[Three major bad eating habits induce colon cancer, maybe you will be recruited]

[Three major bad eating habits induce colon cancer, maybe you will be recruited]

Colon cancer is a common malignant tumor of the digestive tract. Due to changes in people’s diet, the incidence of colon cancer is also rising, and nearly 600,000 people die of colon cancer each year.

Therefore, prevention of colon cancer should start with daily eating habits.

Bad eating habits that induce colon cancer1. Many people eat too much for dinner. Many people will arrange a “dinner meal” at night. In fact, dinner should not be too full because eating too much will stimulate excessive secretion and increase the burden on insulin cells.And then failure can cause diabetes.

At the same time, dinner is too full, and some proteins cannot be digested well. These proteins are prone to produce toxic substances under the action of tandem bacteria, and when people fall asleep, their peristalsis also slows down, thereby further prolonging the initial stay of toxic substancesOver time, it is likely to induce colon cancer.


[Five foods are the most ruinous kidneys for men]_Recommended diet

[Five foods are the most ruinous kidneys for men]_Recommended diet

Men’s kidney health is very important. When the kidneys show complications, it will not only affect the health of the kidneys, but also adversely affect other organs, just like dominoes, so it must be in daily life.Pay attention to the conditioning of the kidneys, and especially pay attention to dietary taboos. Let’s take a look at the five kinds of food that destroy the kidneys of men.

1. The first is soft bread, which is a kind of food we eat more often because of the shorter work. We often eat such food to satisfy hunger, but we must also understand that many kinds of additives often appear in soft bread, especially oneAdditive called potassium bromate, this additive is very harmful to the health of the kidneys and can cause kidney damage unknowingly.

2, followed by soy products. Soy products are foods we often eat. Properly eating some is beneficial to the health of the body. However, if too much food is consumed, or patients with decreased kidney function consume too much soy products, they will oftenIncreasing the burden on the kidneys will cause some nitrogen-containing wastes not to be discharged in time, causing kidney damage.

3, oversalty food, many men have a heavier taste, often like to eat some more salty food, such as some pickled foods, or some sausage foods, some foods contain a lot of sodiumThis will exacerbate the burden of high blood pressure and eventually lead to kidney damage.

4. Fried foods are foods we often eat. Trans fatty acids in fried foods are an important reason for making people fat, and trans fatty acids are difficult to replace outside the body after entering the body. When the kidneys filter these harmful substancesCan cause kidney damage.

5, cold food, the weather is relatively hot at that time, many men like to drink some cold drinks, cold drinks not only hurt the stomach, but also hurt the kidney itself is also very large, because too cold will cause high blood pressure caused by bad stimulation, will affect the kidneyThe blood circulation, over time, can easily cause the kidneys to suffer very great harm.

[Some women are easily reduced to Primary Three]

[Some women are easily reduced to Primary Three]

Whether it is because of the so-called “love” or to satisfy one’s selfish desires, some women know that the other party has a marriage and family and they must find ways to break up other people’s families.

If you want to defend your marriage, you need to know yourself, and teach you how easy it is for this woman to become a junior.

The first category: Women who lacked love from an early age Some women lacked the love and attention of their fathers and mothers from an early age. When they grew up, they became very insecure.

When she finally encounters a mature and considerate man who cares for her, she will desperately grasp this precious “life-saving straw” like someone who is about to be drowned.

Even if this man is already married and has a happy family, she will not hesitate to find ways to stay with this man, even as a third party who can’t see the light.

Of course, her heart was anxious that the man could divorce quickly, and performed a minor third master’s note by herself.

But only, because they lacked love from an early age, they could not love others like normal people.

That is, the ability to love is missing.

Most of them cannot accept the fact that they can only be a Primary Three forever, so they often use special means to consolidate men’s divorce.

Unfortunately, men usually choose their own family.


[How to peel grapefruit]_How to peel_Peeling method

[How to peel grapefruit]_How to peel_Peeling method

Grapefruit is a very popular fruit and a fruit that will be available in the fall.

Grapefruit has a high nutritional value, and its sugar content and trace amount are relatively low, so it is a very healthy fruit.

But when eating grapefruit, many people are not very good at peeling it.

In fact, peeling grapefruit skin still needs to master certain skills.

Below, I will introduce three peeling methods of grapefruit peel!

First, how to peel the grapefruit: Method one, use a knife to make a circle in the center of the epidermis after cleaning, the depth is about one centimeter; 2, draw a cross in the middle of the circle is also one centimeter deep;It becomes very, very labor-saving; 4. After removing the white “cotton” outside, you can eat.

Second, how to peel the grapefruit: Method two 1. After tearing the outer packaging, cut out a piece of grapefruit, as shown in the figure.

2, the plane cut upwards to the bottom of the knife to cut down, can not be too deep, fear that it will rotten grapefruit meat.

3, 360 degrees at a distance to make a knife, so it is cut grapefruit.

4. Then peel the grapefruit peel one by one according to the scratches, as shown in the figure.

5. After the grapefruit is removed, the skin can be combined into a whole grapefruit, and it can be used as a lantern for children. There is a pumpkin lantern for Halloween.

6, can also be used to make a hat for children to play and take pictures.

Third, how to peel the grapefruit: Method three Wash and dry the grapefruit, and use a fruit knife to make a circle from the middle to prevent the fruit from being scratched. This has been tried twice, and then inserted with a spatula from the middle.Turn the knife marks around and a small bowl comes out. You can remove the grapefruit in the same way.

Fourth, how to peel the grapefruit: Method 4 Wash and dry the grapefruit, cut off the tip of the head with a fruit knife, and draw four blades from top to bottom to avoid hurting the flesh. Insert one of them with a rice shovel and easily replace it.Peel the whole grapefruit.

Then use a cotton thread on the top to pull it down in the middle of the grapefruit petals, and you can easily open the grapefruit.

Or just use a rice shovel.

[Dandong must eat food]_There are certain_Some are

[Dandong must eat food]_There are certain_Some are

The cuisines of all places are exquisitely inherited and improved over the decades, and finally retained.

Dandong has a lot of foods that rank very high in the country.

Dandong’s chestnuts and strawberries are local characteristics, so many of Dandong’s must-eat foods are related to chestnuts and strawberries, and they are all natural and pollution-free, which is worthy of tourists to taste.

So, what are the must-eat foods in Dandong?

First, chestnut chestnuts in Dandong have been cultivated for 2,000 to 3,000 years. The cultivation of chestnut trees in Liaoning began in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

The fruit is called chestnuts, which can be eaten raw, sautéed, baked, and even canned, ground cakes, and cooking dishes.

Contains sugar, protein, trace and multivitamins, high nutritional and economic value.

Second, Donggang strawberry “the first county of strawberry in China”-Liaoning Donggang.

From its original date to today’s largest strawberry production base in China, Donggang has been producing strawberries for over a century.

The humid climate along the coast of the Yangtze River and the objective conditions such as the best strawberry production zone at 40 degrees north latitude provide a high-quality growing environment for Donggang strawberries.

Third, the yellow gardenia clam, the scientific name Qingliu Clam, is produced in the shallow water of the Yellow Sea. Its shell is yellow, and its flesh is yellow, axe-shaped shell, dark yellow markings.

Carcass meat contains protein, a variety of vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and other nutrients needed by the human body; it also contains a trace amount of cobalt to maintain the body’s hematopoietic function and restore liver function, and has high nutritional value.

Because the sea area near Dandong is rich in nutrients, the yellow rice dumplings that are abundant here are fatter than the larger ones in other places, have a more delicious taste and are richer in nutrition.

Scutellaria baicalensis is suitable for stir-fry, white-boiled, stir-fried and other methods in cooking.

The best way to eat is charcoal grill.

Place the processed sand-free scutellaria on a charcoal fire.

The red charcoal fire, Huang Cancan’s clam shell, and the hot water vapor made people’s mouth watering. For a moment, when Huang Zongzi was grilled and stretched, the shell was carefully removed from the charcoal fire, and the hot meat was picked up with chopsticks and put in his mouth.The full gravy is fresh and satisfying, more satisfying than eating bird’s nest shark fin.

[Food with oranges]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

[Food with oranges]_ diet taboos _ food taboos

Any food tastes a little bit concomitant.

It is the time to eat oranges in autumn and winter. When people eat oranges, they must pay attention to some things that are equal to oranges.

For example, cucumbers cannot be eaten with oranges. Oranges are also rich in vitamin c. Cucumbers are also specifically used to break down this vitamin. When eaten together, the nutritional value will decrease.

Oranges and eels are poisonous when eaten together.

1. Cucumber oranges and cucumbers cannot be eaten together. This is because oranges are rich in vitamins, while cucumbers have a large amount of vitamin C decomposing enzymes. Eating two substances together will destroy the nutritional content of oranges and make them nutritious.reduce.

2, eel eels and oranges, poisoning with food.

3. Crab mandarins and crabs cannot be eaten together. The meat is rich in protein, while oranges contain calcium carbonate.

If the fruit rich in fruit acids, such as oranges, is eaten with the carcass containing protein monomers at the same time, the fruit acid in the fruit can solidify the protein and affect the digestion and absorption of the protein.

4, red and red are often used as medicinal materials in traditional Chinese medicine, and red and orange are the same grams, eat more oranges are easier to get angry, and eat with red even worse the situation of getting angry.

5. Milk oranges should not be eaten with milk.

The protein in milk will react with the acid and vitamin C in oranges, will coagulate into a block, affect the digestion and absorption of the stomach, and easily cause discomfort such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Therefore, people must not eat oranges within an hour after drinking milk.

6, animal liver cancer and animal liver can not eat together, vitamins are rich in vitamin C, animal liver cancer copper, iron plasma.

If consumed at the same time, copper, iron and other plasma can easily oxidize vitamin C in cholesterol, thereby losing nutritional value.