[Can crabs eat with durian]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboo

[Can crabs eat with durian]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboo

Crabs and durians cannot be eaten together, because crabs are cold foods, and durians are hot foods. Although the two are eaten together, although there is no chemical reaction, eating too much will increase the burden on the kidney.And patients with poor digestion cannot eat, so it is recommended that everyone should not eat durian while eating crabs.

You can learn about the disadvantages of eating crab and durian together.

Can durian and crab be eaten together? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that durian is hot and crab is cold. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it can be eaten together.

Suggestion: you can eat, but do n’t eat too much, it ‘s not good to eat too cold and hot things together, and durian and crab are high in protein, which will increase the burden on the kidneysDo not eat too much.

Crab is cold and durian is hot.

Do not eat durian too much at one time, or it will easily lead to dryness and heat, and its rich nutrients will cause “getting angry” due to the inability to fully absorb the stomach.

The method to eliminate hotness is to drink durian while eating durian or to eat fruits with more water to balance. Pears and watermelons are good choices.

However, durian’s best partner is the mangosteen known as the “Queen of Fruits”. Only it can easily subdue the anger of the “King of Fruits” and protect the body from damage.

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, durian is hot and stagnant. People with hot gas or cough, sore throat, sensitive trachea and diabetic patients are not suitable to eat more durian. Otherwise, it will worsen the condition and not benefit the body.

And durian should not be eaten with wine, so as not to cause the nature of the food to cause harm to the body.

Crabs are cold foods, while durians are hot foods, but they are not compatible, so it’s fine.

Durian’s nutritional value Durian is a treasure all over the body, and its nutshell boiled bone soup is a good tonic. It is said that the nutritive value and medicinal value of its core are even better.

Some senior officials will bring durian as a noble gift when visiting abroad.

There is a saying in Thailand: “Durian comes out and the sand cage is removed.”

This means that the girls would rather take off their skirts and sell them to eat a durian.

Durian is rich in protein and lipids, has a good nourishing effect on the body, and is a good source of nutrition for fruits.

Durian has a special smell. Different people feel differently. Some people think it smells like cat feces, and some people think it has a scent.

This smell of durian has appetizing and appetite-stimulating effects, and the supplementary fiber can also promote bowel movement.

Although durian is good, it should not be eaten at a time. Because of its rich nutrition, your stomach can’t fully absorb it, you will get angry.

If you eat more, you can eat a few mangosteens. Only the fruit queen can surrender the fruit king.

Durian Durian is the most famous in Dalian and is known as the “stewardess killer”.

It has a strong scent, lovers praise its fragrance, and those who hate it resent it, so hotels, trains, planes and public places are not allowed to bring in.

Huaian people especially like durian, and the degree is often attracted by its special fragrance. Huaian is popular with the sayings such as “classic sarong, buy durian, durian red, empty suitcase”, and “wife eat durian”.

[How to make popcorn with cans]_Cans_How to make

[How to make popcorn with cans]_Cans_How to make

Delicious popcorn is a favorite of many people, and being able to eat popcorn at a party is a very happy thing.

Because the taste of popcorn is very delicious and sweet, it gives the population a scent.

Making popcorn yourself is also a very fun activity.

The method of making popcorn is very simple. There is no pressure to make even at home. There are many tools to replace. Let’s take a look at how to make popcorn with a can.

Cans ca n’t be popcorn. Popcorn requires high temperature and pressure. It can be made in a microwave oven. Popcorn (popcorn), a puffed food, is expanded by corn under high temperature.

Popular with young people, it can be used as a daily snack and can be eaten in movies.

There are many unexpected changes to popcorn, traditionally salted and melted butter, or wrapped in sweet caramel, and a perfect combination with Gorgen Jule cheese.

Popcorn is an amazing snack to drink. You can use awesome recipes to make fun snacks at your children’s birthday party.

There are three types of popcorn, one is corn.

The second is rice, and the third is millet.

It’s made from corn, ghee and sugar in a popcorn machine.

The principle of popcorn popcorn: take an appropriate amount of corn (or rice) into the popcorn pot, seal the top cover, and then place the popcorn pot on the stove to keep it heated evenly, then you can explode the deliciousRice flowers come.

This is during the heating process, the temperature in the pot is constantly rising, and the pressure of the gas in the pot is also increasing.

When the temperature rises to a certain level, the rice grains will gradually soften, and most of the water in the rice grains becomes water vapor.

Due to the high temperature, the pressure of the water vapor is very large, causing the softened rice grains to swell.

But at this time, the pressure inside and outside the rice grains is balanced, so the rice grains will not burst in the pot.

When the pressure in the pot rises to 4-5 atmospheres, the lid of the popcorn pot is suddenly opened, the gas in the pot expands rapidly, and the pressure is quickly converted.Expansion, instant burst of rice, that is, popcorn.

[Some women are easily reduced to Primary Three]

[Some women are easily reduced to Primary Three]

Whether it is because of the so-called “love” or to satisfy one’s selfish desires, some women know that the other party has a marriage and family and they must find ways to break up other people’s families.

If you want to defend your marriage, you need to know yourself, and teach you how easy it is for this woman to become a junior.

The first category: Women who lacked love from an early age Some women lacked the love and attention of their fathers and mothers from an early age. When they grew up, they became very insecure.

When she finally encounters a mature and considerate man who cares for her, she will desperately grasp this precious “life-saving straw” like someone who is about to be drowned.

Even if this man is already married and has a happy family, she will not hesitate to find ways to stay with this man, even as a third party who can’t see the light.

Of course, her heart was anxious that the man could divorce quickly, and performed a minor third master’s note by herself.

But only, because they lacked love from an early age, they could not love others like normal people.

That is, the ability to love is missing.

Most of them cannot accept the fact that they can only be a Primary Three forever, so they often use special means to consolidate men’s divorce.

Unfortunately, men usually choose their own family.


[Grape Passion Fruit Juice]_ Production Method _ Practice Guide

[Grape Passion Fruit Juice]_ Production Method _ Practice Guide

Compared to a single fruit eating method, younger people prefer the taste of mixing and matching a variety of fruits. Even the fruit extension eating method is no exception.

The flavors of grape and passion fruit are relatively sour and sweet. When the two are mixed together to form grape passion fruit juice, the taste does not conflict with each other, but for some people who do not like sour, they need to be in the middle of the production.Add some honey to neutralize the sourness of both.

Passion Fruit Grape Juice Method 1. Put passion fruit grape juice and meat into it; 2. Put two grapes into the cup; 3. Mix them; 4. Add honey; 5. Delicious passion fruit grapesFruit tea is just fine.

Grape Efficacy and Function Purple grapes may have anthocyanins and flavonoids. These two substances are powerful antioxidants, which have a good effect on fighting and eliminating free radicals in our body.

The content of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals in black grapes is higher than that of grapes of other colors. These mineral ions mainly exist in the form of organic acid salts, which plays an important role in maintaining the ion balance of the human body.

Red grapes contain reverse enzymes, which can protect the heart by slowing the accumulation of aneurysms on the arterial wall, which can soften blood vessels, activate blood circulation, and prevent stasis.

Passion fruit is good for your body. Passion fruit is mixed with vitamin C, which is caused by everyone.

Vitamin C can help us improve our immunity.

Passion fruit also has vitamin E, which can protect our cells, blood vessels, and anti-aging.

Passion fruit is rich in vitamins and fiber supplements.

Eating passion fruit often helps us lower blood lipids.

Eating passion fruit regularly can help us reduce systolic blood pressure. Therefore, if patients with hypertension eat regular passion fruit, it can effectively control blood pressure.

Passion fruit, although a fruit, is a natural sedative.

Eating passion fruit often helps us relax our nervous nerves. If our work and life are stressful, our pace is fast.

We can eat passion fruit often to relieve our nervous mental state.

[How long does a hand-rolled noodle cook?]_ Hand-rolled noodle_Cooking time_How to cook

[How long does a hand-rolled noodle cook?]_ Hand-rolled noodle_Cooking time_How to cook

It takes about 5 minutes to cook the noodles, because the width and thickness of the noodles are not very thick, as long as we put the noodles in boiling water and boil.

Hand-made noodles take a long time to make, and it takes about 30 minutes, and everyone can use pork bone soup to make noodles. This way, the noodles taste more fragrant. Add some spices to improve the noodles.

Production method one.

Mix the flour and water into a water-based dough and simmer for about 30 minutes.


Take a piece of dough, knead it by hand, then lay it flat on the case panel, with the light side down, and use a rolling pin to roll it out into slices.


When the noodle block is rolled to a certain degree, roll the rolling pin into it, tightly wrap the inside with the noodle, and at the same time repeatedly extend and roll.

After doing this several times, spread it out, sprinkle an appropriate amount of flapping noodles, roll the rolling pin into it from the other direction, carry out the rolling operation, and then spread and spread the flapping noodles.

And so on, until the dough is rolled into thin slices.


Cut the rolled noodles into thin strips of noodles with a knife, and place them in a boiling water pot and cook for about 3 minutes.

Production method 2: 1. Put the salt into the water, stir well, pour the water into the flour, and knead the dough with a smooth surface. (Do not add all the water at once, pour most of it first, and then see if the dough is in good condition.)It’s better to make the dough a little harder.

2. Put the dough in a container, cover the box, and simmer for an hour.

Can be added to the refrigerator freezer, the noodles will be more muscular 3, remove the dough, knead repeatedly in the case, knead as much as possible.

The labor you pay must be directly proportional to the reward you receive.

4. Spread some thin noodles on the surface, roll the kneaded dough into a round cake shape, and then roll it into an oval dough sheet. Roll the dough sheet on the rolling pin to make it thinner and thinner.

It is best to repeat this operation at different angles in the middle.

5. After reaching the thickness you need, unfold the dough sheet and spread some thin noodles on it. 6 Fold the dough sheet and cut it into thin strips with a width of 7 at random. After cutting, spread the noodles apart and spread some thin noodles to prevent adhesion., Cook for an hour, cook for 8 hours, open the underwater pot, the hand-rolled noodles are better cooked, and cook once you can make the method Three main ingredients: low-gluten flour ingredients: eggs (chicken) seasoning: salt method 1, prepare the flourAnd eggs, flour into a bone bowl, add a few grains of salt and mix well.

(Bigger for easier kneading) 2. Beat in the eggs and mix into floc with chopsticks.

3. Knead into smooth three-light dough, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for half an hour.

Knead the dough a few more times and divide it in half.

4. Take a portion and knead it, then roll it into a square shape.

Gradually roll it until it is about 2 mm thick, and sprinkle a small amount of dry flour evenly on the surface.

5. Gently fold the dough sheet in half and continue to sprinkle a small amount of flour evenly on the surface.

Fold gently in half again.

6. Cut into even strips.

Tip 1: The size of the eggs is different, so don’t put the flour all at once, if you don’t feel enough, you can add more.

2: Knead the dough and let it stand for half an hour, so that the rolled noodles are no longer elastic.

3: If the chopping board is large enough, you can roll it out at once.

I had to do it twice because the chopping board was too small.

4: When folding in half, just gently fold it in half, and never step on it after folding in half.

5: After cutting the noodles, sprinkle a small amount of dry flour, it will separate naturally with a light shake.

6: When rolling out the dough, make the dough a little harder, so that the noodles will be beautiful and elastic.

[Can Probiotic Yeast Lose Weight?]

[Can Probiotic Yeast Lose Weight?]

The role of probiotics in the present can be said to be very extensive. First of all, probiotics can regulate gastrointestinal function, which is of great help. It can treat many diseases and inflammations, and it can also promote the absorption and health of our body.It is just these uses that can also help our internal digestion and absorption. Some people even use probiotics to lose weight. Can probiotics really lose weight?


Probiotics help weight loss research Probiotics have become a hot topic in modern society, and we hear about new news about these millions of small bacteria gathered within your interactions almost every week, and that is themWhat was found to be good for us.

Recent studies have shown that probiotics help digestion and cure diseases.

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that probiotics can help people lose weight.

But do you believe the statement of this scientific report?

First let’s see how this scientific report came about: each Japanese research team divided 210 subjects who were overweight into three groups.

Then each person ingested 7mm of fermented milk per day, and the fermented milk that the two groups drank respectively added a part of different probiotics Lactobacillus SBT2055. This probiotic was found to be related to weight loss in previous studies.

After 12 weeks, people who consume probiotic-containing fermented milk daily lose about 8% to 9% of their visceral aunts-around your heart and other internal organs and their unhealthy aunt types.

At the same time, studies have also shown that this eliminates probiotic fermented milk from people who have developed 1% to 3% belly fat.

“Your indirect is responsible for the digestion and absorption of the food you eat every day. The probiotics mentioned in the study may reduce the function of intervening metabolism and help digestion after entering the interior, and at the same time prevent slight accumulation in the body.

“Yuukio Kadooka, an expert at Japan’s Snow brand and co-author of this report, explains.

However, this research has the following problems, Kadooka introduced: First, the probiotics mentioned in this research are not for sale in the US market; second, according to Kadooka’s research, most of the research on the benefits of probiotics for weight loss has beenCompanies that use related technologies to produce weight-loss products are controlled or funded.

“This does not mean that research is ineffective,” said Dr. Jeremy Burton, deputy director of the Canadian Probiotic Research and Development Center. “There is nothing wrong with companies investing in scientific research, but it is best to maintain the independence of such research.The results are objective.

“Dr. Burton added.


“Identify” probiotics Ultimately, this independent study is uncertain or contradictory.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that although some probiotics help to lose weight, some probiotics can cause obesity.

“It’s too early for this research to be final, and it needs more analysis!

“Diidier Raoult, co-author of the study, MD, Marseille microbiologist, said.

The health benefits of probiotics are certain, Burton said, and the findings also acknowledge claims of probiotics for digestion and health benefits, such as Danone’s Activia yogurt.

But if probiotics help to lose weight, it really remains to be seen.

“Probiotics certainly have a certain dieting effect,” Burton said, “but the mechanism by which it works is still to be studied.

“So now, don’t expect probiotics to completely replace your exercise or diet plan.

[Can I drink coffee after eating durian_Can I drink coffee after eating durian]

[Can I drink coffee after eating durian_Can I drink coffee after eating durian]

Durian is different from other fruits because the taste of durian is so special that some people choose not to eat it because of the smell of durian.

But in fact, durian is just a bit worse, but the taste of many durians is incomparable.

Of course, there are some taboos to eat durian, and you can’t eat it randomly.

So, friends who like to drink coffee, can you drink coffee after eating durian?

Durian and coffee can be eaten together because there are only two types of durian food, white wine and beer.

Do not eat durian with white wine.

Alcohol and durian are hot. If you eat both, people with diabetes can cause vascular complications, severe blood vessels can burst, and strokes, so they should be taken with caution.

Normal healthy people should also avoid taking it at the same time.

There have even been many cases of durian eating with white wine to death, so this point must be careful.

Do not eat durian with beer.

In general, it is not recommended to eat durian with beer. At the same time, because it is easy to cause harm to your health and even cause more diseases, I hope everyone can follow these dietary principles so that it can be better.Guarantee your own health.

It is not advisable to eat durian with beer, so as not to cause the nature of food to be harmful to the body.

Durian is hot and stagnant. People with hot gas or cough, sore throat, sensitive trachea, and diabetic patients are not suitable to eat more durian. Otherwise, it will worsen the condition and not benefit the body.

Do not eat durian one hour after drinking beer, and do not drink alcohol within 8 hours after eating durian.

Coffee and durian can be eaten together. Do not be afraid to have coffee and durian when you eat coffee, because coffee and durian will not be compatible. When you eat coffee, do not drink white wine. If you eat durian, you will drink white wine.It is very easy to make yourself poisoned. When you eat durian, you must pay attention to the amount. You ca n’t eat too much. Eating too much can easily cause diarrhea.

[12 kinds of homemade tea, summer summer heat and dampness effect is good!

[12 kinds of homemade tea, summer summer heat and dampness effect is good!

How to get health tea in summer!

In this hot season, drinking tea can both relieve the heat and keep you healthy.

Below, I will introduce to you 12 summer health teas with many effects. Don’t miss it.

Summer health tea I, lotus seed heart tea lotus seed heart refers to the turquoise green germ in the middle of the lotus seed, which is extremely bitter, but has excellent antihypertensive and fat-removing effects.

Blend two grams of lotus seed heart with boiled water and mix it with the offspring tea. Drink it once a day in the morning and evening. In addition to lowering blood pressure, it also has the effects of clearing heat, soothe the nerves and strengthen the heart.

But lotus seeds have a bitter heart, and those with weak spleen and stomach should be careful.

Summer health tea II, mint tea, mint tea has the effect of clearing heat, and mint is also a good medicine for treating wind-heat and cold.

The specific method is to boil 2000 ml of water, add 10 grams of dry mint and some green tea, and soak, filter out the leaf residue to make mint tea, which can be added with sugar.

When you have a cold in summer, you can fry it with 20 grams of fresh mint.


[Can loofah and winter melon be eaten together]_ 东 瓜 _ 同 吃

[Can loofah and winter melon be eaten together]_ 东 瓜 _ 同 吃

Many times, there is a saying that Xiangke is that certain foods cannot be eaten together, otherwise it is likely to cause food poisoning.

Winter melon is a common melon vegetable. We often use winter melon to cook soup or slice meat, and loofah is also a common vegetable. Besides, there are a lot of anthocyanins and vitamins in loofah, which can effectively resist aging and whitening.

Can winter melon and loofah be eaten together?

First, can gourds and winter gourds be eaten together? Winter gourds can be eaten together, but there is no such thing as grams.

But both are cold, don’t eat more.

Second, the main raw materials of fried gourd: 80g of gourd, 150g of gourd, the right amount of oil, the right amount of salt, the right amount of soy sauce, the right amount of spring onion, the right amount of garlic

First prepare and clean the required ingredients.

Cut all the ingredients, green onions, and minced garlic.


Heat the wok and pour the oil. After the oil is hot, add the green onion and the garlic is fragrant.

Add winter melon and stir fry for a while.


Then put in the loofah and stir fry.

Add the right amount of soy sauce and salt.


Add the right amount of water to cover the pot, turn the water to simmer and boil after the water is boiling.

Third, the effect of loofah 1.

Ascorbic disease: The high content of vitamin C in loofah can be used for ascorbic disease and prevention of various vitamin C deficiency.


Brain health and beauty: As the content of vitamin B in loofah is high, it is conducive to children’s brain development and middle-aged and elderly brain health; the juice of loofah cane has the special function of maintaining skin elasticity and can be used to remove wrinkles.


Anti-virus and anti-allergy: Luffa extract has obvious preventive effect on Japanese encephalitis virus. An anti-allergic substance, aragenol, is also extracted in the tissue culture medium of luffa, which has a strong anti-allergic effect.

Fourth, who is not suitable to eat loofah Because of the coldness of loofah, therefore, physically weak and cold, people with diarrhea should not eat loofah.

Those with irregular menstruation, tired body, sputum, cough, and postpartum milk are not suitable for women who eat loofah.

Physical weakness and cold, diarrhea should not eat more.

[How to peel grapefruit]_How to peel_Peeling method

[How to peel grapefruit]_How to peel_Peeling method

Grapefruit is a very popular fruit and a fruit that will be available in the fall.

Grapefruit has a high nutritional value, and its sugar content and trace amount are relatively low, so it is a very healthy fruit.

But when eating grapefruit, many people are not very good at peeling it.

In fact, peeling grapefruit skin still needs to master certain skills.

Below, I will introduce three peeling methods of grapefruit peel!

First, how to peel the grapefruit: Method one, use a knife to make a circle in the center of the epidermis after cleaning, the depth is about one centimeter; 2, draw a cross in the middle of the circle is also one centimeter deep;It becomes very, very labor-saving; 4. After removing the white “cotton” outside, you can eat.

Second, how to peel the grapefruit: Method two 1. After tearing the outer packaging, cut out a piece of grapefruit, as shown in the figure.

2, the plane cut upwards to the bottom of the knife to cut down, can not be too deep, fear that it will rotten grapefruit meat.

3, 360 degrees at a distance to make a knife, so it is cut grapefruit.

4. Then peel the grapefruit peel one by one according to the scratches, as shown in the figure.

5. After the grapefruit is removed, the skin can be combined into a whole grapefruit, and it can be used as a lantern for children. There is a pumpkin lantern for Halloween.

6, can also be used to make a hat for children to play and take pictures.

Third, how to peel the grapefruit: Method three Wash and dry the grapefruit, and use a fruit knife to make a circle from the middle to prevent the fruit from being scratched. This has been tried twice, and then inserted with a spatula from the middle.Turn the knife marks around and a small bowl comes out. You can remove the grapefruit in the same way.

Fourth, how to peel the grapefruit: Method 4 Wash and dry the grapefruit, cut off the tip of the head with a fruit knife, and draw four blades from top to bottom to avoid hurting the flesh. Insert one of them with a rice shovel and easily replace it.Peel the whole grapefruit.

Then use a cotton thread on the top to pull it down in the middle of the grapefruit petals, and you can easily open the grapefruit.

Or just use a rice shovel.