[Chaoshan Beef Balls]_Chaoshan Beef Balls_How to_Practice

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[How to cook frozen dumplings]_How to make_How to make

[How to cook frozen dumplings]_How to make_How to make

During the Lantern Festival, every family will eat dumplings, which has been a traditional custom in China for thousands of years.

Dumplings are very rich in nutrients, and contain a lot of iron, substances that are beneficial to the human body, and also contain riboflavin and other nutrients.

It is said that eating the Lantern Festival in the Lantern Festival represents the happiness of the family and a happy reunion.

The dumplings bought from the supermarket are generally quick-frozen, and it is easy to stick to the pan when cooking. How can we cook this kind of frozen dumplings?

First, how to cook frozen dumplings first boil the water, then put down the frozen dumplings and change to a low fire, it is better not to let the water boil.

If you see the water boil, add a bit of cold water.

Gently push the dumplings without stirring them, cook until the dumplings float on the water and eat.

Frozen dumplings don’t melt quickly after being taken out of the refrigerator. If there is ice on the dumplings, it is recommended to make them appropriate, otherwise the cooked dumplings will not taste well.

After the water in the pot has boiled, the dumplings will slowly float, and when the dumplings are almost floating, then use the spoon to push a few times. When the dumplings have risen to half of the original, you can turn off the fire and eat the dumplings.Benefit 1, moisturizing effect-moisturizing black sesame dumplings is the focus of skin maintenance, while black sesame dumplings are smooth, elastic, sweet and moderate, rich in flavor, and have the benefits of liver, blood and hair.

Black sesame dumplings can improve rough skin.

Consuming sesame regularly can keep the skin soft, smooth and shiny.

2, edema slimming effect-red bean dumplings refined processing of red bean dumplings, smooth taste and soft, endless aftertaste.

In terms of nutritional value, red beans are rich in vitamins B, B2, proteins and various minerals. They have the functions of clearing heat, replenishing blood, diuretic, swelling, and promoting heart activation.

3. Relieve the stress and nourish the beauty-The wine brewing in the wine brewing dumplings uses the rice and wine koji. After 3?
Fermented at 5 ℃ for 4 days, it is silky, sweet and not sticky.

Stir the wine, heat it and add it to the boiled dumplings, and add the longan boiled with rock sugar beforehand to increase the effect of nourishing and nourishing, warming and decompression.

5, emollient anti-aging-pine kernel Jinsha “dry eating” dumplings salted egg yolks steamed and crushed, and paste, milk powder, sugar, custard powder, mix well is the sands material.

Add an appropriate amount of warm water to knead the glutinous rice noodles, then wrap them in golden sand filling and knead into dumplings.

Cooked dumplings are ready to use.

The pine nuts are slightly boiled in brine, peeled after frying, and the sweet potatoes are cut into thin filaments and fried into golden yellow filaments.

The dumplings are covered with pine nuts and golden sweet potato filaments. As for the bottom plate of lettuce, they can be garnished with parsley leaves and red pepper shreds.

Vitamin E in pine nuts is as high as 30%, which has a good effect on softening blood vessels and delaying aging. It is an ideal health food for middle-aged and elderly people and an ideal food for women’s skin and beauty.

[Drinking red bean barley porridge will you feel belly bloating]

[Drinking red bean barley porridge will you feel belly bloating]

Many people will try to cook red bean rice porridge, but some people report that the red bean rice porridge will swell after eating.

In this case, the first consideration is that the red beans are not cooked, and the stomach will have a twisted response after eating, and there will be some swelling.

In fact, if the red bean barley porridge is cooked, it will help digestion and will not cause swelling.

This article introduces this content, let’s take a look.

Do red bean rice porridge inflate? 1 Do you eat red bean rice porridge in general?

After cooking the red bean rice, a large amount of starch becomes starch dextrin, which is easy to digest and absorb. Therefore, the swelling of the red bean rice does not occur, but the red bean rice does not boil or the red beans are too much, which may cause swelling.Case.
Eating a certain kind of red bean rice porridge will swell. 2 The starchy structure of the uncured red bean and indica rice is very tight, so if it is not cooked, it will be difficult to be completely digested. A large number of uncured red beans and indica enter the interior and will appear.Indigestion such as bloating.

Too much adzuki beans There are some stachyose starch components in the red adzuki beans, which cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body, but will be broken down by metabolic bacteria to produce a large amount of gas.

Who eats red bean barley porridge will swell gas 3 People with poor digestive function and people with intestinal motility eat red bean barley rice easily swell gas.

1. People with poor digestive function will suffer from indigestion after eating some poorly cooked red bean barley porridge.

2. For people with insufficient intestinal motility, after eating red bean porridge, red bean porridge will be very continuous in series, so a large amount of stachyose will be decomposed by bacteria and a large amount of gas will be generated, which will cause the gas to expand.

How to eat red bean oatmeal porridge to swell gas 4 massage the abdomen how to appear after eating red bean oatmeal porridge to swell, you can intersect the palms, and massage the entire abdomen from the stomach counterclockwise, this can promote peristalsis and promote the exhaust of gas from the inside.

Drinking hot water Drinking some hot water can promote the metabolism of food in the digestive tract, help ventilation, and help digestion, so it also has the effect of alleviating inflation.

Eating Digestive Drugs If you experience indigestion in red bean barley porridge, you can consume some drugs that promote digestion, such as Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets.

[Chocolate Muffin’s Practice]_Homemade Chocolate Muffin’s Practice

[Chocolate Muffin’s Practice]_Homemade Chocolate Muffin’s Practice

A dish is prepared for a hundred people, and it will have a hundred flavors, which is mainly due to different practices.

But if the course of a dish is fixed, can you also make the chef taste?

Now, I will teach you how to make chocolate muffins.


1 Add the right amount of milk 2.

2 Stir brown sugar and eggs and corn oil 3

12 Stir into an even custard liquid 4.

21 Add the right amount of baking soda to the low powder 5.

Add an appropriate amount of baking powder 6.

Add cocoa powder to low powder 7.

Stir all powders 8 evenly.

Sift the powder sieve into the egg milk solution, cut and mix well.

Pour the batter into the mold and fill it with 7 minutes to reach 10.

The oven is preheated 180 degrees, the middle layer is heated up and down, and the chocolate muffin can be cooked for 12-15 minutes. It is really tempting. Every time I read this article, I want to do it myselfI don’t know what you think.

[Can you lose weight by eating corn]_Corn_Weight loss_How to lose weight

[Can you lose weight by eating corn]_Corn_Weight loss_How to lose weight

Corn is a common coarse grain. In fact, the nutritional value of corn is relatively high, and eating corn for a long time will not cause obesity. It has a certain weight loss effect and effect, because it can help to add a lot of fiber and produce a feeling of fullness.Reduce food intake.

1. Eating corn for a long time will not cause obesity. Corn contains a large amount of crude fiber and magnesium, which can promote the peristalsis of the turbine, accelerate the discharge of waste in the body, and help to lose weight.

Eating corn has many benefits to the body. Don’t worry about causing too much, but it is recommended that you eat a reasonable diet, do not eat too much, and eat it with vegetables and meat.

Don’t make food too simple.

Food to lose weight with exercise is the best.

In addition, you can drink water with corn whisker, which can help to lose weight.

You don’t have to eat a lot of corn.

Eating too much waxy corn is not good for digestion.

So pay attention.

2. Eating corn will definitely not make you fat, because corn is a coarse grain and contains a lot of cellulose, which can easily cause abdominal discomfort, and can prevent constipation. Corn is not easy to digest. Its starch stays in the stomach for a shorter time and is less prone to drought.The corn is rich in vitamin E and can be used for beauty. I think corn is the best food for beauty and weight loss.

3, corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium and lecithin, vitamin E, etc., all have the effect of reducing serum insulin, neither increase fat, but have the effect of weight loss.

Corn can be used as a tea substitute for soup or pulverized into corn flour and corn cakes.

The puffed popcorn is large in volume, which can eliminate the dry feeling of excessive people after eating, but the impurities after eating are very low, and it is also one of the substitutes for weight loss.

4. Corn soup has a diuretic effect, especially for edema obesity.

What is easy edema?

That is, when you wake up every day, you will feel that your feet, face, and body are swollen, that is, your metabolism is not good enough, and that you usually go to the toilet less often than ordinary people, so you are prone to edema.

[Can pumpkin be eaten with fungus]_ pumpkin _ wood fungus _ can you eat it

[Can pumpkin be eaten with fungus]_ pumpkin _ wood fungus _ can you eat it

Pumpkin and agaric are ingredients with very high nutritional value, which have many benefits to human health, and there is no grammar between these two foods, so you can eat them together without affecting the absorption of nutrients. The powerfulhealth benefits.

First, can pumpkin be eaten with fungus, food is not equivalent unless it is not cooked!

Second, pumpkin alias: wheat gourd, papaya, cape gourd, gourd, fu gourd, rice gourd, nest gourd, Chinese pumpkin taboo crowd: pumpkin temperate, hot stomach, full gas stagnation, damp and hot gas stagnation; At the same time suffer from athlete’s foot, jaundice, dampness of Qi and dampness disease.

Suitable crowd: the general population races.

Suitable for obese, diabetic and middle-aged and elderly people.

Third, the efficacy and role of pumpkin Chinese medicine believes that pumpkin is warm and sweet, into the spleen, stomach.

With Buzhong Yiqi, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, detoxification and insecticidal functions.

It can be used for qi deficiency and fatigue, intercostal neuralgia, obesity, dysentery, opiate detoxification, deworming worms, bronchial hypertension, diabetes, etc.


Prevent cancer and prevent cancer of the esophagus and stomach. It also has a certain effect on preventing colon cancer. At the same time, it can help restore liver and kidney function and enhance the regeneration capacity of liver and kidney cells.


Protect the gastric mucosa, promote bile secretion, increase rough food stimulus, strengthen the body’s peristalsis, and help food digestion.


It lowers blood sugar and blood pressure to regulate the balance of insulin and maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar. It is also an ideal diet food for obese people.


Prevention of lipids in pumpkin seeds of the prostate has good therapeutic and preventive effects on prostate urinary system diseases and prostate hyperplasia.


Eating pumpkin often can make the stool smooth, and the skin is beautiful, especially for women. It has a cosmetic effect. The famous minister of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Zhidong, suggested that Empress Dowager Cixi eat more pumpkins.


Pumpkin can also prevent stroke, because pumpkin contains a large amount of linseed oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and other glyceric acids, instead of good quality oils.

Fourth, the nutritional value of pumpkin 1.

Pumpkin contains vitamins and pectin. Pectin has good adsorption, which can replace and eliminate bacterial toxins and other harmful substances in the body, such as lead, mercury and reducing elements in heavy metals, and decompose toxic effects.


The pectin contained in pumpkin can also protect the gastrointestinal tract mucosa, which is basically a rough food stimulus, and promotes healing of the ulcer surface, which is suitable for patients with gastric disease.


Pumpkin is rich in cobalt and ranks first among all kinds of vegetables.

Cobalt can activate the body’s metabolism, promote hematopoietic function, and participate in the synthesis of vitamin B12 in the human body. It is a trace element necessary for human micro island cells.


The vitamin C contained in pumpkin prevents nitrate from turning into carcinogen nitrite in the digestive tract.

The mannitol contained in pumpkin reduces the harm to humans caused by toxins in feces.


Pumpkin can eliminate the mutation of carcinogen nitrosamine.

Has anti-cancer effect.


Pumpkin is rich in zinc and is involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in the human body. It is an inherent component of adrenal hormones and is an important substance for human growth and development.


Pumpkin contains a variety of amino acids required by the human body, including lysine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, and threonine.

In addition, the genotype of ascorbate oxidase in pumpkin is the same as that in tobacco, but the activity is significantly higher than that of tobacco, indicating that the content of immunoactive protein is higher in pumpkin.

The rich carotenoids in pumpkin can be converted into vitamin A with important physiological functions in the body, which has important physiological functions for the growth and differentiation of epithelial tissues, maintaining normal vision, and promoting bone development.

[Can I drink milk with durian-]_ Milk powder_Can I drink

[Can I drink milk with durian?

]_Milk powder_Can you drink it?

Durian is a very common fruit, but durian does not feel very good, because its taste is really unacceptable, and the taste can even make people smell like a vomit.

However, the nutritional value of durian is very high. Many friends like to eat it, even some elderly people and children can eat it.

So, can I drink milk with durian?

After eating durian, you can eat milk powder. Generally speaking, it has no effect. A small amount of fruit is not relevant, and it has been digested for two hours.

Note that the child should not eat too much durian, can feed the child normally, don’t be too worried, continue to observe what is the contraindication to eat durian 1. Cardio-cerebrovascular patients should not eat durian,Can cause blood vessel tension, severe burst blood vessels, stroke conditions occur, not suitable for consumption.

2. Obese people should not eat less, because durian contains higher conversion and sugar.

3, people with kidney disease and heart disease are not suitable for patients with kidney disease and patients with hypertension should not eat durian, because durian contains higher potassium.

4, skin diseases and throat diseases should not be combined with patients with skin diseases and laryngitis, asthma and bronchitis friends should not eat durian, eating will cause the disease to worsen.

5, hot gas quality should not be hot gas quality, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency constitution, durian sensitive person will eat durian will worsen the disease, not beneficial to the body, not suitable for consumption.

Drinking more water after eating durian, or eating a small amount of fruit with more points can also relieve dryness. Among them, pear and watermelon are good choices.

In addition, you can also drink some salt and add water to the socket of the durian shell to relieve the heat.

[Food with a high glycemic index]_How to eat_How to eat

[Food with a high glycemic index]_How to eat_How to eat

Try not to eat things that are too sweet, as this can lead to high blood sugar levels in the body.
Glycemic indexes are different at different time periods, so try to be fasting when measuring blood sugar.
Your diet needs special attention. Don’t eat snacks like cookies.
Eating more fruits is very good for your body.
It is not too late to drink hot water, not only to detox, but also to promote the absorption of nutrients.
The glycemic index is called the “glycemic index”, which refers to the area under the blood glucose time curve and the standard substance (generally glucose) produced by carbohydrate in a certain food under standard quantitative (usually 50 grams).The ratio of the area under the blood glucose time is then multiplied by 100, which reflects the speed and ability of a certain food to increase blood glucose compared to glucose.
It is an index reflecting the degree of increase of human blood glucose caused by food, and is the response status of blood glucose generation of human body after eating.
Types and structure of carbohydrates: monosaccharides have a higher glycemic index (GI) than polysaccharides; dietary fiber content: more content, which can slow digestion and absorption and reduce the GI of food; physical state of starch: the finer the grains of cereals, The higher the GI; the degree of gelatinization of starch: the higher the degree of gelatinization, the higher the GI; the content of fat and protein: an increase can reduce the gastric emptying rate and the digestion and absorption of the small intestine, and the GI is lower.
Salty crackers can raise blood sugar quickly, and its glycemic index is high; raw carrots slowly raise blood sugar, and its glycemic index is very low.
In low-index foods, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose molecules slowly, and the energy supply to the brain is relatively stable.
The high-fiber carbohydrate glycemic index is relatively low. For example, the fiber-rich black whole wheat bread has a low glycemic index, and the blood sugar rise will not be too severe.
We can add some meat or eggs to the bread, and a little olive oil. This lunch is delicious and at the same time it provides sufficient nutrients for the brain.
Different foods have different glycemic indexes, and the glycemic index of glucose is usually set to 100.
Glycemic index> 70 is a high glycemic index food. They enter the gastrointestinal tract and digest quickly, with a high absorption rate, fast conversion to glucose, and rapid rise in blood glucose; glycemic index <55 is a low glycemic index food. They are in the stomachThe intestinal dwell time is long, the absorption rate is low, the rate of conversion to glucose is slow, and the blood sugar rises slowly. The human body has enough time to mobilize the release and synthesis of insulin, so that blood sugar will not soar.

[Breakfast practice]_Authentic practice_How to eat well

[Breakfast practice]_Authentic practice_How to eat well

For southerners, eating sausage powder for breakfast is a very common thing.

But for the friends in the North, they may not know what is intestinal meal.

Today, we will introduce the practice of breakfast sausage powder, if you are interested, you can try it.

However, because the production of sausage powder is more complicated, I hope that everyone will do it after mastering a certain cooking skill, otherwise it is easy to fail.

Intestine flour, also called braised steamed intestine flour, is a kind of rice product, also known as pulled flour, rolled flour, pig intestine flour (because the intestine flour is shaped like a pig intestine). Cantonese-style intestine flour should be similar to northern cold skin.

Intestine powder is a very common snack in Guangzhou streets. Although few people make homemade intestine powder at home now, although we are not skilled enough, everything is everything, just for the classic deliciousness that has been precipitated by history.With respect and nostalgia.

Kitchen tools in ordinary households can also make tender and delicious sausage powder.

As long as you have a common steamer, cooking paper, cooking spatula, shredder, sieve and a smooth table, these are all you need.

The outer skin of the intestine flour is made by grinding rice into rice slurry and then processing. Therefore, the selection of rice is very important.

Rice for making intestinal flour must replace the indica rice in the south. This rice is a sticky substitute. After mixing with a small amount of salt, oil and water, the intestinal flour is very smooth.

There are many types of sausage powder. Add beef, eggs, pork, fish fillet, barbecued pork, churros and other main ingredients to the sausage powder, and then mix with other ingredients such as leek, mushroom, kelp, white fungus and lettuce, etc.Into different flavors of sausage powder.

Or put nothing at all, and it is Su Zhai Chang.

After the intestine powder is prepared, the soy sauce topped with it is also very particular. It must be made with good raw soy sauce, plus rock sugar, oil, chicken essence and appropriate amount of water.Eat smooth sausage powder.

Refining-making intestinal flour and taking indica rice (200g), elutriating it with running water, adding enough cold water, and soaking at room temperature for 12 hours.

Add the soaked indica rice to the crusher, and then add the same proportion of cold water to beat the indica rice into a uniform rice slurry.

Filter the smashed rice slurry with a finer screen to filter out the indica rice dregs that are bound to the particles in the rice slurry.

Add the filtered indica rice dregs to the crusher again, add an appropriate amount of cold water and continue to beat until all the indica rice dregs are made into a fine rice slurry.

Allow the finished rice milk to stand for about 30 minutes. After the rice milk has completely settled, drain all the clear cold water from the upper layer.

Then add salt (1g), oil (10ml) and cold water (400?
500ml), the amount of water to be added should be quantitatively determined according to the viscosity of indica rice. A small amount can be added first. If the sausage powder made is sticky and waxy, then the amount of cold water should be appropriately increased), and thoroughly mixed to make the sausage powder.Even if the rice milk is ready.

To make intestinal flour fillings, medium-sized fresh shrimp (100g), use toothpicks to insert from the shrimp forward to the middle, pick out the shrimp line, rinse with running water and cut into small pieces.

(When making beef and pork sausage powder, first cut the meat into small pieces or chopped into minced meat, and then add the right amount of rice wine, soy sauce, oil, chicken essence, salt, pepper and white sugar, etc.material.
) Wash the shiitake mushrooms, cut off the roots, and cut into thin filaments.

Put the shrimp and shiitake shredded into a small bowl, add Cantonese rice wine (5ml), salt (1g) and white pepper powder (1g), mix well to make a fresh shrimp sausage stuffing.

Tear glass lettuce (100g) into thin slices, rinse and drain.

The dipping sauce for preparing sausage powder can take an appropriate amount of dried shiitake mushrooms, soak them in warm water for about 20 minutes, and then remove the shiitake mushrooms. After the sediment in the water has settled, the water in the bowl is decanted to obtain the soy sauce.Needed mushroom water.

Add oil (30ml), raw soy sauce (150ml), old soy sauce (20ml), mushroom water (80ml) and rock sugar (50g) in a wok.

After boiling over high heat, turn to low heat and thoroughly cook the rock sugar until it melts. Then add chicken essence in the pot, mix well, and mix with the intestine flour.

If you feel that homemade soy sauce is cumbersome, you can use steamed fish soy sauce sold in the market instead, which is more convenient and quick.

Steamed sausage powder is poured into a steamer with a large amount of hot water, and placed in a cage drawer at the top, covered with a lid and heated with high heat.

Prepare a piece of cooking paper slightly larger than the size of the cage drawer. After the water in the steamer has boiled, open the lid and place the cooking paper on the cage drawer.

In addition to cooking paper, you can also use a smaller, tight, clean cotton cloth to steam the sausage powder, but the cotton cloth is slightly softer and the surface is slightly rougher than the cooking paper, which makes it difficult to penetrate when scraping the sausage powder.

And before steaming the next piece of intestines, rinse with water for several times.

Stir the prepared rice milk with a spoon for a few times so that the rice milk precipitated at the bottom of the container can be thoroughly mixed with water.

Pour the rice milk onto the cooking paper.

(The amount of rice milk should be flexibly controlled according to the size of the cage drawer. The thickness of the steamed intestinal flour is about 2mm. You can try each time repeatedly to control the amount of rice milk poured each time.

) Then use a spoon to push the rice milk on the cooking paper evenly to make the rice milk a uniform circle.

Quickly take some prepared prawn fillings and sprinkle them in a zigzag pattern on the rice milk. Then place 1 glass lettuce leaf on top.
Immediately cover the pot lid, it only takes about 3 minutes to steam. When steaming, you must use a high fire, so the sausage powder will be smooth and smooth, and the steaming time must not be too long, otherwiseThe taste will become sticky and lose the characteristics of intestinal flour.
Take a small amount of oil during this period and spread it evenly on a clean table.

Most of the kitchen countertops are made of artificial marble. The surface is smooth and smooth. It is a very good choice for making sausage powder as a smooth table top.

It’s time to open the lid and the rice milk has become a transparent noodle.

Squeeze the insert of cooking paper with your hand, lift the sausage powder, scoop out the steamer, place the paper on the table, hold it with one hand and lift it gently, and use the spatula blade to lift the edge of the sausage powder toward the other hand.Scratch before.

This type of intestinal meal will be “collapsed” on the table top, and the double-folded intestinal meal will be wrapped in the middle with a distillation shovel to wrap the shrimp stuffing into a roll.

Cut the two ends of the intestine noodles neatly with a frying shovel, and then cut it into two sections.

Shovel the prepared sausage powder into a pan and drizzle with soy sauce.

The sausage powder must be eaten and prepared so that you can fully appreciate the softness and deliciousness of the sausage powder.

[Can wild mushrooms be eaten during pregnancy-]_ Pregnant women_Can you eat

[Can wild mushrooms be eaten during pregnancy?

】 _Pregnant woman_Can you eat

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to their diet and daily life after pregnancy. At the same time, pregnancy is also an important stage for women. During this period, the diet needs a balanced nutrition to maintain diet and maternal nutrition, and wild bacteria is a more common food.Pregnant women can eat some wild fungi appropriately, but not too much. At the same time, they need to be identified as eating real wild fungi before they can eat them.

Can pregnant women eat wild mushrooms? You can eat some fungi in moderation during pregnancy, but you must ensure that they are edible fungi and must be cooked thoroughly before they are eaten to avoid causing diarrhea and other symptoms.

In addition to the unique taste that wild bacteria can bring to us, it also has very valuable pharmacological and health care effects. It contains inorganic salts and amino acids, which are essential trace elements in the human body. It can use brain health, improve immunity, and resist radiation.health benefits.

In addition, wild mushrooms are rich in nutrition, and eating more can strengthen the body, increase resistance to disease, and promote the development of oxides.

Therefore, pregnant women can consume a variety of common fungi in moderation.

Under the condition of determining the species and safe source of wild fungi, pregnant women can eat it, but pay attention to the right amount to avoid diarrhea caused by excessive consumption and even more serious conditions.

Pregnant women cannot eat some foods. 1. Don’t eat crabs, kelp and soft-shelled turtles: after eating, it will cause bleeding and early abortion.

2, do not eat Mi Ren and Ma Tou Mi: Mi Ren, also known as Coix seed, it triggers uterine contraction and easily induces miscarriage.

Horse teeth also increase the contraction of the uterus, increasing strength is prone to miscarriage.

3. Avoid apricots and almonds: The apricot’s thermal properties and its slippery properties are taboo for pregnant women.

Almonds contain highly toxic substances for children 7?
10 almonds can cause death, so pregnant women should fast.

4. Avoid black fungus: Because it has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it is not conducive to gradual stabilization and growth.

5, avoid hawthorn: Hawthorn has the effect of contracting the uterus should be eaten.

6, canned food: Because it is rich in additives, too many pregnant women will be harmful to the baby.

7, cold drinks and soft drinks: Women’s recovery function is weakened after pregnancy, too cold food becomes venous vasoconstriction, digestive function weakens and diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms appear.

Soda will consume iron in expectant mothers, which will lead to anemia and affect baby development.