fever, headache, and fatigue.

(5) Course 2?
3 weeks.


The recurrent genital herpes recurred after the primary skin lesions subsided. The recurrent genital herpes was milder than the primary systemic symptoms and skin lesions, and the course of the disease was worsened.

(1) There is a local burning sensation, acupuncture sensation or paresthesia before the onset of rash.

(2) Small blister clusters around the external genitals or anus, quickly ulcerated to form erosions or superficial ulcers, and the symptoms are mild.

(3) 7 course of disease?
10 days.

[Does Vitamin C Have a Contraceptive Effect?]

[Does Vitamin C Have a Contraceptive Effect?]


It often happens when you start taking medicine.

When this reaction occurs, you can drink some strong tea, chew some sugar ginger, and pickles; you should insist that vitamin C is a nutrient element that must be needed in our body. She is very important to us because itIt has whitening effect and can help us prevent skin aging. Vitamin C is consumed very quickly in our body, so it needs to be replenished frequently, especially for women during pregnancy.Does Contraception Work?

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient element of the human body, as well as whitening, antioxidant and other effects.

It is said that after taking contraceptives, in order to reduce the substitution of contraceptives to the human body and the stimulation of alternative contraceptives to the human body, you can take vitamins to neutralize it.

So, can vitamin C reduce the substitution of contraceptives?

Take a look.

Can vitamin C reduce the replacement of contraceptives? Vitamin C is necessary to promote non-heme iron absorption. At the same time, vitamin C also has antioxidant, anti-free radical, and inhibits the formation of tyrosinase, thereby achieving whitening and pale spots.efficacy.

Vitamin C does not reduce the replacement of contraceptives. Women who take vitamin C after taking contraceptives cannot eliminate the contraceptives. It is recommended that women choose other appropriate contraceptive methods if they want to avoid the opposite of contraceptives.

Side effects of contraceptives 1, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, prescribed medication, implantation into the body to adapt to the drug, the response will gradually disappear.

Individual women have severe reactions, and can appropriately take the following drugs that inhibit the response: vitamin B6, 20 mg each time, 3 times a day; vitamin C, 100 mg per second, 3 times a day; anti-reaction tablets, 1 tablet each time,3 times a day; compound aluminum hydroxide tablets or yeast tablets, every 1 gram, once a day, with the contraceptive pill.

2. Leucorrhea increases and is thin.

It usually occurs after taking a long-acting contraceptive pill. Generally, no treatment is needed. If there is too much leucorrhea, you can put a piece of Chinese medicine in the vagina every night.

3. Intermittent vaginal bleeding.

It often occurs after taking the contraceptive pill. Generally, as long as you continue to take the pill on time, the bleeding will stop and the menstruation will be normal.

Of course, you can also ask your doctor to adjust the medicine, or you can take other contraceptives. If you take the second contraceptive bleeding, you can use the first contraceptive.

4, less menstruation, and even amenorrhea.

This condition does not have much impact on your health and is often temporary.

If you have amenorrhea for 3 consecutive months, you should suspend your medication and take other contraceptive measures. Continue your medication after your menstrual period recovers.

Menstruation does not come within 1 month after discontinuation of the drug. Doctors should be asked to use medroxyprogesterone, compound progesterone, or menstruation tablets to stimulate menstruation according to the examination situation. Thereafter, other contraceptives should be used.

5, weight gain too fast.

If there is edema, you should adapt to diuretics and low-salt foods; if the weight continues to increase significantly, discontinue the drug and use other contraceptive methods.

6, yellow brown spots on the face.

It usually disappears gradually after stopping the medicine. If you take vitamin B and vitamin C, the effect is better.

7, breast tenderness.

Generally reduce the amount, if serious, you should consider discontinuing the drug and replacing other contraceptive measures.

[First how to make hot peppers]_ delicious practice _ how to make

[First how to make hot peppers]_ delicious practice _ how to make

Pepper is a very delicious vegetable. People in the south and inland regions use pepper as an indispensable part of cooking. Eating pepper has become an important dietary choice for people.

There are too many types of peppers. Common peppers, such as green peppers, are more green and have a crisp, crisp taste.

There are many ways to cook peppers. Let ‘s take a look at how to make peppers.

Simmer the green peppers 1, wash the green peppers to remove the root pedicles and seeds, and flatten them with the back of the knife.

2. Heat the wok and drain the oil. Turn to low heat and add the green peppers to fry. Cover the tops for about 2 minutes. Turn over and continue to simmer until the bell peppers are wrinkled and soft.The green peppers are well cooked.

Tiger skin green peppers 1. Wash the green peppers, wash them, add 70% hot oil to fry until the crusts are cooked, and drain the oil; 2. Leave a small amount of remaining oil in the wok, add green pepper, salt, MSG, soy sauce, Vinegar, stir-fry, add the flavor, and serve.

Shredded green pepper 1, shredded chili, cut thin or thin slices of tenderloin, add a little soy sauce, starch, sake / cooking wine, and mix well.

3, the oil is hot, add pepper, stir fry a few times, then add ginger, garlic slices, scallion and white diced, stir-fry until fragrant.

4. Pour in shredded pork and stir-fry until the meat is just cooked or 8-9 minutes cooked.

(My sister always pushes the meat to the side of the pot, leaving the middle part to fry the green peppers.

) 5. Fry the green peppers with the remaining oil until they are broken and add some salt.

6. Finally, add the fried pork and stir fry for half to one minute.

Stir-fried red and green peppers and pineapple 1, cut red and green peppers into filaments and cut into chunks.

2. Add oil to the hot pot (less) and add red and green peppers to fry.

3, add pineapple covered pot stuffy.

4, simmer until soft, add plum powder seasoning, then you can boil.

Stir-fried potato with green peppers 1. Peel and shred the potatoes, wash them, and set aside.

2. Cut the green peppers into cores and cut into strips; slice the dried shallots and set aside.

3. Heat the oil scallion, sauté the dried onion grains, stir-fry the potato shreds, and pick them up for later use.

Let’s fry again.

4. Add green pepper sticks and stir-fry, then add potato shreds, add seasoning and stir well, serve.

[The role and efficacy of herringbone grass]_Benefits_Necessary

[The role and efficacy of herringbone grass]_Benefits_Necessary

Herringbone is a herbaceous plant. It is also affected by cornweed, probably because it looks more like corns.

This herb can be used as a medicine. Its main effect is to treat diarrhea, clearing away heat and relieve heat, so in the hot summer, people’s bodies can suffer from various heat strokes or diarrhea due to the climate. This herb can be usedTo treat.

Let ‘s take a look at the functions and effects of herringbone.

Do you know the efficacy and role of herringbone grass?

Herringbone is also called corn eye grass. It is a wild herb. Its height does not exceed thirty centimeters. The whole grass can be used as medicine. It is usually harvested in July or August, and it can be dried or used fresh.

Herringbone is very common in China. Embryos can be eaten as wild vegetables. Tanaka, forest and waterside are the most common places.

In addition to being edible, herringbone grass has a variety of vitamin effects. If you want to know, you can take a look at the specific introduction to the efficacy and role of herringbone grass.

The effectiveness and role of herringbone grass1. Herringbone grass is cold and spicy, but it is non-toxic, clearing heat and detoxifying, and strengthening the spleen and dampness are its most important functions. It is usually used for the cold and hot summerAnd other diseases, but also good for dysentery and hepatitis and urinary turbidity.

2. Herringbone can cure diarrhea and abdominal pain. Human diarrhea and abdominal pain is a sudden disease, and herringbone has a good therapeutic effect on this disease. You can take the tender pointed leaves of herringbone and put it in your mouth.Chewing up and down the jaw can significantly reduce the symptoms of vomiting and abdominal pain.

3. Herringbone can cure heatstroke. Herringbone has excellent heat-clearing and detoxifying effects. It can be used for the treatment of heat stroke. During treatment, you only need to mash the herringbone three to four, and then use water to wash it.After three days, the symptoms of heat stroke will completely disappear.

4. Herringbone can cure red and white crickets. Herringbone has obvious curative effects on red and white crickets. During treatment, you can use five-money herringbone and two-money June cream, fry with water, eat after removing the residue, ifCarrots are taken with brown sugar, while baijiu are taken with sugar.

[Six dead spots for men who do not touch love]_Men

[Six dead spots for men who do not touch love]_Men

There is a common phenomenon in life called “turning the face”, not because the man is angry, but because you touched his dead point.

Not all men have the courage to divorce. When a man who does not have a capital commission for divorce touches his dead point because of his wife, the man will deliberately be indifferent or evade his wife.

Therefore, as a wife, you must know what a man’s dead point is. Don’t touch it easily, a man will appreciate you forever.

Dead point one, do n’t communicate and call when men are socializing to urge them to go home. Men ‘s socialization is basically based on two transfers, one is to pave the way for career and the other is to pave the way for relaxation. Therefore, when men are socializing,His wife urged the phone. The man knew that he was concerned, but he was aloof in front of his friends.

A smart man will report to his wife before socializing, and a smart woman will send a greeting text message when her husband returns late.