[How to cook rabbit meat?】 _Production method_Practice Daquan

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[Breakfast practice]_Authentic practice_How to eat well

[Breakfast practice]_Authentic practice_How to eat well

For southerners, eating sausage powder for breakfast is a very common thing.

But for the friends in the North, they may not know what is intestinal meal.

Today, we will introduce the practice of breakfast sausage powder, if you are interested, you can try it.

However, because the production of sausage powder is more complicated, I hope that everyone will do it after mastering a certain cooking skill, otherwise it is easy to fail.

Intestine flour, also called braised steamed intestine flour, is a kind of rice product, also known as pulled flour, rolled flour, pig intestine flour (because the intestine flour is shaped like a pig intestine). Cantonese-style intestine flour should be similar to northern cold skin.

Intestine powder is a very common snack in Guangzhou streets. Although few people make homemade intestine powder at home now, although we are not skilled enough, everything is everything, just for the classic deliciousness that has been precipitated by history.With respect and nostalgia.

Kitchen tools in ordinary households can also make tender and delicious sausage powder.

As long as you have a common steamer, cooking paper, cooking spatula, shredder, sieve and a smooth table, these are all you need.

The outer skin of the intestine flour is made by grinding rice into rice slurry and then processing. Therefore, the selection of rice is very important.

Rice for making intestinal flour must replace the indica rice in the south. This rice is a sticky substitute. After mixing with a small amount of salt, oil and water, the intestinal flour is very smooth.

There are many types of sausage powder. Add beef, eggs, pork, fish fillet, barbecued pork, churros and other main ingredients to the sausage powder, and then mix with other ingredients such as leek, mushroom, kelp, white fungus and lettuce, etc.Into different flavors of sausage powder.

Or put nothing at all, and it is Su Zhai Chang.

After the intestine powder is prepared, the soy sauce topped with it is also very particular. It must be made with good raw soy sauce, plus rock sugar, oil, chicken essence and appropriate amount of water.Eat smooth sausage powder.

Refining-making intestinal flour and taking indica rice (200g), elutriating it with running water, adding enough cold water, and soaking at room temperature for 12 hours.

Add the soaked indica rice to the crusher, and then add the same proportion of cold water to beat the indica rice into a uniform rice slurry.

Filter the smashed rice slurry with a finer screen to filter out the indica rice dregs that are bound to the particles in the rice slurry.

Add the filtered indica rice dregs to the crusher again, add an appropriate amount of cold water and continue to beat until all the indica rice dregs are made into a fine rice slurry.

Allow the finished rice milk to stand for about 30 minutes. After the rice milk has completely settled, drain all the clear cold water from the upper layer.

Then add salt (1g), oil (10ml) and cold water (400?
500ml), the amount of water to be added should be quantitatively determined according to the viscosity of indica rice. A small amount can be added first. If the sausage powder made is sticky and waxy, then the amount of cold water should be appropriately increased), and thoroughly mixed to make the sausage powder.Even if the rice milk is ready.

To make intestinal flour fillings, medium-sized fresh shrimp (100g), use toothpicks to insert from the shrimp forward to the middle, pick out the shrimp line, rinse with running water and cut into small pieces.

(When making beef and pork sausage powder, first cut the meat into small pieces or chopped into minced meat, and then add the right amount of rice wine, soy sauce, oil, chicken essence, salt, pepper and white sugar, etc.material.
) Wash the shiitake mushrooms, cut off the roots, and cut into thin filaments.

Put the shrimp and shiitake shredded into a small bowl, add Cantonese rice wine (5ml), salt (1g) and white pepper powder (1g), mix well to make a fresh shrimp sausage stuffing.

Tear glass lettuce (100g) into thin slices, rinse and drain.

The dipping sauce for preparing sausage powder can take an appropriate amount of dried shiitake mushrooms, soak them in warm water for about 20 minutes, and then remove the shiitake mushrooms. After the sediment in the water has settled, the water in the bowl is decanted to obtain the soy sauce.Needed mushroom water.

Add oil (30ml), raw soy sauce (150ml), old soy sauce (20ml), mushroom water (80ml) and rock sugar (50g) in a wok.

After boiling over high heat, turn to low heat and thoroughly cook the rock sugar until it melts. Then add chicken essence in the pot, mix well, and mix with the intestine flour.

If you feel that homemade soy sauce is cumbersome, you can use steamed fish soy sauce sold in the market instead, which is more convenient and quick.

Steamed sausage powder is poured into a steamer with a large amount of hot water, and placed in a cage drawer at the top, covered with a lid and heated with high heat.

Prepare a piece of cooking paper slightly larger than the size of the cage drawer. After the water in the steamer has boiled, open the lid and place the cooking paper on the cage drawer.

In addition to cooking paper, you can also use a smaller, tight, clean cotton cloth to steam the sausage powder, but the cotton cloth is slightly softer and the surface is slightly rougher than the cooking paper, which makes it difficult to penetrate when scraping the sausage powder.

And before steaming the next piece of intestines, rinse with water for several times.

Stir the prepared rice milk with a spoon for a few times so that the rice milk precipitated at the bottom of the container can be thoroughly mixed with water.

Pour the rice milk onto the cooking paper.

(The amount of rice milk should be flexibly controlled according to the size of the cage drawer. The thickness of the steamed intestinal flour is about 2mm. You can try each time repeatedly to control the amount of rice milk poured each time.

) Then use a spoon to push the rice milk on the cooking paper evenly to make the rice milk a uniform circle.

Quickly take some prepared prawn fillings and sprinkle them in a zigzag pattern on the rice milk. Then place 1 glass lettuce leaf on top.
Immediately cover the pot lid, it only takes about 3 minutes to steam. When steaming, you must use a high fire, so the sausage powder will be smooth and smooth, and the steaming time must not be too long, otherwiseThe taste will become sticky and lose the characteristics of intestinal flour.
Take a small amount of oil during this period and spread it evenly on a clean table.

Most of the kitchen countertops are made of artificial marble. The surface is smooth and smooth. It is a very good choice for making sausage powder as a smooth table top.

It’s time to open the lid and the rice milk has become a transparent noodle.

Squeeze the insert of cooking paper with your hand, lift the sausage powder, scoop out the steamer, place the paper on the table, hold it with one hand and lift it gently, and use the spatula blade to lift the edge of the sausage powder toward the other hand.Scratch before.

This type of intestinal meal will be “collapsed” on the table top, and the double-folded intestinal meal will be wrapped in the middle with a distillation shovel to wrap the shrimp stuffing into a roll.

Cut the two ends of the intestine noodles neatly with a frying shovel, and then cut it into two sections.

Shovel the prepared sausage powder into a pan and drizzle with soy sauce.

The sausage powder must be eaten and prepared so that you can fully appreciate the softness and deliciousness of the sausage powder.

[Can pregnant women drink orange peel water]_Orange peel_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women drink orange peel water]_Orange peel_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Orange peel is a very cheap ingredient that can be eaten in a variety of ways and can treat many diseases.

In addition, orange peels are rich in vitamin c. Women who use orange peels to drink water during pregnancy will have many benefits, which is also good for high blood pressure health.

First, can pregnant women drink orange peel water? Pregnant women drinking orange peel water can supplement a variety of nutritional components, which are beneficial to the growth and development of pregnant women and their fetuses.

Orange peel contains a large amount of vitamin C and essential oils. If you drink it with tea, you can also drink it alone. Its flavor is fragrant, refreshing and breathable.

Orange peel has functions of regulating qi and phlegm, strengthening stomach and dehumidifying, lowering blood pressure, etc., and is a very good Chinese herbal medicine.

Second, orange peel is called Chenpi in traditional Chinese medicine. It is better to use stale ones. It has the effect of warming pain, qi, and phlegm. Generally speaking, it is best to use qi less in pregnant women, especially during early pregnancy.Suggestions on medicine: It is generally not recommended to use during pregnancy. If you feel abdominal distension and sputum, you can eat a small amount. This is relatively peaceful. The orange peel has good soaking water, and pregnant women can drink it.

But it is best not to drink, because there are many illegal businessmen and farmers who use a lot of pesticides in pursuit of economic benefits, so the orange peel may contain pesticide residues. Since you are pregnant, it is better to be careful about your diet.

Suggestions: Because oranges often suffer from insect pests during the growth process, fruit farmers often spray them with drugs, which makes a lot of toxins stick to the orange peel, which is difficult to disappear and cannot be washed away.

If it is used as tea, it is very harmful, it can cause nausea and vomiting, and it can be fatal in others.

In addition, in the process of orange circulation, in order to keep fresh, soaked or bleached with freshness-preserving agents. Although this keeps the orange tart fresh, the orange peel is seriously polluted and contaminated with many toxins.

Therefore, do not add orange peel water directly.

Fourth, pregnant women can drink Chenpi bubble water, just pay attention to hygiene, try to drink warm.

Suggestions: It is recommended to take more rest during pregnancy, maintain a comfortable mood, and diversify your diet to ensure that you need the nutrients you need every day. You can go out for a walk and bask in the sun to keep the perineum clean and dry., Spicy and irritating food, avoid alcohol, strong tea, coffee and other irritating drinks, and avoid avoiding cigarettes, toxic substances, radiation and other factors that are harmful to growth and development.

If there is inconsistency, seek medical attention in a timely manner.

Fire Communication (600498): Semi-annual report results under pressure in the second half to meet intensive catalysis

Fire Communication (600498): Semi-annual report results under pressure in the second half to meet intensive catalysis

Highlights of the report Event description On August 28, 2019, the company released the 2019 semi-annual report.

From January to June 2019, the company achieved revenue of 119.

85 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

07%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

28 ppm, with a ten-year average of 8.


Event commentary The company’s performance in the first half of 2018 accounted for about 55%, and the second half of the year accounted for about 45%, showing a high trend and a low trend.

In contrast to the industry investment situation in 2019, China Mobile’s investment transmission in the first half of 2019 completed 225 billion, accounting for 46% of the transfer transmission investment plan, showing a low trend and a high trend.

In the first half of the year, the company’s mismatch with the industry rhythm put tremendous pressure on the performance of the first half of the year.

With the increase of investment in transmission network in the second half of the year, the inversion of industry investment and company performance is expected to be corrected.

The expansion of fiber optic cables and transmission equipment business reduced the overall gross profit margin.

73 pct, under pressure in the first half of the year: net profit attributable to the mother in the second quarter alone2.

61 ‰, 20 years ago.


Optical fiber and cable: The company won the first allocation in China Mobile’s 2019 optical cable tender at the beginning of the year22.

58%, the sales volume still increased in the first half of the year, but due to the sharp decline in the price of centralized procurement, the company’s fiber optic cables and optical rod shares of the company’s net profit is still obvious.

Transmission equipment: Affected by the investment income of the 4G transmission market, the company’s high gross margin 4G transmission equipment revenue has declined. At present, most of the 5G transmission equipment is mainly borrowed, and revenue has not been confirmed, which has dragged down the first half of the performance.

Mars Sky: Net profit for the first half of the year 1.

920,000 yuan, an increase of 251 in ten years.

47%, surpassing market expectations, and the security market leader is 深圳桑拿网 additionally solid.

Significant improvements in expense management, R & D investment increased, and inventory turnover efficiency continued to improve: sales, management, and financial expenses decreased by 11 in the first half of the year.

12%, 11.

66%, 70.


The company is actively preparing for 5G, and R & D costs have increased by 13.


In addition, the company has continuously strengthened its stock preparation management, and the book value of the issued commodities in the first half of the year has decreased by 25 each year.

58%, inventory turnover efficiency continued to improve.

The 5G transmission bid is about to open, and the company’s convertible bonds are about to land. The industry’s high prosperity resonates with the company: China Mobile’s 5G transmission bidding will be released first in the near future.

In addition, the company is expected to obtain a formal approval for convertible bonds in the near future.

A new round of bidding for 5G transmission opened up the company’s space, and the transfer of debt to the ground wiped out the company and gradually suppressed the haze. The industry’s high prosperity and the company resonated.

Investment suggestion: The 5G industry’s high-boom cycle is about to begin, and the company will re-enter the rapid growth phase (transmission + overseas + ICT equipment) in the next 3 years.

Net profit is expected to be 10 in 19-21.

09 billion, 12.

6.1 billion, 16.

3.9 billion.

The current estimate is at the bottom and the value of the configuration is prominent. We continue to recommend it.

Risk Warning: 1. 5G commercial construction is less than expected; 2.

Fiber optic cable industry cycle impact.

Beijing Urban Construction (600266): Superior integration of resources for urban construction and housing

Beijing Urban Construction (600266): Superior integration of resources for urban construction and housing

Core Views Beijing Urban Construction Group’s official website disclosed that on the morning of November 7, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government reorganized the merger and reorganization of four municipal management enterprises, announcing the implementation of the merger and reorganization of Urban Construction Group and Zhuozhu Group, and the free transfer of state-owned assets of Beijing Zhuozhu Group.Transferred to Beijing Urban Construction Group.

Beijing Urban Construction, as a listed platform that undertakes the Group’s primary and secondary development, and a pioneer enterprise in Beijing’s shed reform, gradually integrates and undertakes total high-quality resources, and strengthens the primary and secondary development market resource endowment.

Increase EPS for 2019-2021 to 1.

02, 1.


27 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

  The first-level development resources are abundant, and the consolidation of Beijing’s interior shed reform leader district. Beijing Zhuhai General Group was established in 1992 and is one of the construction leaders of the Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

There are 8 first-level development projects in 2019Q1 (mainly located in Beijing and Tianjin), involving a reconstruction area of about 39.9 million square meters. The planned total investment is 132.6 billion yuan, the investment has been completed 45.7 billion yuan, and the income has been gradually realized., Gross profit 9.

5 billion.

Beijing Urban Construction is a listed company that undertakes the first- and second-tier development of the group and a pioneer enterprise in Beijing’s shed reform. There are 8 hand-shed renovation projects in 2019H1 with a total construction area of 6.88 million square meters and a planned total investment of 1034 megabytes. It is expected to be integrated after the reconstruction is completed.We will consolidate high-quality resources, consolidate the leading zoning reform in Beijing, and contribute to stable income while activating the linkage space.

  Beijing-Tianjin secondary development is expected to be the icing on the cake. In total, land development business is mainly Beijing affordable housing and commercial housing, which are mainly located in Beijing and Tianjin. In 2018, the land business achieved revenue of 12.9 billion (guaranteed housing 22).

500 million + commercial housing 106.

100 million), previously +66.

4%, sales of commercial real estate achieved 77.

600 million, +76 a year.


As of the first quarter of 2019, the total construction area of residential housing under construction was 125.

10,000 square meters, the total construction area of commercial housing under construction is 119.

40,000 square meters, commercial housing land reserve 73.

70,000 flat.

At the end of 2018, Beijing’s unfinished construction project reserves of about 4.5 million square meters. The integration of the group brought the company’s resources in the Beijing-Tianjin area to integrate resources.

  Equity investment has driven high growth, and investment and expansion efforts have increased. The revenue for the first three quarters of Beijing’s urban construction revenue was +38.

8% to 106.

600 million, net profit attributable to mother + 168 for ten years.

0% to 18.

The increase in performance was attributable to the increase in the carry-over of development business and the recognition of the revenue from the Huairou shed reform project.

800 million fair value change income, holding the listed company’s stock equity method to calculate investment income8.

4 billion.

The first three 杭州桑拿 quarters of development business achieved sales area of 49.

30,000 flats, -9 a year.

4%; realized sales amount of 100.

200 million, previously +9.

4%; supplementary soil storage 45.

50,000 square meters, +96 a year.


The company’s investment in investment has been strengthened, and the company’s sales are expected to continue to grow steadily.

  Primary and secondary development + diversification of equity investment, maintaining the “overweight” rating company’s third quarterly report is expected to continue growing growth, long-term net profit is expected to continue, we expect that the high growth in equity distribution investment will continue, and increase the return to motherhood in 2019-2021.Net profit to 19.

2, 21.7, 23.

900 million (previous value was 15.

4, 18.

0, 21.

1), corresponding EPS is 1.

02, 1.


27 yuan.

  Refer to comparable companies for July 2019.

2 times PE estimate, we believe that after the reorganization is completed, the company’s first- and second-level resource endowment advantages will gradually develop and grow in the regional market, with growth expectations and a 2019 PE valuation of 8.


5 times, target price 8.


69 yuan (previous value was 10.


76 yuan), maintaining the “overweight” level.

  Risk reminders: The scale of first-tier cities is strict; the first-level development and shed reforms increase the pressure on the capital chain; changes in the fair value of financial assets lead to increased performance; group reorganization and resource integration are uncertain.

South Korea’s new crown virus infections increase by an additional 334

South Korea’s new crown virus infections increase by an additional 334
Xinhua News Agency, Seoul, February 27th (Reporter Lu Rui Geng Xuepeng) The latest statistics released by the South Korean Disease Management Headquarters on the 27th show that from 6:00 on the 26th to 9:00 on the 27th, local time, 334 new cases of coronavirus infection were added in South Korea.The South Korean parliament has revised relevant laws on the 26th to strengthen prevention and control measures.  At present, the number of confirmed cases in South Korea has gradually increased to 1595, with 12 deaths, 24 confirmed cases cured and released.  Of the newly diagnosed patients, 307 occurred in Daegu, and the rest were scattered in Seoul, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and Gyeonghang-do.The diagnosed patients in Daegu are mainly related to a local church.Due to the large number of people infected, Daegu City and Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do have been designated as special infectious disease management areas by the Korean government on the 21st.  South Korea ‘s Central Accident Handling Division ‘s copy director, Kim Gang-li, said at a press conference on the 27th that most of the sampling and inspection work for 1,299 people who had symptoms of cough and fever in the church in Daegu had ended on the 26th.All results are reopened for two or three sessions.  King Kongli said that in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and protect the health of vulnerable groups, the government proposed to temporarily close 14 types of social welfare facilities across the country from February 28 to March 8, including nursing homes and welfare centers for the disabled.  In addition, the South Korea-US Joint Command confirmed on the 27th that due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, South Korea and the United States decided to redefine the original joint military exercise of ancient antiques.  A meeting of the South Korean Parliament on the 26th passed amendments to three bills to further strengthen measures to prevent and control the epidemic.The amended “Infectious Disease Prevention and Management Law” adds the 深圳桑拿网 definition of suspected patients of infectious diseases, and provides a basis for strengthening the self-isolation of suspected patients at home or at designated facilities.The revised “Quarantine Law” stipulates that a basic plan for quarantine management shall be formulated every five years.The revised “Medical Law” provides a basis for more thorough management of internal infections in medical institutions and strengthen monitoring of infections in medical institutions.  South Korea’s Minister of Health and Welfare Park Linghou said that the amendments to the three bills will help reorganize the quarantine system and improve the necessary measures to respond to infectious diseases, and will use this as an opportunity to improve the ability to prevent and control infectious diseases. Original title: South Korea ‘s new crown virus infection cases increase 334 cases

Cosco Ocean Energy (600026): Announcement of extension of pre-increasing announcement for four quarters; concern about the impact of Sino-US economic and trade negotiations

Cosco Ocean Energy (600026): Announcement of extension of pre-increasing announcement for four quarters; concern about the impact of Sino-US economic and trade negotiations

The 2019 profit is forecast to increase by 290 in ten years.

5% to 366.

7% of the company’s 2019 performance forecast: Net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 is expected to be RMB 4.

100 million to 4.

9 ‰, an increase of 290 per year.

5% to 366.


According to the announcement, the main reason for the increase in annual performance is due to the improvement in the supply and demand relationship of tanker transportation: the average daily revenue of the VLCC TD3C (Middle East-China) route was $ 39,387 / day, an increase of 109%.

The company has achieved net profit attributable to its mother in the first three quarters.

USD 8.3 billion, with a budget projection of an increase of RMB 1 in the fourth quarter.

7.3 billion to 0.

9.3 billion.

On September 25, the company ‘s wholly-owned subsidiary, Dalian Oil Transport, was included in the list of specially designated nationals and banned persons by the US Treasury Department ‘s Overseas Assets Control Office, resulting in gradually expected fourth quarter results (our forecasted earnings forecast has not yet occurred)Impact).

Points of Attention Oil shipping is basically oriented upwards, and the Sino-US economic and trade agreement is expected to bring benefits.

We are optimistic about the oil tanker segment in 2020-21: new ship delivery is expected to decrease year by year (68 VLCCs will be delivered in 2019, 5 will be delivered in 2020, and 37 and 26 to be delivered in 2020 and 2021, regardless of subsequent ordersThe next two years, VLCC new ship delivery will decrease by 38%, 38%).

On the demand side, we expect that US crude oil exports will continue to grow under the support of pipeline and terminal capacity growth.

China and the United States agreed in the first phase of the economic and trade agreement in the next two years that China ‘s newly purchased energy from the United States (based on 2017) will be US $ 52.4 billion (2020, 21, respectively, US $ 18.5 and 33.9 billion).Will be an important part.

Follow up on 武汉夜网论坛 the incident when subsidiaries are included in the list of specially designated nationals and proscribed persons.

After the incident on September 25, the company launched countermeasures.

On October 24, Dalian Oil Transport transferred 50% of its shares in CLNG to a listed company, so that CLNG is no longer a joint venture of Dalian Oil Transport; after that, the US Treasury Department has successively re-acquired a general license and granted periodic approval.(K: announced on October 24, 2019, valid until December 20, 2019; K-1: announced on December 19, 2019, valid until February 4, 2020).

Considering that the Sino-US preliminary first-phase economic and trade agreement has eased relations, we recommend that we continue to observe relevant progress.

Estimates and recommendations Taking into account the company’s 南宁桑拿 forecast, we lowered our 2019 profit forecast by 61% to 4.

700 million, lowering the 2020 profit forecast by 35% to 15.

800 million, dating 2021 profit forecast22.

200 million yuan.

The current A shares correspond to 0 in 2020.

8x P / B ratio, we maintain outperform industry rating and target price 7.

RMB 76, corresponding to 1x P / B and 26% growth space in 2020; H shares correspond to 0 in 2020.

4x P / B, we maintain our Outperform rating and target price of 4.

8 Hong Kong dollars, corresponding to 0.

55 times 0 in 2020.

55 times PBR and 36% growth space.

Risk oil freight rates exceeded expectations, uncertainty in Sino-US economic and trade relations.

[Genital herpes symptoms]_ genital herpes _ performance _ characteristics

[Genital herpes symptoms]_ genital herpes _ performance _ characteristics

Herpes that appear on the reproductive organs are called genital herpes.

The emergence of genital herpes will pose a certain threat to the health of the reproductive organs.

However, if treatment can be performed at an early stage, the treatment time can be greatly shortened, so it is also very necessary to understand its symptoms.


Primary genital herpes Primary genital herpes is divided into primary genital herpes and non-primary primary genital herpes.

The former is the first infection with HSV, while the symptoms are primary genital herpes.

His condition is relatively serious.

Some patients had previous HSV-1 infection (mainly lips or facial herpes) and HSV-2 infection again. The first episode of genital herpes was non-primary genital herpes, and the condition was relatively mild.

(1) Incubation period 3?
14 days.

(2) There are clusters or scattered small blisters around the external genitals or anus, 2?
After 4 days of ulceration, erosion or ulceration was formed, and pain was conscious.

(3) Inguinal lymph nodes are often enlarged and tender.

(4) Patients may develop systemic symptoms such as fever, headache, and fatigue.

(5) Course 2?
3 weeks.


The recurrent genital herpes recurred after the primary skin lesions subsided. The recurrent genital herpes was milder than the primary systemic symptoms and skin lesions, and the course of the disease was worsened.

(1) There is a local burning sensation, acupuncture sensation or paresthesia before the onset of rash.

(2) Small blister clusters around the external genitals or anus, quickly ulcerated to form erosions or superficial ulcers, and the symptoms are mild.

(3) 7 course of disease?
10 days.

[Men and Women Sexual Life Postures]_Sexual Life Postures_Sexual Postures_Men and Women

[Men and Women Sexual Life Postures]_Sexual Life Postures_Sexual Postures_Men and Women

Sex life is a very necessary activity between husband and wife. In modern times, the postures of sex life are strange and varied, but these postures are also to increase the fun in sex life and bring couplesThe necessary spiritual communication can allow both parties to participate fully in this matter, and it is also a way to promote each other’s feelings.



The two-handed pose is actually a variation of the female upper and lower male position, which is just different from the traditional female upper position. This position requires that both men and women lie flat on the bed in opposite directions.Female body leans back.

When having sex in this position, the two sides can hold hands, so that the two people can fit closer, and at the same time ensure that the body will not shift during sexual intercourse.

This pose can better stimulate the G-spot of women, but it is also difficult for women.

In this position, the female legs cannot be forced, and the stability of the body is completely dependent on the strength of the grasping hands, and it is very easy to move the position.

In this position, the female leans back, and there is no stable fixing point. The penis can easily slip out of the vagina?


Women’s hanging style In fact, this pose reminds men and women of the swings often played when they were young, but the swing is sitting, and this pose requires the woman to hang in midair, and all the body weight is concentrated on both hands.

This pose took place in a film directed by the Indian-American legal director Bin Naren, also known as the “Lust Ring” movie. Men lay on the bed, and women wrapped a long piece of cloth around the pillars on the roof of the house.Short wooden stick.

Females are in a higher position on males. While having sex, they grasp the stick with both hands and slowly rotate the body 360 degrees, which is equivalent to turning the penis in the vagina.

This pose is quite difficult for women, not only to keep the body balanced, but also to slowly rotate the body to stimulate the penis.



Since ancient times, there have been many sexual positions for men and women, but the main thing is not this. It is the feeling between the two. It is best to change at will according to the feelings. Do n’t do something difficult but you ca n’t finish, Because this is likely to have potential harm, in fact, the most important thing is the relationship and communication between the two parties.

[How to make popcorn with cans]_Cans_How to make

[How to make popcorn with cans]_Cans_How to make

Delicious popcorn is a favorite of many people, and being able to eat popcorn at a party is a very happy thing.

Because the taste of popcorn is very delicious and sweet, it gives the population a scent.

Making popcorn yourself is also a very fun activity.

The method of making popcorn is very simple. There is no pressure to make even at home. There are many tools to replace. Let’s take a look at how to make popcorn with a can.

Cans ca n’t be popcorn. Popcorn requires high temperature and pressure. It can be made in a microwave oven. Popcorn (popcorn), a puffed food, is expanded by corn under high temperature.

Popular with young people, it can be used as a daily snack and can be eaten in movies.

There are many unexpected changes to popcorn, traditionally salted and melted butter, or wrapped in sweet caramel, and a perfect combination with Gorgen Jule cheese.

Popcorn is an amazing snack to drink. You can use awesome recipes to make fun snacks at your children’s birthday party.

There are three types of popcorn, one is corn.

The second is rice, and the third is millet.

It’s made from corn, ghee and sugar in a popcorn machine.

The principle of popcorn popcorn: take an appropriate amount of corn (or rice) into the popcorn pot, seal the top cover, and then place the popcorn pot on the stove to keep it heated evenly, then you can explode the deliciousRice flowers come.

This is during the heating process, the temperature in the pot is constantly rising, and the pressure of the gas in the pot is also increasing.

When the temperature rises to a certain level, the rice grains will gradually soften, and most of the water in the rice grains becomes water vapor.

Due to the high temperature, the pressure of the water vapor is very large, causing the softened rice grains to swell.

But at this time, the pressure inside and outside the rice grains is balanced, so the rice grains will not burst in the pot.

When the pressure in the pot rises to 4-5 atmospheres, the lid of the popcorn pot is suddenly opened, the gas in the pot expands rapidly, and the pressure is quickly converted.Expansion, instant burst of rice, that is, popcorn.