[Genital herpes symptoms]_ genital herpes _ performance _ characteristics

[Genital herpes symptoms]_ genital herpes _ performance _ characteristics

Herpes that appear on the reproductive organs are called genital herpes.

The emergence of genital herpes will pose a certain threat to the health of the reproductive organs.

However, if treatment can be performed at an early stage, the treatment time can be greatly shortened, so it is also very necessary to understand its symptoms.


Primary genital herpes Primary genital herpes is divided into primary genital herpes and non-primary primary genital herpes.

The former is the first infection with HSV, while the symptoms are primary genital herpes.

His condition is relatively serious.

Some patients had previous HSV-1 infection (mainly lips or facial herpes) and HSV-2 infection again. The first episode of genital herpes was non-primary genital herpes, and the condition was relatively mild.

(1) Incubation period 3?
14 days.

(2) There are clusters or scattered small blisters around the external genitals or anus, 2?
After 4 days of ulceration, erosion or ulceration was formed, and pain was conscious.

(3) Inguinal lymph nodes are often enlarged and tender.

(4) Patients may develop systemic symptoms such as fever, headache, and fatigue.

(5) Course 2?
3 weeks.


The recurrent genital herpes recurred after the primary skin lesions subsided. The recurrent genital herpes was milder than the primary systemic symptoms and skin lesions, and the course of the disease was worsened.

(1) There is a local burning sensation, acupuncture sensation or paresthesia before the onset of rash.

(2) Small blister clusters around the external genitals or anus, quickly ulcerated to form erosions or superficial ulcers, and the symptoms are mild.

(3) 7 course of disease?
10 days.

[Men and Women Sexual Life Postures]_Sexual Life Postures_Sexual Postures_Men and Women

[Men and Women Sexual Life Postures]_Sexual Life Postures_Sexual Postures_Men and Women

Sex life is a very necessary activity between husband and wife. In modern times, the postures of sex life are strange and varied, but these postures are also to increase the fun in sex life and bring couplesThe necessary spiritual communication can allow both parties to participate fully in this matter, and it is also a way to promote each other’s feelings.



The two-handed pose is actually a variation of the female upper and lower male position, which is just different from the traditional female upper position. This position requires that both men and women lie flat on the bed in opposite directions.Female body leans back.

When having sex in this position, the two sides can hold hands, so that the two people can fit closer, and at the same time ensure that the body will not shift during sexual intercourse.

This pose can better stimulate the G-spot of women, but it is also difficult for women.

In this position, the female legs cannot be forced, and the stability of the body is completely dependent on the strength of the grasping hands, and it is very easy to move the position.

In this position, the female leans back, and there is no stable fixing point. The penis can easily slip out of the vagina?


Women’s hanging style In fact, this pose reminds men and women of the swings often played when they were young, but the swing is sitting, and this pose requires the woman to hang in midair, and all the body weight is concentrated on both hands.

This pose took place in a film directed by the Indian-American legal director Bin Naren, also known as the “Lust Ring” movie. Men lay on the bed, and women wrapped a long piece of cloth around the pillars on the roof of the house.Short wooden stick.

Females are in a higher position on males. While having sex, they grasp the stick with both hands and slowly rotate the body 360 degrees, which is equivalent to turning the penis in the vagina.

This pose is quite difficult for women, not only to keep the body balanced, but also to slowly rotate the body to stimulate the penis.



Since ancient times, there have been many sexual positions for men and women, but the main thing is not this. It is the feeling between the two. It is best to change at will according to the feelings. Do n’t do something difficult but you ca n’t finish, Because this is likely to have potential harm, in fact, the most important thing is the relationship and communication between the two parties.

[How to make popcorn with cans]_Cans_How to make

[How to make popcorn with cans]_Cans_How to make

Delicious popcorn is a favorite of many people, and being able to eat popcorn at a party is a very happy thing.

Because the taste of popcorn is very delicious and sweet, it gives the population a scent.

Making popcorn yourself is also a very fun activity.

The method of making popcorn is very simple. There is no pressure to make even at home. There are many tools to replace. Let’s take a look at how to make popcorn with a can.

Cans ca n’t be popcorn. Popcorn requires high temperature and pressure. It can be made in a microwave oven. Popcorn (popcorn), a puffed food, is expanded by corn under high temperature.

Popular with young people, it can be used as a daily snack and can be eaten in movies.

There are many unexpected changes to popcorn, traditionally salted and melted butter, or wrapped in sweet caramel, and a perfect combination with Gorgen Jule cheese.

Popcorn is an amazing snack to drink. You can use awesome recipes to make fun snacks at your children’s birthday party.

There are three types of popcorn, one is corn.

The second is rice, and the third is millet.

It’s made from corn, ghee and sugar in a popcorn machine.

The principle of popcorn popcorn: take an appropriate amount of corn (or rice) into the popcorn pot, seal the top cover, and then place the popcorn pot on the stove to keep it heated evenly, then you can explode the deliciousRice flowers come.

This is during the heating process, the temperature in the pot is constantly rising, and the pressure of the gas in the pot is also increasing.

When the temperature rises to a certain level, the rice grains will gradually soften, and most of the water in the rice grains becomes water vapor.

Due to the high temperature, the pressure of the water vapor is very large, causing the softened rice grains to swell.

But at this time, the pressure inside and outside the rice grains is balanced, so the rice grains will not burst in the pot.

When the pressure in the pot rises to 4-5 atmospheres, the lid of the popcorn pot is suddenly opened, the gas in the pot expands rapidly, and the pressure is quickly converted.Expansion, instant burst of rice, that is, popcorn.

[DIY twist method]_DIY twist method _DIY twist method Daquan_DIY twist

[DIY twist method]_DIY twist method _DIY twist method Daquan_DIY twist

As long as you live, you have to eat.

And if you want to live longer, you have to eat better.

In order to eat better, you must first get rid of the bad habit of eating takeaway.

Every day in the future, it is best to cook for yourself.

If you don’t, now I will teach you the practice of DIY twist.


Boil vegetable oil first and let cool.

Then add flour, baking soda, and water to the medium flour, and knead the dough with cold oil.

After waking up for 30 minutes, it was divided into small doses of about 8 grams.

Cover each plastic container with plastic wrap 4.

After waking up for 5 minutes, knead for another 5 minutes.

Roll the small noodles into 40 cm long strips 6.

Fold the sides in half.

Rotate 8.

Roll into twist shape 9.

Put it on the case panel and arrange 10 in order.

Then pour it into a golden yellow 11 in a frying pan.

Look at the oil in the pan.

Save it. Food fills our lives every day, and the health of food is closely related to our lives.

After reading the introduction of DIY twist, you really should learn by yourself and try.

In this way, you can eat happily, rest assured, and you can harvest healthy physiology.

[Microwave Roasted Beef Jerky]_ Production Method _ Practice Guide

[Microwave Roasted Beef Jerky]_ Production Method _ Practice Guide

Microwave ovens have many functions. They can be used to heat dishes and make many baked foods.

For example, some people bake bread in the oven, and microwave ovens can be used to roast beef jerky.

The beef jerky roasted in the microwave oven is much cleaner than the charcoal grill. It does not have too much carbon smell, and it will not be grilled because of the poor control of the heat.

Let ‘s see how to make roast beef jerky in the microwave?

Beef jerky is a snack that many people like to eat. Today, I will teach everyone how to make homemade cumin beef jerky.

Method: 1. Buy beef without fat and gluten, clean it, cut it into large pieces, put it in a cold pot, add a few slices of onion and some cooking wine, boil over high heat and boil it with a chopstick.There was no blood, and the fire was turned off.

Take out the cut of beef, put it on a plate, and let it cool, slice along the lines of the meat.

Beef jerky is delicious, so cut it along.

Put soy sauce in the bowl, salt, sugar, allspice, garlic sauce, cumin powder, and dried red peppers, dried paprika, and stir together.

Mix the beef slices well, and the marinating time should not be too short, otherwise it will not taste, and it will be more than an hour.

2. Start roasting beef in the microwave.

First put a plate, maybe 10 or so.

First turn for 3 minutes, take a look, then use the chopsticks to turn the slices one by one, and then turn for 3 minutes. Alas, the microwave version of cumin beef jerky is done!

It’s easy!

For beef jerky, the choice of beef is not too elaborate. It is best to use beef shank with beef tendon. The beef jerky is more chewy.

Wash the beef and cut into about 1.

5 cm x 1.

A 5 cm block is about cut.

The marinade is made in the microwave version. Put the beef in the oven heating tool, add salt, chicken essence, curry powder, cumin powder, paprika, chili sauce, soy sauce, sugar, wine.

Stir and evenly, marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour to taste.

Then put it in a microwave oven and heat it on medium-high heat for 35 minutes.

During the heating process, take it out every 8-10 minutes and turn it around so that it is evenly heated until the beef is cooked.

Pour out the juice inside. Now you can add some cooked sesame seeds, mix it, continue to use medium-high heat, dry the beef, take it out every five minutes and turn it around, about 20 minutes, the beef can be roasted until it is soft and hard.

Take out the dried beef jerky and let it cool until the beef jerky is not hot.

Gan Jie’s beef jerky succeeded so simply.

Of course, in addition to this practice, there are many beef jerky.

Here is another one: first cook the beef with water and cooking wine, then cut into pieces or strips, pour oil and put some sugar in a wok.

After the sugar melts, pour the beef into the pan and fry (the color of the beef will be very beautiful at this time), until the color of all the beef changes, the beef comes out of the pan, filter the oil, add seasoning salt, chicken essence, curry powderFry together cumin powder, paprika, soy sauce, and sesame until all the seasonings are wrapped in the beef, and the beef jerky can be cooled out.

[What is the practice of children’s pineapple rice]_ kids _ how to make

[What is the practice of children’s pineapple rice]_ kids _ how to make

Children love to eat some weird things. Usually people usually eat rice. Babies generally don’t like to eat. If they make something that looks very attractive to the baby, they will like it very much.

And most children prefer to eat sweets.

Food like pineapple rice makes people look appetite, so parents can make pineapple rice for their children.

Here’s a recipe for children’s pineapple rice.

1 glutinous rice soaked for one hour (short soaking time, the steamed rice has poor viscosity), of course, the rice can also be used, and the taste is not as good as that of glutinous rice.Two-thirds of it is a bowl, which can be used as a cover 3 to empty the pineapple meat. You can use a fruit knife to draw an oval edge on the pineapple cut surface, and then draw a grid in the circle. It is more convenient to dig pineapple meat.In 4, the minced pineapple meat is chopped and steamed, and the glutinous rice is mixed well. You can add sugar or honey, raisins, and wolfberry. 5 Put the mixed pineapple and rice into a pineapple bowl and steam for about 20 minutes.Precautions for glutinous rice must be soaked to remove the time smoked sausage pineapple rice ingredients: a box of cold rice, two green shell duck eggs, one piece of Taiwan pineapple, Harbin smoked sausage half root, tomato one, carrot half, green pepper half, One garlic, half a bowl of olive oil, and three small spoons of salt.

How to make smoked sausage and pineapple rice is delicious: refrigerate the rice in the refrigerator for one night in advance to make the rice not too sticky and clear.

2. Beat two green-shelled duck eggs, stir and stir well, and change the quantity according to personal preference.

The reason for using duck eggs instead of eggs is that summer is here. The eggs are hot, and the cold duck eggs can relieve the heat and make fried rice difficult to get angry.

3. Take a slice of Taiwan pineapple and cut it into cubes close to the cube. You can cut it a bit larger so that it will taste more juicy.

Using pineapple will make the fried rice richer in flavor and sweeter, while the advantage of pineapple is that it is harder, so it is not easy to fry.

Pineapple is recommended to be cut last, as this will preserve the freshness of the fruit.

4. Take a short section of smoked sausage and cut into small cubes that are close to a cube.

Maybe this is a material not commonly used in pineapple rice, but smoked sausage can relieve the astringency of pineapple itself, and it will have the effect of putting bacon.

5. Take a tomato and cut it into cubes.

Later, I found out that there is no need to tangle the shape, because it is in the rice, but the secret is to be small before it can be fried.

6, take a small half of carrots, cut into small cubes close to the cube.

Take green peppers and cut them into small pieces.

Take a piece of garlic and cut into pieces.

Here carrots are mainly blended because they are not easily deformed and discolored.

Green pepper and garlic are depigmented in order to add their own specific aromas.

7. Put the prepared materials aside, hang the apron, open the cooker hood, and prepare to fry the rice.