[Can beef balls be eaten during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can beef balls be eaten during pregnancy]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Beef is a kind of meat that is more common in our daily life. It is rich in protein, traces, trace elements and minerals. Eating beef regularly will promote physical development, strengthen the body’s immunity, improve qi and blood, and strengthen muscleBone etc. all work well.

Beef tastes delicious and has many cooking methods. For many special people and pregnant women, eating beef has many benefits.

Can pregnant women eat beef? Pregnant women can eat beef in moderation, which is good for the body and harmless.

The reason why too many pregnant women are tangled with this problem is because there is a superstitious statement among the older generation that pregnant women eat beef, and the baby born will become very dark, and some people even say that pregnant women eatBeef, babies born may not speak, thick body hair and the like.

In fact, these claims of the elderly have no scientific basis.

Pregnant women can eat beef, and the nutritional content of beef has great potential for pregnant women’s health.

In terms of the nutritional value of beef, pregnant women eat lean beef 3 to 4 times a week at 60 to 100 grams each time, which can prevent iron deficiency anemia and enhance the immunity of expectant mothers.

Pregnant women’s need for iron and zinc is common.

5 times, beef is saturated and rich in iron and zinc. The iron content per 100 grams of beef tendon is 3 mm, which is about 10% of the recommended iron during pregnancy; the zinc content is 8.

5 mg, about 77% of the recommended amount of zinc during pregnancy.

Therefore, pregnant women eat beef iron and zinc better than other foods.

Beef also has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, and strengthening muscles and bones. In general, it is a good tonic for pregnant women.

Benefits of eating beef for pregnant women1. Increase immunity. Beef is rich in iron content, which can help pregnant mothers supplement iron, prevent iron deficiency anemia, and is very suitable for pregnant mothers.

2, repair tissue, help restore the nutritional value of beef after delivery is very high, which is rich in protein and amino acids that are richer than pork, which is closer to the human body than pork.

Pregnant mothers eat some beef during pregnancy, which can improve the body’s resistance to disease and have great benefits for future recovery after childbirth.

3, pregnant mothers who nourish too much spleen and stomach will lose their appetite during pregnancy, and are prone to indigestion and constipation.

Eating beef during pregnancy can use the benefits of Qi to nourish the blood and nourish the spleen and stomach to regulate the loss of appetite.

4, effective zinc supplement pregnant women’s demand for iron and zinc is the average person1.

5 times, so proper zinc supplementation during pregnancy is necessary for pregnant women.

The content of zinc in beef is very rich, so pregnant women eating beef can supplement zinc well, which is much better than using health products, and it does not harm the body.

5, Antai Bu Shen Beverage can calm the baby, yellow beef can calm down the qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, strong muscles and strong bones.

[Can I drink milk with durian-]_ Milk powder_Can I drink

[Can I drink milk with durian?

]_Milk powder_Can you drink it?

Durian is a very common fruit, but durian does not feel very good, because its taste is really unacceptable, and the taste can even make people smell like a vomit.

However, the nutritional value of durian is very high. Many friends like to eat it, even some elderly people and children can eat it.

So, can I drink milk with durian?

After eating durian, you can eat milk powder. Generally speaking, it has no effect. A small amount of fruit is not relevant, and it has been digested for two hours.

Note that the child should not eat too much durian, can feed the child normally, don’t be too worried, continue to observe what is the contraindication to eat durian 1. Cardio-cerebrovascular patients should not eat durian,Can cause blood vessel tension, severe burst blood vessels, stroke conditions occur, not suitable for consumption.

2. Obese people should not eat less, because durian contains higher conversion and sugar.

3, people with kidney disease and heart disease are not suitable for patients with kidney disease and patients with hypertension should not eat durian, because durian contains higher potassium.

4, skin diseases and throat diseases should not be combined with patients with skin diseases and laryngitis, asthma and bronchitis friends should not eat durian, eating will cause the disease to worsen.

5, hot gas quality should not be hot gas quality, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency constitution, durian sensitive person will eat durian will worsen the disease, not beneficial to the body, not suitable for consumption.

Drinking more water after eating durian, or eating a small amount of fruit with more points can also relieve dryness. Among them, pear and watermelon are good choices.

In addition, you can also drink some salt and add water to the socket of the durian shell to relieve the heat.

[Does black sesame supplement blood?]_ How to replenish blood_How to replenish blood

銆 愰 粦 鑺 揋 揋 Chen Chen ヨ  钖? 銆 慱 訝 庝 箞 琛 ヨ _How to 綍 琛 ヨ 
鐩镐俊澶у鍦ㄧ敓娲昧腑閮借杩回粦鑺濋夯钖戜細鏈夊皯鐧藉ご鐨勭幇璞★紝灏卞彲浠ュ悆涓€浜涢粦鑹茬殑椋熺墿锛岃繖鏍峰氨鑳藉浣夸綋鍐呯殑榛戣壊绱犲澶氾紝鑰岄粦鑺濋夯鏃犵枒鏄粦鑹查鐗╅噷鏈€鏈夎惀鍏讳环鍊肩殑涓€绉嶏紝寰堝濂虫€у湪鐢熸椿涓篃浼氬悆榛戣姖楹伙紝鍥犱负鎹榛戣姖楹绘湁琛ヨ鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鐪熺殑鏄繖鏍峰悧锛熷悆浠€涔堝彲浠ヨˉ姘旇1銆侀粦鑺濋夯榛戣壊鐨勯鐗╁叆鑲撅紝鏈夊姪浜What’s the difference between the worms and the worms? The sorrows are very difficult.鐨勫姛鏁堛€傝偩钘忕簿锛岀簿鐢熼珦锛岄珦鍖栬锛屽洜姝わ紝琛€鐨勬牴鏈篃鍦ㄤ簬鑲俱€?銆佺尓鑲濇湁琛ヨ倽銆佹槑鐩€佸吇琛€鐨勫姛鏁堬紝閫傜敤浜庢皵琛€铏氬急銆侀潰鑹茶悗榛勩€佸績鎮哥湬鏅曡€呫€?銆佹鍦嗘鍦嗗叿鏈夊緢濂界殑琛ユ皵琛€鍔熸晥锛屽悓鏃朵篃鏄ˉ鍏呬汉浣撶簿姘斿拰闃虫皵鐨勪笂涓婂搧锛屽コ鐢熷鏋滅粡甯镐綋瀵掞紝鎴栬€呮湀缁忔帹杩熶箖鑷虫湀缁忔筏濉炵柤鐥涚瓑鐥囩姸鐨勶紝鍦ㄦ瘡娆℃湀缁忕殑鍓嶅嚑澶╁枬涓€浜涙鍦嗙孩鏋f堡鑳藉涓婅堪鐥囩姸璧峰埌寰堝ソ鐨勬敼鍠勪綔鐢ㄣ€?銆佺孩鏋d綔涓烘渶浼犵粺鐨勮ˉ姘旇椋熸潗涔嬩竴锛岀孩鏋g殑琛ユ皵琛€鍔熸晥鏈€涓轰汉浠墍骞挎硾鐔熺煡銆傛墍浠ュ湪鏃ュ父鐢熸椿涓彧瑕佽韩浣撳嚭鐜颁簡姘旇涓嶈冻鐨勫悇绉嶅緛鍏嗭紝浜轰滑寰€寰€浼氶€氳繃鍚冪孩鏋g殑鏂瑰紡鏉ヨˉ姘旇锛屽嵆鑳界敓鍚冿紝鍙堣兘鐓叉堡鍠濓紝鏂逛究蹇嵎銆?銆 佴 眴 賔 嗕 綔 鐢 ㄧ 啓 尲 唲 酲 Ningge  镄 嫪 竴 cre 嶉 ギ 鍊 纴 Pu 嗘 祮 瀽 屈 郄 郇 氇 圉 畅 镬 郬 郬 郉 郅Pang Jiyang, who is the only one who is in the world, is very happy, and the chains are very dry, and the chains are in the air, and they are in the air.熸晥锛屽枬璞嗘祮鏈€濂芥槸鍦ㄦ棭涓婄殑鏃堕棿娈点€?I’m going to do it by the way of Yi, and I’m tempted to make up for it, and I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it.紝鍏跺疄榛戣眴涔熷彲浠ョ敓琛€銆傞粦璞嗙殑鍚冩硶闅忓悇浜哄枩濂斤紝濡傛灉鏄湪浜у悗锛屽缓璁敤榛戣眴鐓箤楠ㄩ浮銆傛皵琛€涓嶈冻鍚冧粈涔堣ˉ姘旇涓€銆佺垎浜哄弬楦$墖鍔熸晥锛氬ぇ琛ュ厓姘斻€傞€傜敤浜庢皵铏氥€佽韩浣撹“寮辩瓑鐥囥€傞矞浜哄弬15鍏嬶紝楦¤劘鑲?00 鍏 嬶 麴 鍐  瑆 來 一 鐡 滃 悇 25 鍏 嬶 庴 楦 ¤ 峲 娓?涓紝绮剧洂銆佹枡閰掋€佽懕銆佺敓濮溿€侀鑿溿€侀浮姹ゃ€佺尓娌广€佽姖楹绘补銆佸懗绮俱€佹按璞嗙矇鍚勯€傞噺銆傚埗浣滐細1銆佸皢楦¤劘鐗囧垏鎴愮墖锛涗汉鍙傛礂鍑€锛屾枩鍒€鍒囨垚灏忕墖锛涘啲绗嬨€侀粍鐡滃垏鐗囷紱钁便€佸鍒囦笣锛涢鑿滃垏娈点€?銆侀浮鐗囧姞鐩愩€佸懗绮惧悗鎷屽寑锛屼笅鍏ラ浮铔嬫竻銆佹按璞嗙矇鎷屽寑銆?銆佸皢閿呭唴鏀剧尓娌癸紝鐑ц嚦浜旀垚鐑椂锛屼笅鍏ラ浮鐗囷紝鐔熸椂鎹炲嚭锛屾帶鍑€娌广€?銆佺敤绮剧洂銆佸懗绮俱€侀浮姹ゃ€佹枡閰掑厬鎴愭眮姘淬€?銆佸皢閿呭唴鏀炬补锛岀儳鑷冲叚鎴愮儹鏃讹紝涓嬪叆钁变笣銆佺敓濮滀笣銆佺瑡鐗囥€佷汉鍙傜墖鐓哥倰锛屽啀涓嬮粍鐡滅墖銆侀鑿溿€侀浮鐗囷紝鐑逛笂姹佹按锛岄缈诲嚑涓嬶紝娣嬩笂鑺濋夯娌瑰嵆鎴愩€備簩銆佽ˉ琛€鍥涚墿姹ゆ潗鏂欙細楦°€佸綋褰掋€佺櫧鑺嶃€佺啛鍦伴粍銆佹灨鏉炲瓙銆佹鐨€傚仛娉曪細1銆佸皢澶勭悊濂界殑楦℃礂鍑€锛屾斁鍏ュ紑姘翠腑鐑竴鍒嗛挓鍙栧嚭锛?Do you have any questions about Hanning?It ‘s a matter of time. It ‘s a matter of fear. It ‘s very difficult. It ‘s very difficult to get it. It ‘s not easy to get it. It ‘s not easy to get it.叜寮€鍚庤浆灏忕伀鍐嶇叜涓や釜灏忔椂鍗冲彲銆傛彁绀猴細濡傛灉鎬€瀛曪紝鍒欎笉瑕佹斁妗傛灊銆傛姹ゆ渶濂藉湪鏈堢粡鍓嶅悗鍠濄€傚鏋滀笉鍠滄澶祿鐨勪腑鑽懗閬擄紝涔熷彲浠ユ牴鎹嚜宸卞枩娆㈢殑娴撳害锛屽湪閫傚綋鐨勬椂鍊欏彇鍑鸿嵂鏉愩€傚枬鐨勬椂鍊欏彲浠ヤ緷鎹嚜宸辩殑鍙e懗鍔犲皯璁哥洂璋冨懗銆?

Ping An’s net profit in the first quarter increased steadily by 32.

5% technology sector value will gradually show

Ping An’s net profit in the first quarter increased steadily by 32.

5% technology sector value will gradually show

Ping An’s net profit in the first quarter grew steadily32.

5%, the tech sector will gradually realize the value of China Business Network Author: Luo Jia April 26, 2018, a quarter of China Ping An “report card” released data show that China’s Ping An to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders was 257.

02 trillion, an annual increase of 11.

5%; if calculated in accordance with the accounting standards before the amendment, Ping An’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company reached 305.

4.8 billion yuan, an increase of 32.


Against the background of the vertical growth of the entire industry in the first quarter, Ping An’s performance was still solid and growing well.

  In addition, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the company, Ping An continued to increase its efforts to reward shareholders, and proposed to distribute the company’s 30th anniversary special dividend in units of cash.

20 yuan, the dividend budget reaches 36.

5.6 billion yuan.

  Guotai Junan analysts said that due to the impact of policies and new accounting calculation methods, the insurance industry’s business income improved in the first quarter of 2018, but the second quarter began to transform the improvement of business structure.The overall return to value growth of the industry will bring sustained growth in the value of listed insurance companies.

  The author noticed that on the day when Ping An released its quarterly results today, the market rumored that the party secretary and chairman of Ping An would be changed, which would then lead to a gradual change in Ping An.

Carry out Ping An’s timely announcement statement to advocate rumors, and seriously condemn such malicious rumors.

The person allegedly analyzed and called that it was not ruled out that the short-seller released false information and thus made a profit.

  Steady growth of core financial business New business value growth is better than market expectations In terms of core financial business indicators, thanks to the steady growth of renewal premiums, in the first quarter, Ping An Life and Health Insurance business scaled 2,305 premiums.

$ 8.5 billion, an increase of 24 per year.

9%; new business value is 198.

US $ 9.7 billion, a slight decrease from the same period last year, but the value of new business is reset at 30.

2%, an increase of 3 per year.

0 averages.

In response to this situation, analysts said that the decline in the value of new business is due to the high base of the same period last year, which depends on the appointment of new calculation methods. It is expected that the growth rate of new business value will resume from the second quarter.
  It is reported that starting from the second quarter, Ping An Life Insurance began to focus on promoting long-term protection products, targeting the needs of different groups of customers, and building and continuously improving the “basic + mid-range + mid-to-high-end” hierarchical and full-coverage guarantee system,, High-value, high-quality multi-type guaranteed products, helping agents to increase productivity and income.

At the same time, Ping An Life will continue to explore the use of AI technology in the areas of customer operations, team management, and customer service to provide new momentum for continued business growth.

  In addition, Ping An Property & Casualty Business achieved premium income of 632.

1.7 billion, an annual increase of 17.

8%, the comprehensive cost rate is 95.

9%, continued to grow the industry; banking retail business transformation has achieved significant, retail customer assets increased by 9 as 北京夜生活网 compared to the earlier period.

2%, the balance of retail deposits increased by 13 compared with the beginning of the year.


  China Merchants Bank analysts believe that through the tax deferred endowment insurance pilot and the financial industry’s opening to the outside world, it is expected to increase the value of five alternative new business growth rates of listed insurance companies; meanwhile, the current valuation of insurance stocks is at an absolute bottomThe fundamentals will significantly improve after entering the second quarter, and the late-stage insurance stocks will have a higher allocation value. Ping An of China is the key recommendation.

  Ping An Good Doctor is about to enter the harvesting period and reorganize the technology sector. Under the guidance of the “finance + technology” strategy, Ping 合肥夜网 An has continuously created mature technology applications and exported services to the society. The merger has hatched including Lufax, Good Doctor, and Financial One.Accounts, the four “unicorns” inside Ping An Medical Insurance.

  It is worth mentioning that Ping An Good Doctor will be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 4th. This will be the successful listing of the “Unicorn” that Ping An Group was the first to incubate independently.

It is reported that Ping An Good Doctor issued 50 shares for the first time.


80 construction, according to this calculation, the proposed scale of financing is 81.

3-87.US $ 700 million (approximately RMB6.5-7 billion), with an estimated range of between US $ 7 billion-75.

  In addition, the lucrative power of the much-watched Lujin Holdings continued to increase, and the asset management scale at the end of the period reached 4,429.

4.3 billion; personal loan business continued to leverage product and channel advantages and managed loan balances of 3,038.

26 trillion, an earlier increase of 5.

3%; financial institutions and government financial services continued to grow, with inter-agency transactions reaching 11,499.

6.1 billion yuan.

  In addition, various “exclusive beast” businesses have also continued to develop rapidly.

Financial OneAccount has successively introduced leading technologies such as smart bank cloud, smart insurance cloud, and smart investment cloud to the market. Among them, smart insurance cloud has signed contracts with 23 insurance companies.

As of the end of March 2018, Financial OneAccount had provided one-stop fintech solutions to 478 banks and more than 1,970 non-bank financial institutions, and the number of financial institutions’ risk control inquiries exceeded 1 in the first quarter.

800 million people.

In addition, Ping An Medical Insurance Technology medical service platform covers more than 200 cities and 2,200 hospitals. The “City One Account” APP has been launched in 38 cities.

  As Goldman Sachs stated in the Air Force research report, Ping An ‘s spending on technology over the past years has transformed into better support for core businesses, bringing high returns and high prospects for future business growth. Investors should create Ping An ‘s technology for business creation.The value is taken into account in the assessment.

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (600031): Acquiring Group Financial Assets to Give Full Play to Synergy

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (600031): Acquiring Group Financial Assets to Give Full Play to Synergy

The company issued an announcement: It intends to use its own funds to acquire Sany Automobile Finance Co., Ltd. 91 held by the controlling shareholder Sany Group.

43% equity, the corresponding asset valuation is RMB 42.

21 trillion, the proposed transaction amount is RMB 39.

8 billion.

SANY Auto Finance is one of the 25 auto finance companies in the country. It mainly provides financial services to the construction machinery industry and is the first auto finance company in China’s construction machinery industry.

According to the company announcement, since 2016, Sany Auto Finance’s operating income has stabilized at 2.


500 million US dollars, and basically from the top to the net net income; but the change in net profit penetrates, which is essentially a breakthrough in asset impairment losses; the net profit rate has always remained above 30%.

In 2019, Sany Automobile’s financial asset impairment losses are equivalent, due to net profit expectations, to 2017 and 2018.

As of October 2019, the total assets of Sany Auto Finance were approximately 97.

500,000 yuan, asset-liability ratio of 70.


According to the company’s announcement, the incremental debt balances of Sany Heavy Industry in 2017, 2018苏州夜网论坛 and 2019H1 with repurchase obligations were 13 respectively.

1.4 billion, 19.

1.4 billion and 32.

24 ppm, reflecting Sany’s continuous increase in sales through Sany Auto Finance.

  SANY Auto Finance will issue loans and advance funds from 56 in 2019.

2 billion to 91.

39 trillion, an increase of 62.

63%, we judge the first is that under the high prosperity of the construction machinery industry, the business of Sany Group has developed rapidly.

  The Group promises that if the net receivables of Sany Auto Finance suffer losses due to the risk of repayment, the Group will make up for a part of the losses and reduce the financial risks of listed companies acquiring Sany Auto Finance.

The quality of construction machinery products is relatively high, and customers often purchase through financing.

According 深圳SPA会所 to the company’s announcement, the interest expenses paid by Sany Heavy Industry to Sany Auto Finance in 2017, 2018 and 2019H1 were 550 respectively.

40,000 yuan, 16.

70,000 yuan and 90,000 yuan.

Due to the problem of related party transactions between listed companies and the group, compared with the scale of Sany Heavy Industry’s income or Sany’s auto finance interest income, the scale of the transactions is very low.

An IPO will effectively reduce the scale of connected transactions, while SANY Elderly can provide distributors and customers with a package of products, services, and financing, and form complementary advantages, reduce financing costs, enhance product and service competitiveness, and improveProfitability, driving the company to transform to “manufacturing + services”.

SANY Auto Finance started from the domestic market and gradually expanded its business to the United States, Germany, Singapore, India, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and other places, and further developed in depth. It established a unified global management and coordinated support for corporate financial development.Plate space layout.

The company’s acquisition of Sany Automotive Finance will promote the company’s internationalization process, help establish and improve financing channels for the overseas sales of individual products, promote the financial support needed for overseas construction machinery sales, and effectively reduce the company’s and customers’ overseas financing costs.

We maintain our profit forecast and expect the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 112.



19 trillion, excluding further conversion of convertible bonds, the corresponding EPS for 2019-2021 is 1.



70 yuan / share, the corresponding PE is 12.


7/9.5x (2019/12/11), maintaining the rating of “Prudent Overweight”.

Risk warning: The sales volume of construction machinery is lower than expected, and the export business is lower than expected.

Ningbo Yunsheng (600366): 2Q19 earnings decline month-on-month is affected by fair value conversion

Ningbo Yunsheng (600366): 2Q19 earnings decline month-on-month is affected by fair value conversion

1H19 results are in line with our expected 1H19 results: revenue 8.

100 million, a year-on-year decrease of 20%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

530,000 yuan, budget profit 0.

05 yuan, reduced by 3 every year.

3%, in line with expectations, after deducting non-profit, 0.

35 trillion, a year-on-year decrease of 44%, non-recurring gains and losses include 0.

Fair value of 17 trillion and investment income and 0.

07 billion government grants.

The company’s revenue in the second quarter of 194.

500 million, a year-on-year decrease of 22%, a month-on-month increase of + 24%, and net profit attributable to mothers is -0.

53 trillion, a year-on-year decrease of 2.

5x / 1.

5x, partly due to the decline in fair value and net investment income in the second quarter.

Comments: 1) 1H19 comprehensive gross profit margin declined.

5ppt to 16.

6%, the second quarter of 19 comprehensive gross profit margin 17.

2%, down by 1 every year.

8ppt, an increase of 1 from the previous month.


In terms of market, the new average domestic price of hafnium oxide in 1H19 was 30.

50,000 tons / ton, down 9% every year, the average price in the second quarter of 19 was 30.

50,000 / ton, a year-on-year decrease of 8% and a month-on-month decrease of 0.


2) 1H19 fair value and net investment income are 1.

3 ‰, increasing by 1 every year.

5x, mainly from the connection of floating wealth management products in the first quarter.

48 ppm (mainly fair value book value).

3) 1H19 management expenses decreased by 8.

4% or 6.8 million yuan, mainly due to the annual reduction in expenses, sales expenses decreased by 32% or 7.03 million yuan each year, mainly due to the decline in patent fees and social security fees.

4) The effective tax rate for 1H19 increased by 11.

2ppt to 20.


5) Cash flow from operating activities for ten years +1.

6 ppm to 1.

US $ 1.5 billion, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of bank acceptance bills and the reduction in cash paid for product purchases.

Development Trend Rare earth prices are expected to remain 苏州桑拿网 high.

Since May of this year, Myanmar ‘s rare earth imports have been officially reduced, and domestic rare earth supplies are tightening. We expect rare earth prices to remain high in the second half of the year, with heavy rare earth prices supporting more than light rare earths.
The company completed this round of repurchase on June 11, with a cumulative purchase of 17.21 million shares, accounting for 1 of the total share capital.
74%, with a transaction price of 4.


22 yuan / share, pay 1.

10,000 yuan.

Earnings forecasts and estimates We maintain our 2019/2020 earnings forecasts of zero.


13 yuan unchanged.

The current contradiction corresponds to 2019/20201.

7 times / 1.

7 times P / B ratio.

Maintain Neutral rating and 6.

Target price of 50 yuan, corresponding to 1.

4x 2019 P / B ratio and 1.

4 times the 2020 P / B ratio, 15 more recently included.

0% downside.

Risks Lower-than-expected downstream demand; rare earth prices fell more than expected.

[How to make noodles with _ how to make noodles with noodles]

[How to make noodles with _ how to make noodles with noodles]

The most important step in making your own noodles is to make noodles, because you can make delicious noodles with good noodles.

Knife noodles are a type of noodles that people are familiar with often. Knife noodles can also be made by yourself. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of noodles.

All the following steps can be performed after the cutting surface has been reconciled.

And the cut noodles often need to pay attention to technology and production methods.

It’s just that everyone’s production method should be different, so how does the noodles and _ knife noodles and noodles method?

The technical requirements for cutting face to face are strict. The ratio of water to face is correct. Generally, one pound of noodles, three or two pieces of water are beaten into noodles, kneaded into dough, covered with a damp cloth, and kneaded for half an hour.Until it is smooth, soft, and smooth.

If the kneading time is not enough, it is easy to stick the knife and break the bar when cutting. Most of the knives made across the country use the noodle making process of King Noodles. The resulting noodles are many, and the second is noodle strength.

In addition, the mystery of the knives is in knives.

Knives, generally do not use kitchen knives, have to be cut from specially made arcs.

Hold the kneaded dough in your left hand, hold the knife in your right hand, be smart with your wrist, level your output, and apply even force, facing the soup pot, 嚓, 嚓, 嚓, one knife at a time, peeling noodles, one leaf at a timeOne leaf, just like a meteor catching the moon, draws a curved white line in the air. The noodle leaves fall into the soup pot, the soup rolls and turns, and it looks like a silverfish playing in the water. It is a good-looking chef who can cut about two hundred knives per minute.The length of each leaf is exactly six inches.

Before eating, being able to visit the chef’s noodles is tantamount to enjoying an art performance.

Knife-cut noodles practice: 1. Mix noodles with cold water, add water little by little, stir with chopsticks while pouring water, and form snowflake flakes, knead together, and simmer for 30 minutes.

Note: The noodles must be a little bit harder. Knead the dough repeatedly and put it into dough 3. The water in the pot is wider. After boiling, support the dough with your left hand.

Hold the noodle cutter with your right hand and cut it into the boiling water pot 4 one by one along the outside of the dough. After boiling, point the cold water 5 once, and then remove 6 after boiling. Add the pre-made dumplings, and stir to eat.

Add a small amount of salt to the noodles to increase the energy of the noodles.

[How to make steamed rice in a bowl]_ making method _ how to make

[How to make steamed rice in a bowl]_ making method _ how to make

For most people, steamed rice is a staple food in many families, but we should pay attention to the technique of steaming rice in the cooking process. If the rice is not mastered, certain skills will cause the fire to be less than expected or the rice will be too hardThis situation is not conducive to our consumption, so we should have some understanding of steamed rice.

So, how to steam rice in a bowl?

What is practice like?

1. How to steam dry rice? The rice you want to eat is sticky, and you can add more water. If you like the rice to be loose, the water level is just over twice the rice level, otherwise it will be too hard.

Pour the water into the rice cooker, then take a wooden spoon of rice, stir the rice, wash it, and then drain the water.

In general, the amount of water is determined by the number of meters.

The ratio of water to rice is 1: 1, which is one bowl of rice and one bowl of water. If two bowls of rice, then put two bowls of water.

Take the bowl of Indian rice and print the water.

You can also use another method to determine the amount of water, no matter how many meters, as long as the water is slightly higher than rice anyway.

2cm (1.

2 centimeters), that is, about one finger, just squint with your eyes.

This comes entirely from experience, and everyone’s experience is different.

2. How much water do you put in rice? Generally, the ratio of rice to water is 1: 1 to 1: 1.

Between 5, the initial rice and water can be as much or slightly more water, and the maximum should not exceed 1: 1.


Depending on the specific situation, this time it is 1: 1 this time.

2. The rice is slightly dry. You can add more water next time.

Also if the rice is sticky, put less water next time.

If you do n’t have a specific measuring instrument, you can keep the water in the rice cooker less than 1 cm from the rice.

3. Which noodles and rice are fatter? Rice is fatter than noodles.

As far as rice and raw noodles of the same composition are concerned, the volume of noodles is less than that of rice, so eating rice for transformation introduces more and makes it easier to gain weight.

In addition, the protein content of noodles is slightly lower, in addition to that, it is easier to digest for rice.

When eating rice, you usually need to eat a lot of side dishes. Those dishes add a lot of seasonings, and there will be transformation, but eating noodles does not have so much demand for side dishes.

Therefore, eating noodles is not as easy as gaining weight with rice.

[Can crabs eat with durian]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboo

[Can crabs eat with durian]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboo

Crabs and durians cannot be eaten together, because crabs are cold foods, and durians are hot foods. Although the two are eaten together, although there is no chemical reaction, eating too much will increase the burden on the kidney.And patients with poor digestion cannot eat, so it is recommended that everyone should not eat durian while eating crabs.

You can learn about the disadvantages of eating crab and durian together.

Can durian and crab be eaten together? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that durian is hot and crab is cold. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it can be eaten together.

Suggestion: you can eat, but do n’t eat too much, it ‘s not good to eat too cold and hot things together, and durian and crab are high in protein, which will increase the burden on the kidneysDo not eat too much.

Crab is cold and durian is hot.

Do not eat durian too much at one time, or it will easily lead to dryness and heat, and its rich nutrients will cause “getting angry” due to the inability to fully absorb the stomach.

The method to eliminate hotness is to drink durian while eating durian or to eat fruits with more water to balance. Pears and watermelons are good choices.

However, durian’s best partner is the mangosteen known as the “Queen of Fruits”. Only it can easily subdue the anger of the “King of Fruits” and protect the body from damage.

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, durian is hot and stagnant. People with hot gas or cough, sore throat, sensitive trachea and diabetic patients are not suitable to eat more durian. Otherwise, it will worsen the condition and not benefit the body.

And durian should not be eaten with wine, so as not to cause the nature of the food to cause harm to the body.

Crabs are cold foods, while durians are hot foods, but they are not compatible, so it’s fine.

Durian’s nutritional value Durian is a treasure all over the body, and its nutshell boiled bone soup is a good tonic. It is said that the nutritive value and medicinal value of its core are even better.

Some senior officials will bring durian as a noble gift when visiting abroad.

There is a saying in Thailand: “Durian comes out and the sand cage is removed.”

This means that the girls would rather take off their skirts and sell them to eat a durian.

Durian is rich in protein and lipids, has a good nourishing effect on the body, and is a good source of nutrition for fruits.

Durian has a special smell. Different people feel differently. Some people think it smells like cat feces, and some people think it has a scent.

This smell of durian has appetizing and appetite-stimulating effects, and the supplementary fiber can also promote bowel movement.

Although durian is good, it should not be eaten at a time. Because of its rich nutrition, your stomach can’t fully absorb it, you will get angry.

If you eat more, you can eat a few mangosteens. Only the fruit queen can surrender the fruit king.

Durian Durian is the most famous in Dalian and is known as the “stewardess killer”.

It has a strong scent, lovers praise its fragrance, and those who hate it resent it, so hotels, trains, planes and public places are not allowed to bring in.

Huaian people especially like durian, and the degree is often attracted by its special fragrance. Huaian is popular with the sayings such as “classic sarong, buy durian, durian red, empty suitcase”, and “wife eat durian”.

[12 kinds of homemade tea, summer summer heat and dampness effect is good!

[12 kinds of homemade tea, summer summer heat and dampness effect is good!

How to get health tea in summer!

In this hot season, drinking tea can both relieve the heat and keep you healthy.

Below, I will introduce to you 12 summer health teas with many effects. Don’t miss it.

Summer health tea I, lotus seed heart tea lotus seed heart refers to the turquoise green germ in the middle of the lotus seed, which is extremely bitter, but has excellent antihypertensive and fat-removing effects.

Blend two grams of lotus seed heart with boiled water and mix it with the offspring tea. Drink it once a day in the morning and evening. In addition to lowering blood pressure, it also has the effects of clearing heat, soothe the nerves and strengthen the heart.

But lotus seeds have a bitter heart, and those with weak spleen and stomach should be careful.

Summer health tea II, mint tea, mint tea has the effect of clearing heat, and mint is also a good medicine for treating wind-heat and cold.

The specific method is to boil 2000 ml of water, add 10 grams of dry mint and some green tea, and soak, filter out the leaf residue to make mint tea, which can be added with sugar.

When you have a cold in summer, you can fry it with 20 grams of fresh mint.