This person is known as the God and has been practicing for 70 years. He knows in advance that he died at the age of 104.

This person is known as the “God” and has been practicing for 70 years. He knows in advance that he died at the age of 104.

This person is known as the “God” and has been practicing for 70 years. He knows his 104-year-old death/history. Everyone knows that Feifei knows that the vast territory is vast and the history and culture of 5,000 years has a long history.

Westerners are very envious of the beautiful landscapes of the past, and they are also very yearning for the mysterious oriental culture.

Taoist culture is also one of them. People who believe in Taoism are also pursuing a very plain life.

I believe that many have visited the aisle, and some of the old priests with white fluttering are still insane, which is inseparable from their perennial health.

Today, we are going to talk about a student Taoist leader. He has lived in seclusion for 70 years. He knew that he died at the age of 104. He was called “land god” and he was the abbot of Hainan Yuxi Palace.

Zhang Zhishun is long, and the track number is Miaozi.

Zhang Zhishun was born in the chaotic era of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. When he was 7 years old, he began to flee for food. Until he was 17 years old, he began to contact the important teacher of his life, Liu Mingcang.

Because of its very unique talent, after a few years of study, Zhang Zhishun was the disciple of Huashan at that time, and he was in charge of all the things of Quanzhen.

At that time, life was very leisurely while studying the scriptures, while practicing the Taoist King Kong and longevity.

That year, Zhang Zhishun went down the mountain. In that year, China was in the war of resistance against Japan. In the face of the fall of the country, Li Min fled, and Zhang Zhishun practiced praying for the country while donating all his accumulated money to the people.

Afterwards, Zhang Daochang practiced hard in Zhongnan Mountain, and when he was fully enlightened, his noble and refined character constantly reminded nearby residents to come to study, ask, and ask a doctor.

After the founding of New China, in 1989, Zhang Daochang was invited to the North Sea Fleet to talk about “the way of the mixed yuan”. In the North Sea Fleet, he stayed for several days and preached several times. The grand auditorium of 3,000 people was spared, and there was no foothold on the

In 1992, Zhang Daochang was invited to teach at Sun Yat-Sen University to teach health, and the head of the road drilled the King Kong and Changshou Gong on the spot.

Some foreigners wanted to ask Zhang Daochang to stay abroad to teach the exercises, but they were rejected by Zhang Zhangchang’s rumors. He said, “I am a Chinese.”

Zhang Daochang once presided over the construction of a temple in Zhongnanshan.

In the days of Zhongnanshan, he devoted himself to two masterpieces, “King Kong Gong” and “Longevity”, who worked hard all day and hone their minds, because of their clear-mindedness and cultivation.

He even donated all his savings to the ordinary people who had no food, and used his medical knowledge to treat the people. He was also prayed for the country by Taoism. The reputation of Zhang Zhishun has since been made.It’s coming.

It is not a problem to increase fat by 5 pounds a month.

It is not a problem to increase fat by 5 pounds a month.


There are no people who are not fatter in the world.

I was born to be thin.

Really, when I was young.

But now I wake up.

If you want to be fat and want to be strong, you have to have a scientific method of fattening.


Breakfast, three fried eggs.

A glass of milk!

(In order to gain weight, I don’t exercise very much during the day, I exercise less, I am working at home now, basically not active, all on the Internet).

Lunch (according to the amount of rice.

5 times to eat) Eat more, people say that eating long meat, eating vegetables and growing.

When I was thin, I used to eat food.


Between three and four, add a meal, eat two eggs, a cup of milk.

When you hold your stomach up, you will only have two states of inflation and hunger.


Dinner, the same as the previous amount of 1.

5 times.

Don’t lose weight because you have had a meal in the afternoon.

If you and you only eat meat, then your digestive function is not good.

Then you have to chew slowly to help digestion.


Sleep 8-9 hours a day.

Drink a cup of milk before going to bed at eleven o’clock in the evening.

Then exercise, I have no equipment, that is, dumbbells plus push-ups.

There are also some of my own actions to exercise the shoulder muscles and hip muscles.

There is also a squat, a considerable part of the weight is added to the legs, and the thin legs are also thin.

So you have to get the effect of eating on your lap.

Usually thirty to forty will be fine.

Excessive exercise will consume nutrients.

There are more than 30 push-ups on the line.


After you have finished practicing, you must remember to practice sit-ups, and you should have more than 20 sit-ups every day to consume the fat on your stomach.

(This is optional) 8.

After the exercise, about half an hour, eat something, milk and food.

Then rest.

Every Wednesday, one, three, five, and seven full-scale exercises, the 246 training volume is reduced by half except for squats and sit-ups.
Our goal is to gain weight, not a single meat!
  During exercise, pay attention to, push-ups and other exercises to train the chest muscles, while the dumbbells only need to be trained alone, hold one hand at the same time, do not move the upper body, put the arm up, let the ball of the dumbbell hit the chest, that part,It is the place where your chest muscles are most collapsed.

The intensity is not heavy, both massage and exercise the arm muscles, the number of self-predicted, anyway, trying to reach the arm and the big have all people sour.

  After you have practiced, eat something for half an hour to make up, then sleep, let the sour thighs, chest, and muscles around you take a rest, they will grow wild under a lot of nutrition.

  Don’t just let the chest, hips, legs, and muscles grow up, but also pay attention to designing some exercises to exercise the shoulders, back, and muscles.

Design your own body and desired movements to exercise your muscles purposefully. I wish everyone can get fat and wrong. Our goal is to be strong. You will feel very cool and look a lot more.The power will also be very confident.

I am still working hard, according to what I do, gaining 2 in a month.

5 kg is not a problem, and the meat grows where you need it. Everyone works hard!

If you have less appetite, you can’t stop the fat medicine.

If you have less appetite, you can’t stop the fat medicine.

After the cold winter, the temperature gradually rises, don’t relax the vigilance, cardiovascular disease patients (coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.), if you do not insist on taking medicine, do not pay attention to living habits, it is still easy to induce disease.

The doctor pointed out that not adhering to medication when the temperature is high is a treatment misunderstanding of patients with cardiovascular disease.

  Misunderstanding one day is hot without taking antihypertensive drugs positive solution: adjusting the drug dose of high blood pressure is easy to attack in winter, because the low temperature causes blood vessels to contract and blood pressure rises.

Now that the temperature has risen and the blood vessels of the person have expanded, the blood pressure flowing through it will not be high.

Therefore, some patients with coronary heart disease complicated with hypertension are more likely to control hypertension, and blood pressure may be normal without taking antihypertensive drugs.

However, Chen Cibin introduced that some long-acting antihypertensive drugs also have anti-atherosclerosis effects, and you need to continue taking them.

  What is the relationship between atherosclerosis and high blood pressure?

It turns out that human healthy blood vessels are elastic, and when blood flow increases, it can naturally expand and maintain normal blood pressure.

The revascularization of the arteries is degraded, and atherosclerosis appears, indicating that it is fixed in size and does not expand.

It is like a balloon that is originally stretchable and becomes an iron tube that cannot be changed. Once the blood volume in the blood vessel increases, the blood pressure will increase.

Therefore, controlling atherosclerosis is very important for patients with cardiovascular disease.

  When the temperature is high in spring and summer, it is recommended that you adjust the dose of the drug under the guidance of a doctor, and don’t forget to measure your blood pressure frequently.

  Misunderstanding 2 is high, the incidence of coronary heart disease is not high. Positive solution: reduced activity, blood viscosity. Chen Cibin, director of internal medicine of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said that coronary heart disease does have certain regularity, often high in winter, but not summer.Will not develop disease.

In fact, due to high temperature in summer, sweating, blood viscosity is high, coupled with poor rest, reduced activity, but will cause coronary heart disease.

  Mistaken three eat less, can stop the positive solution of lipid-lowering drugs: anti-arteriosclerosis, lipid-lowering drugs have been eaten less long-term, do not take drugs to reduce fat?

It’s not like this.

Chen Cibin introduced that the role of lipid-lowering drugs has two aspects: one is that everyone knows to lower blood lipids; the other is anti-atherosclerosis and stable plaque.

  Above we have realized the dangers of atherosclerosis to cardiovascular disease.

Experiments have shown that long-term use of lipid-lowering drugs (statins) can reduce the size of atherosclerotic plaques.

Therefore, lipid-lowering drugs (especially statins) are needed for long-term use in patients with coronary heart disease.

  Hot daytime sauna When the temperature is high, how should cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients prevent disease from happening, and do not give the disease a chance?

Chen Cibin proposed the following suggestions: Preventing exposure to the sun, not walking in the hot sun, it is best not to travel outside in the summer; exercise time should be appropriate when the sun is cool after dusk, the amount of activity should be appropriate; then pay attention to rest, not too tired,When traveling, it is easy to play, do not catch too tight, to reduce the heart load, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, prevent myocardial infarction; to adhere to medication, according to climate change under the guidance of a doctor, make appropriate adjustments to the drugs usually taken,Or increase the dose of a certain drug, or reduce a certain drug; in the diet should pay attention to light, easy to digest the main, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of cold water, timely replenishment, especially at nightDrink a cup of cold water before and after getting up in the morning, and try to eat less greasy or high-fat food.

  Chen Cibin specifically pointed out that people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease should not wash the sauna.

Due to the high humidity and low oxygen content in the sauna, it is easy to induce acute myocardial infarction due to lack of oxygen.

Longevity Cheats Three Yis and Three Bogeys

Longevity Cheats “Three Yis and Three Bogeys”

Longevity Cheats Pay attention to the “three suitables and three taboos” of sleep. One-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep.
Normal and good sleep, which can regulate physiological functions and maintain the balance of the nervous system, is an important part of life.
Poor sleep, lack of, the next day will make men dizzy, general weakness.
It can be seen that sleep has a close relationship with health, work and study.
If you want to get a good night’s sleep, it is very important to pay attention to the three taboos before going to bed.
  ”Sanyi” is: take a walk before going to bed.
Before going to bed, take a bath, “hot feet before going to bed, and take sleeping pills.”
Wash your feet with warm water for 15-20 minutes before going to bed, so that the blood vessels in your feet will dilate and promote blood circulation, making it easy for people to fall asleep.
Brush your teeth before going to bed.
  ”Three bogey” is: full food, dinner is seventy-eight percent full.
Do not eat before going to bed, so as not to increase the burden of gastrointestinal.
Excessive entertainment.
It is not advisable to watch lively dramas and ball games before going to bed. Don’t talk about sad or frightening things.
Drink tea and coffee.
So as not to affect sleep due to frequent urination and mental excitement.
In addition, pay attention to the comfort of the night environment, the bedroom is clean and airy, in order to benefit health.

What kind of body shape is bodybuilding

What kind of body shape is bodybuilding

The most basic requirements of physical beauty: First, it is to be healthy, that is, physical fitness, muscle development, and normal development; secondly, all parts of the body must meet the requirements of aesthetics, that is, the proportion of each part should be well-balanced and harmonious.

  The details can be summarized as follows: 1.

The standard of modern human body beauty in China is based on the aesthetics of sports aesthetics. Some estheticians and artists of ancient and modern China and foreign countries have their views on human beauty. According to the actual situation of Chinese people, the human body beauty standards proposed include the following contents.

  The muscles are strong and coordinated and flexible.

The human body has more than 600 muscles, about half of the weight. It is wrapped around the outside of the human body and is an important “coat” for the contours of the human body.

  The skeletal development is normal, the joints are not obviously thick, protruding, the spine is straight in line, the side view has a normal body shape curve, and the shoulder blade has no wing-like bulge and upturn.

  The facial features are correct and coordinated with the head, the muscles are evenly developed, and the skin is thick and thin.

  The thoracic bulge has a slightly “V” shape on the front and back.

The male chest has a wide outline and strong muscles; the female breast is round, full and not drooping, and the side view has a distinct curve.

  The shoulders are symmetrical, strong, and slightly undercut, without the feeling of hanging shoulders.

  The waist is thin and strong, micro-implanted, the abdomen overlaps, and the male has a abdominal muscle block.

  The buttocks are round and moderate, and the spheres are closed.

  The legs are slender, the lines are soft, the calf muscles of the calves are slightly convex, and the arches are high.

  The overall wait and see is not stupid, puffy or excessively slender, balanced center of gravity, proportional coordination.


The ratio of height to weight Standard height and weight are one of the important factors that show the beauty of the human body. It is also an important indicator for evaluating physical development, health, nutrition and bodybuilding.

Both weight and height are affected by factors such as heredity, race, and living environment.

The ratio of body weight to height can reflect the physical fitness and bodybuilding of a nation. The ratio of height to weight can be determined by the standard weight measurement formula described later.

  According to the ratio of height to weight, people can be divided into small, thin, tall, high, medium, strong and obese.

No matter whether you are tall or short, as long as you are in harmony with your height and weight, you will be able to give you a sense of beauty.


The ratio of the golden ratio to the aesthetic is the golden ratio.

Through the study of the broken arm Venus, its shape is completely shaped according to the golden ratio, and her various measurement data are in line with the golden ratio.

  Physical anthropologists and estheticians have found through research that all body-building human bodies contain rich golden points, forming a well-balanced body shape, harmonious facial features and coordinated steps.

The beautiful human body is an aggregate of golden points.

The national medical esthetician studied the golden section of human body beauty and found that the shape and shape of the bodybuilder has 18 golden points, 3 golden triangles, 15 golden rectangles and 6 gold indexes.

14 healthy and nutritious new ways of eating vegetables

14 healthy and nutritious new ways of eating vegetables


Buy small.

hzh {display: none; }  很多蔬菜的味道会因为蔬菜小而味道更加香甜,而且健康好处也尤其多。Such as small tomatoes, small carrots, etc., in many large supermarkets and specialty food stores will find these small types of food.


Adding oil to the fear of adults makes us always feel that the farther away from the oil, the better, but some healthy oils, such as heart-friendly olive oil, can make vegetables more delicious, three to five servings of vegetables per day for health purposes.It is also easier to achieve.

When roasting broccoli, add a few drops of olive oil, plus salt and pepper.


It may be difficult to swallow things and vegetables, but if you don’t have fat-free hummus or your favorite salad dressing, would it be better?

Eat a gap in the work or eat while watching TV.


Add some cheese cheese with a mild cheese sauce instead of broccoli or cauliflower to make it taste good, or add a little bit of your favorite cheese to mung beans, spinach and kale.


Europeans will always wonder why Asians can eat so many vegetables, including the scent of broccoli. This is because Asians are not as sensitive to bitterness. The real secret is that Asians like hot dishes.

Steam or boil the vegetables for 30 to 60 seconds, then remove them into cold water and the bitterness will decrease.


Put the sprouts in the microwave. If you think that the sprouts are not good, you can cut them into pieces, add some water and dough, put them in the microwave, and add some artemisias.


Open the carrots with the fruit, and the pumpkin and some herbs will be affected if they are put together with the fruit.

Cruciferous plants, such as cauliflower and Chinese cabbage, will turn yellow and soft quickly if they are placed together with the fruit.


Do not eat bitter eggplant Many people know that too ripe eggplant will be bitter, but the size of the eggplant does not matter.

When buying eggplant, if the dent of your thumb on the eggplant can’t rebound, then the eggplant should be bitter, not a small one.

To further determine, check the “navel” of the eggplant: when the flower falls, it will leave an elliptical or round mark on the “navel”, and choose an oval shape because the round seed is less fleshy.

To reduce the bitterness of eggplant, you can soak the chopped eggplant in salt water for half an hour.


Shopping cruciferous vegetables at the farmers market, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, the longer the shelf, the stronger the taste.

The vegetables on the farmer’s market are the freshest and taste better.


Sneak in. If you don’t like the taste of a vegetable, you can add it to the soup.

You can put carrots or pumpkin into a muffin or bread.

The next time you make a stuffing, put the crumbs and eggs in the same place as usual, then add some broken vegetables, such as onions, pumpkins, mushrooms and even mung beans.


Relive the health value If you know that cabbage can prevent cancer, even if the cabbage is difficult to eat, you will be willing to eat more, especially if someone in your home is suffering from cancer.

Usually pay more attention to the health value of these vegetables.


Pamper your sweets. All babies like to eat sweets and hate bitter foods. This is because many poisonous plants are bitter, because we know that sweet vegetables are good for us, such as sweet potatoes, peas and carrots.Great nutritional value.

Exquisite treatment of onion and onion families, such as green onions, garlic instead of anti-cancer alternatives, but because of its strong taste, many people are very annoying to eat.

Add some olive oil to the chopped green onions or onions and wrap them in foil. The smell is not so strong.

Buying ripe tomatoes The color of the tomatoes in the greenhouse in winter looks not as bright as in summer. Be sure to buy the tomatoes that have been picked up after ripening, buy them at a special food store, or buy them during the peak season of the tomatoes, because the raw tomatoes are bitter.

There are 5 danger triangles in the body, knowing that one is yours!

There are 5 “danger triangles” in the body, knowing that one is yours!

The human body has multiple triangles to be protected, where there are multiple nerves, blood vessels or organs, which are important functional areas of the human body.

We must be careful to protect them.

There are 5 mysterious danger triangles in your body, and your “lifeline” is everywhere. Don’t protect these special areas, you have to kill your life in minutes!

The face triangle is really “death” The face triangle is made up of the connection between the nose root and the bilateral mouth corner.

The most feared thing in this dangerous triangle is infection.

Whether it is squeezing acne or shaving, a little careless, the bacterial face from the nose, the capillaries around the lips “into the virtual”, directly into the brain capillary blood vessels, causing intracranial infection, serious and even life-threatening!
Expert advice?

Wash your face carefully, choose a cleansing product that suits your skin condition, and wash your face with warm water of about 35 degrees, especially the position of the face triangle.


Eat well, eat and eat, the best diet is light, eat less spicy food, sweets should also be controlled to avoid acne in this area.


If you still have acne, don’t handcuff, the acne in the face triangle can’t be squeezed!

Can’t squeeze!
Can’t squeeze!
The triangular area of the total triangle pain complications refers to the entire post-complication, including the first cervical vertebra and the second cervical vertebra, where the most complex joint of the human body: the pillow – the first cervical vertebra – the second cervical vertebra joint.

The left and right rotation of the head, nodding, and shaking the head are mainly done by these joints.

Bowing down to play with the mobile phone, the pillow is too high when sleeping, “Ge You lie”, squatting on the table to sleep.

.These things you often do always make the cervical vertebrae in a bad posture. In the long run, it will hurt your muscles and ligaments. The muscles that are slowly induced will be stiff and the cervical vertebrae will gradually straighten, so you willI feel sore and uncomfortable.

In addition, the deformed cervical vertebra may also compress nerves and blood vessels, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing migraine and stroke.

Expert advice?

Pay attention to sitting posture, try to keep the spine end in a natural bending state, and relax the cervical vertebra.


Turn around your neck when you are fine.


Choose the right pillow for yourself.


The neck should also keep warm, and the cold will make the muscles contract and aggravate the pain.

The shoulder triangle is easily damaged. The shoulder triangle refers to the area from the shoulder to the lower corner of the shoulder blade.

Many of our upper body movements need to use the muscles of this area to complete. If you use a computer, a back shoulder bag or a crossbody backpack, or do not warm up, it is easy to cause strain on the shoulder muscles, so that your backBack pain is uncomfortable.

Expert advice?

When you feel the retina and the back muscles are uncomfortable, stand up around your shoulders, or stretch your hand to relax and rest your muscles in the shoulder triangle.


It is best to choose a backpack and try to avoid heavy objects.


Warm up before exercise, let the shoulder joints, muscles, and ligaments fully stretch, avoiding the strain on the shoulder triangle.

The genital triangle is susceptible to the genital triangle and refers to the unspoken part.
This triangle is most afraid of infection, female vaginitis, cervicitis; male prostatitis, is a disease that makes you uncomfortable and embarrassed to say.
Expert advice?

Pay attention to hygiene, underwear should be washed frequently, and remember to clean the reproductive triangle before and after?


In women’s menstrual period, it is best to replace the new sanitary napkin every 2 hours to avoid nourishing bacteria and causing bacteria.


When the genital triangle appears uncomfortable, be sure to go to the hospital for treatment. Don’t be shy about using drugs or going to the unreliable XX specialist hospital.

The triangular area on the multi-bubble foot of the sole triangle refers to the area between the thumb and the forefoot.

Often do not wash your feet, do not change socks, it is easy to get athlete’s foot, or even uncomfortable, the taste may also “injury and innocence.”

Expert advice?

Frequent warm feet soak your feet, you can clean your feet, you can also promote blood circulation, relieve the soreness of the lower limbs.


Nothing to do to raise the feet, foot and other sports.

? Choosing a comfortable, breathable socks is also essential for frequent washing and changing.
The point of the foot with the foot massage is the most concentrated, following the principle of stimulating acupuncture points, promoting circulation, exerting the healing function of the human body, and also has great benefits for weight loss.

Knocking on the soles of the feet: Before going to sleep every night, then hitting the soles of the feet, which can eliminate fatigue, relax the body and mind, and the soles of the feet are farthest from the heart, and the blood circulation is slower, which can accelerate blood circulation.

In addition, there are many visceral reflex zones on the sole of the foot. The percussion foot can help the visceral detoxification function. It is the long-distance blood in the body and accelerates the burning of fat in the body.

Every day, with the sole of the foot as the center, a rhythmic tapping is performed, so that it is possible to have a little painful feeling, and each foot hits about 100 times.

Feet shaking: If the blood circulation is not smooth, it is easy to have internal secretion disorders, so that the toxins in the body cannot be eliminated in time.

And if the metabolism is slower, it is easy to cause temporary accumulation and too much.

Therefore, everyone can start from the slower blood circulation, stimulate the local area and accelerate metabolism.

Before going to sleep every night, lying on the bed, legs straight, feet in control, and then turn your feet like a bicycle every week, 2 minutes a day, not only can accelerate amateur burning but also help improve sleep.

Let the old legs return to young

Let the old legs return to “young”

Nowadays, many old people are still very healthy, but their legs are old.
It even seriously affects the action.
The following small series to introduce to everyone is to let the old legs rejuvenate the way, and quickly go to find out.
  First, lame walking to practice the flexor muscles Walking on the foot, that is, the heel lifts completely with the toes to walk, walking a hundred steps, which not only can exercise the flexor, from the perspective of the meridian, it is also conducive to smooth the three yin.
  Second, the heel strikes the extensor muscles. The heel is tilted up and walks with the heel. This is the extensor muscle on the front side of the calf. It can be used to clear the foot Sanyang.
  Third, the reverse walking benefit cycle The backwardness is conducive to the venous return from the distal end to the near-center direction, more effectively play the role of the “second heart” of the two feet, which is conducive to circulation.
In addition, when it is retrogressed, it changes the formula of the innervation of the brain, strengthens the functional activities of the brain, and prevents the brain from shrinking due to waste, and it is appropriate to step back one step at a time.
  Fourth, limbs crawling and lowering blood pressure crawling 50 meters with limbs.
When crawling, the body becomes horizontal, which reduces the gravity of the blood vessels of the lower limbs. The blood vessels become diastolic and relax, and the peripheral resistance of the blood discharged from the heart decreases, which is conducive to alleviating hypertension. This has been confirmed by a large number of practices.
  五、踩足按摩促回流  如果有3~5岁的小孩,您可趴在床上,双足背贴床面,足心朝上,让孩子赤脚踩压你的双足,孩子的足跟对准The foot of an adult, doing stepping action 50 to 100 times, is good for promoting blood return; without the help of children, you can also massage yourself.
If the elderly can adhere to the above exercise every day, they will delay the arrival of the first leg of the legs, and it is also conducive to the health care of the mind and brain. You may wish to give it a try.
  六、卧位运动趾与踝  仰卧床上,双下肢平伸,双足一起做屈趾、伸趾交替运动30次,五趾分离、并拢30次,然后屈髋、屈膝、伸屈旋转踝关节30This is the preparation for the whole set of sports.
  七、坐位蹬滚子运动  把长40厘米,直径10~20厘米的圆木或石滚子,放在地板上,人坐在床边,双足蹬在滚子上前后滚动100次,可以达到The purpose of Shujin Huoxue.
  Eight, lateral walking and training balance Lateral walking can strengthen the balance function of the vestibule, and prevent the ataxia.
Move 50 steps to the right and 50 steps to the left.

How to prevent high blood pressure in spring?

How to prevent high blood pressure in spring?

[Introduction]Pressurization (ie, bronchial blood pressure) is caused by a variety of allergic factors and non-allergic factors in the body, causing reversible bronchial smooth muscle tone penetration, mucosal congestion and edema and increased mucus secretion and other pathological changes, clinical manifestationsA respiratory illness characterized by episodes of expiratory dyspnea and a double lung filled with wheezing.

  The disease is more common in the spring, most patients have a family history before the age of 12, if not treated in time, can lead to chronic complications of emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, respiratory failure and heart failure, etc.Even life-threatening.

Therefore, according to the clinical work, the author summarizes and sorts out the following methods for prevention and health care of bronchial torsion for reference.

  Daily prevention and prevention of inhalation allergens: bronchial acute spring is more common, it is initially spring spring bloom, various pollen is transmitted through the air, absorbed by the bronchial inhalation patients; spring weather warms, a large number of various pathogenic microorganismsBreeding, inhalation in the body with the respiratory tract, as an allogeneic protein can also lead to acute bronchial attack; transformation, secretions of certain animals (such as cockroaches, infectious insects, etc.) and dandruff, as well as house dust can also enter the respiratory tract, induce bronchialspleen.

Therefore, patients with bronchial hypertension should avoid going to the outskirts, gardens, etc. in the spring to avoid contact with pollen; it is best to clean the indoor hygiene in order to avoid inhaling the secretions, dander and house dust of the above animals.

  Second, to avoid allergens: In addition to the absorption of allergens, bronchial torsion is also related to the intake of allergens.

Fish, shrimp, crab, egg, milk, beef, mushrooms, mushrooms, etc. in daily food, as well as penicillin, aspirin and other alternative proteins or haptens, can be stimulated by bronchial asthma patients to stimulate the body to produce antibodies, resulting inBronchial asthma attacks; non-heterologous protein-stimulating foods such as paprika, mustard and alcohol, and certain non-hapten drugs such as beta-blockers, can also induce bronchospasm.

Therefore, patients with bronchial hypertension should avoid eating the above foods and drugs.

  Third, prevention of upper respiratory tract infections: upper respiratory tract infections such as colds, etc., can not only induce bronchial penetration, increase the number of bronchial penetration, and easily lead to the development of general bronchial rupture into a persistent state, leading to respiratory failure, respiratory acidosis and pulmonary encephalopathy, etc.Serious complications, gradually increasing the involvement of the heart, leading to heart failure.

Seriously threaten the lives of patients.

The weather in the spring is repeated and changeable. Sudden warm and sudden cold, easy to stimulate the respiratory mucosa, airway contraction, rupture, and bronchial impact.

Therefore, patients should pay attention to cold and warm to prevent upper respiratory tract infection.

  Fourth, to maintain a good spirit: patients with bronchial dialysis, especially neuropsychiatric obesity (one of the endogenous hypertension), should stay in spirit every spring, if there is sunshine, should be moreIn the sun, in the rainy weather, you should turn on the fluorescent lamp to simulate the sun, adjust the neuroendocrine function (such as pineal function), and avoid bronchospasm.

  Comprehensive health care during rehabilitation period, taking desensitization therapy: the source of bronchial surgery is more than the cause, and the exogenous pain is mainly caused by absorption of allergens.

Allergens that are permeated in the air, such as pollen, dust mites, house dust, etc., are everywhere, so that bronchial hospitalized patients can’t prevent them. Therefore, patients with bronchial surgery should go to a qualified hospital during the remission period, and ask the doctor to detect any allergies.The injection solution prepared by the leakage solution of the substance is subjected to supplemental desensitization treatment to cause the body to produce a blocking antibody IgG, thereby preventing inhalation bronchial obstruction, or reducing the degree.

  Second, adjust the diet structure: for patients with food-induced bronchial dialysis, you should correctly distinguish yourself from diet allergies, such as fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, milk, beef, mushrooms and mushrooms, etc. should be absolutely avoided to eat againThe difference between the consumption of allogeneic protein and human protein is relative, the relative incidence of pork, chicken, duck and rabbit meat, as well as the consumption of fresh vegetables such as cabbage, mustard, cabbage, spinach, watercress, cucumber and green.Melons, etc.; for those who need certain drugs due to illness, patients should actively communicate with the doctor to inform the doctor that they are allergic to certain drugs, and ask the doctor to consider using other drugs.

  Third, actively treat colds: the cause of endogenous diseases is more common with infections (bacteria, virus infection).

Repeated episodes of infection can cause symptoms such as coughing, coughing, and difficulty breathing, and can induce bronchospasm, or relieve symptoms of bronchial pain that have already occurred, or lead to persistent state.

Therefore, in patients with bronchial hypertension, if there is an early cold symptoms (such as sputum sputum, itching, etc.), you should immediately go to the hospital for comprehensive treatment (such as antibacterial, antiviral, anti-allergic and cough and phlegm, etc.) to catch the cold.Eliminate “in the bud, avoid the cold-induced bronchial compression, increase the burden on the heart and lungs.

  Fourth, strengthen physical education: In addition to strengthening physical fitness and preventing colds, physical exercise also enhances the central nervous system function of the body, improves the central nervous system’s reactivity and tolerance to torsional movement, thereby avoiding the occurrence of sports.Exercise asthma.

Therefore, patients with bronchial hypertension, especially those with exercise, should exercise regularly. The amount of exercise starts from the “small dose” and gradually increases the amount of exercise, so that the body gradually adapts to physical activity (including other physical activities and labor), and gradually exercise bronchial acuteattack.

  V. Drug prevention complications: During the recovery period, patients can receive oral immunopotentiators such as levamisole tablets under the guidance of a physician to enhance physical fitness and prevent colds; or inhaled sodium cromoglycate powder or oral thiazolone tablets to preventAcute bronchial episode; or Chinese medicine practitioner according to syndrome differentiation, supplement Yupingfengsan (lung deficiency type), Liujunzi decoction (spleen deficiency type), Jin deficiency kidney gas pill (kidney yang deficiency type) and Qiweiduqi pill (kidney yin deficiency type)) Chinese medicine prescriptions to consolidate the efficacy and prevent recurrence of bronchial dialysis.

Dragon’s tortoise fresh hot pot on the tip of the tongue: Chongqing’s first turtle’s health hot pot picks up the hot pot

Dragon’s tortoise fresh hot pot on the tip of the tongue: Chongqing’s first turtle’s health hot pot picks up the hot pot

A pot of ruddy traditional old hot pot soup, rolling out of Chongqing hot pot feelings, a turtle added, delicious and nutritious, and “Dragon Turtle Fresh Hot Pot” once again raised the Chongqing hot pot weather vane.

The soft-shelled turtle is a good product for warming and nourishing. It has been circulating and dry-burning and stewing. The hot pot is the favorite of Chongqing people. Combining the two organic ones, it must be the perfect match. The “Longjiayu fresh hot pot” opens the industry.First, let the delicious and nutritious harvest at the same time.

The turtles of “Dragon Turtle Fresh Hot Pot” come from natural ecological lakes and ecological turtles in Poyang Lake. Each turtle is naturally grown, naturally matured and has high nutritional value. It is eaten after the red soup pot is cooked, not only nutritious, but alsoGreatly improve the natural taste of hot pot.

The soft-shelled turtle is delicious, and other dishes are also fresh-themed. It is also a rare fish in the hot pot restaurant. It is rare to eat in the hot pot restaurant. The beef spinal cord, the yak beef, the double pepper beef, the oysters, the goose intestines.Vegetable platters and so on are all fresh and sold, so that you can eat healthy and delicious.

“Dragon turtle fresh hot pot” hot pot soup is made by the traditional old hot pot method, the finest butter is fragrant, several different peppers are used to enhance the taste, and the Maowen peppers force the Chongqing people to like the fragrance.

Traditional fresh hairy belly, pure fresh pig yellow throat, now halogenated fat intestines, now killing jaundice and so on to satisfy your love for hot pot.

It has a temperament and health, and the “Dragon Turtle Fresh Hot Pot” is a nutritious and delicious change. The first turtle in Chongqing is a hot pot, which makes you delicious and healthy at the same time, hot pot upgrade, taste and service forever.

Comfortable dining environment overlooking the Yangtze River scenery killing Duobao fish nutrition delicious traditional fresh hairy belly crispy fresh fresh pig yellow throat crispy oysters the best goose intestine slag in their own store, the fat, the intestines, the heart, the fresh, the vegetarian taste, the health, the “long squid fresh hot pot” dragonNo. 20 of soft-shelled turtle is officially launched on the Kowloon Square, Jiulong Road, Chongqing Address: A11-A15, Linjiang Commercial Street, Kowloon Bund Square, Chongqing, China Tel: 023-68618820