[Can Probiotic Yeast Lose Weight?]

[Can Probiotic Yeast Lose Weight?]

The role of probiotics in the present can be said to be very extensive. First of all, probiotics can regulate gastrointestinal function, which is of great help. It can treat many diseases and inflammations, and it can also promote the absorption and health of our body.It is just these uses that can also help our internal digestion and absorption. Some people even use probiotics to lose weight. Can probiotics really lose weight?


Probiotics help weight loss research Probiotics have become a hot topic in modern society, and we hear about new news about these millions of small bacteria gathered within your interactions almost every week, and that is themWhat was found to be good for us.

Recent studies have shown that probiotics help digestion and cure diseases.

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that probiotics can help people lose weight.

But do you believe the statement of this scientific report?

First let’s see how this scientific report came about: each Japanese research team divided 210 subjects who were overweight into three groups.

Then each person ingested 7mm of fermented milk per day, and the fermented milk that the two groups drank respectively added a part of different probiotics Lactobacillus SBT2055. This probiotic was found to be related to weight loss in previous studies.

After 12 weeks, people who consume probiotic-containing fermented milk daily lose about 8% to 9% of their visceral aunts-around your heart and other internal organs and their unhealthy aunt types.

At the same time, studies have also shown that this eliminates probiotic fermented milk from people who have developed 1% to 3% belly fat.

“Your indirect is responsible for the digestion and absorption of the food you eat every day. The probiotics mentioned in the study may reduce the function of intervening metabolism and help digestion after entering the interior, and at the same time prevent slight accumulation in the body.

“Yuukio Kadooka, an expert at Japan’s Snow brand and co-author of this report, explains.

However, this research has the following problems, Kadooka introduced: First, the probiotics mentioned in this research are not for sale in the US market; second, according to Kadooka’s research, most of the research on the benefits of probiotics for weight loss has beenCompanies that use related technologies to produce weight-loss products are controlled or funded.

“This does not mean that research is ineffective,” said Dr. Jeremy Burton, deputy director of the Canadian Probiotic Research and Development Center. “There is nothing wrong with companies investing in scientific research, but it is best to maintain the independence of such research.The results are objective.

“Dr. Burton added.


“Identify” probiotics Ultimately, this independent study is uncertain or contradictory.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that although some probiotics help to lose weight, some probiotics can cause obesity.

“It’s too early for this research to be final, and it needs more analysis!

“Diidier Raoult, co-author of the study, MD, Marseille microbiologist, said.

The health benefits of probiotics are certain, Burton said, and the findings also acknowledge claims of probiotics for digestion and health benefits, such as Danone’s Activia yogurt.

But if probiotics help to lose weight, it really remains to be seen.

“Probiotics certainly have a certain dieting effect,” Burton said, “but the mechanism by which it works is still to be studied.

“So now, don’t expect probiotics to completely replace your exercise or diet plan.

[Can I drink coffee after eating durian_Can I drink coffee after eating durian]

[Can I drink coffee after eating durian_Can I drink coffee after eating durian]

Durian is different from other fruits because the taste of durian is so special that some people choose not to eat it because of the smell of durian.

But in fact, durian is just a bit worse, but the taste of many durians is incomparable.

Of course, there are some taboos to eat durian, and you can’t eat it randomly.

So, friends who like to drink coffee, can you drink coffee after eating durian?

Durian and coffee can be eaten together because there are only two types of durian food, white wine and beer.

Do not eat durian with white wine.

Alcohol and durian are hot. If you eat both, people with diabetes can cause vascular complications, severe blood vessels can burst, and strokes, so they should be taken with caution.

Normal healthy people should also avoid taking it at the same time.

There have even been many cases of durian eating with white wine to death, so this point must be careful.

Do not eat durian with beer.

In general, it is not recommended to eat durian with beer. At the same time, because it is easy to cause harm to your health and even cause more diseases, I hope everyone can follow these dietary principles so that it can be better.Guarantee your own health.

It is not advisable to eat durian with beer, so as not to cause the nature of food to be harmful to the body.

Durian is hot and stagnant. People with hot gas or cough, sore throat, sensitive trachea, and diabetic patients are not suitable to eat more durian. Otherwise, it will worsen the condition and not benefit the body.

Do not eat durian one hour after drinking beer, and do not drink alcohol within 8 hours after eating durian.

Coffee and durian can be eaten together. Do not be afraid to have coffee and durian when you eat coffee, because coffee and durian will not be compatible. When you eat coffee, do not drink white wine. If you eat durian, you will drink white wine.It is very easy to make yourself poisoned. When you eat durian, you must pay attention to the amount. You ca n’t eat too much. Eating too much can easily cause diarrhea.

[12 kinds of homemade tea, summer summer heat and dampness effect is good!

[12 kinds of homemade tea, summer summer heat and dampness effect is good!

How to get health tea in summer!

In this hot season, drinking tea can both relieve the heat and keep you healthy.

Below, I will introduce to you 12 summer health teas with many effects. Don’t miss it.

Summer health tea I, lotus seed heart tea lotus seed heart refers to the turquoise green germ in the middle of the lotus seed, which is extremely bitter, but has excellent antihypertensive and fat-removing effects.

Blend two grams of lotus seed heart with boiled water and mix it with the offspring tea. Drink it once a day in the morning and evening. In addition to lowering blood pressure, it also has the effects of clearing heat, soothe the nerves and strengthen the heart.

But lotus seeds have a bitter heart, and those with weak spleen and stomach should be careful.

Summer health tea II, mint tea, mint tea has the effect of clearing heat, and mint is also a good medicine for treating wind-heat and cold.

The specific method is to boil 2000 ml of water, add 10 grams of dry mint and some green tea, and soak, filter out the leaf residue to make mint tea, which can be added with sugar.

When you have a cold in summer, you can fry it with 20 grams of fresh mint.


[Can loofah and winter melon be eaten together]_ 东 瓜 _ 同 吃

[Can loofah and winter melon be eaten together]_ 东 瓜 _ 同 吃

Many times, there is a saying that Xiangke is that certain foods cannot be eaten together, otherwise it is likely to cause food poisoning.

Winter melon is a common melon vegetable. We often use winter melon to cook soup or slice meat, and loofah is also a common vegetable. Besides, there are a lot of anthocyanins and vitamins in loofah, which can effectively resist aging and whitening.

Can winter melon and loofah be eaten together?

First, can gourds and winter gourds be eaten together? Winter gourds can be eaten together, but there is no such thing as grams.

But both are cold, don’t eat more.

Second, the main raw materials of fried gourd: 80g of gourd, 150g of gourd, the right amount of oil, the right amount of salt, the right amount of soy sauce, the right amount of spring onion, the right amount of garlic

First prepare and clean the required ingredients.

Cut all the ingredients, green onions, and minced garlic.


Heat the wok and pour the oil. After the oil is hot, add the green onion and the garlic is fragrant.

Add winter melon and stir fry for a while.


Then put in the loofah and stir fry.

Add the right amount of soy sauce and salt.


Add the right amount of water to cover the pot, turn the water to simmer and boil after the water is boiling.

Third, the effect of loofah 1.

Ascorbic disease: The high content of vitamin C in loofah can be used for ascorbic disease and prevention of various vitamin C deficiency.


Brain health and beauty: As the content of vitamin B in loofah is high, it is conducive to children’s brain development and middle-aged and elderly brain health; the juice of loofah cane has the special function of maintaining skin elasticity and can be used to remove wrinkles.


Anti-virus and anti-allergy: Luffa extract has obvious preventive effect on Japanese encephalitis virus. An anti-allergic substance, aragenol, is also extracted in the tissue culture medium of luffa, which has a strong anti-allergic effect.

Fourth, who is not suitable to eat loofah Because of the coldness of loofah, therefore, physically weak and cold, people with diarrhea should not eat loofah.

Those with irregular menstruation, tired body, sputum, cough, and postpartum milk are not suitable for women who eat loofah.

Physical weakness and cold, diarrhea should not eat more.

[How to peel grapefruit]_How to peel_Peeling method

[How to peel grapefruit]_How to peel_Peeling method

Grapefruit is a very popular fruit and a fruit that will be available in the fall.

Grapefruit has a high nutritional value, and its sugar content and trace amount are relatively low, so it is a very healthy fruit.

But when eating grapefruit, many people are not very good at peeling it.

In fact, peeling grapefruit skin still needs to master certain skills.

Below, I will introduce three peeling methods of grapefruit peel!

First, how to peel the grapefruit: Method one, use a knife to make a circle in the center of the epidermis after cleaning, the depth is about one centimeter; 2, draw a cross in the middle of the circle is also one centimeter deep;It becomes very, very labor-saving; 4. After removing the white “cotton” outside, you can eat.

Second, how to peel the grapefruit: Method two 1. After tearing the outer packaging, cut out a piece of grapefruit, as shown in the figure.

2, the plane cut upwards to the bottom of the knife to cut down, can not be too deep, fear that it will rotten grapefruit meat.

3, 360 degrees at a distance to make a knife, so it is cut grapefruit.

4. Then peel the grapefruit peel one by one according to the scratches, as shown in the figure.

5. After the grapefruit is removed, the skin can be combined into a whole grapefruit, and it can be used as a lantern for children. There is a pumpkin lantern for Halloween.

6, can also be used to make a hat for children to play and take pictures.

Third, how to peel the grapefruit: Method three Wash and dry the grapefruit, and use a fruit knife to make a circle from the middle to prevent the fruit from being scratched. This has been tried twice, and then inserted with a spatula from the middle.Turn the knife marks around and a small bowl comes out. You can remove the grapefruit in the same way.

Fourth, how to peel the grapefruit: Method 4 Wash and dry the grapefruit, cut off the tip of the head with a fruit knife, and draw four blades from top to bottom to avoid hurting the flesh. Insert one of them with a rice shovel and easily replace it.Peel the whole grapefruit.

Then use a cotton thread on the top to pull it down in the middle of the grapefruit petals, and you can easily open the grapefruit.

Or just use a rice shovel.

[Women will experience such changes in the four seasons]

[Women will experience such changes in the four seasons]

Nowadays, sexual life is no longer purely for the purpose of “pregnancy”, but still contains multiple meanings.

In any season, sex is an additive to life.

“Sex, the more you enjoy, the more you want.

“This is true for both men and women.

When having sex, sex hormones will strengthen secretion, thereby improving healthy and harmonious emotions.

How to ensure the quality of sex during the spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons and adjust the sexual life differently, you must know the secrets of the four seasons of sex and female hormones in the four seasons.

Spring hormonal spring Awakening hormonal spring is the first stage, that is, the first to six days after menstruation (calculated based on the average five days) (ie, the 6-11 days of the physiological cycle).All plants and creatures in the world swell with various impulses, and the division of all cells begins to accelerate.

At this time, the female pituitary gland secretes a hormone FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), which stimulates the woman to wake up from deep sleep.

Just after going through a “blood” movement, some may experience experiencing intense dysmenorrhea. Although they have the spirit, they may want to gossip with their friends in the boudoir.

Husbands who have been depressed for several days, must not be anxious about the “sleeping beauty” who just woke up, but must slowly cultivate his wife’s “sex” taste and regain his wife’s desire in the gentleness that is gradually heating up.


[DIY twist method]_DIY twist method _DIY twist method Daquan_DIY twist

[DIY twist method]_DIY twist method _DIY twist method Daquan_DIY twist

As long as you live, you have to eat.

And if you want to live longer, you have to eat better.

In order to eat better, you must first get rid of the bad habit of eating takeaway.

Every day in the future, it is best to cook for yourself.

If you don’t, now I will teach you the practice of DIY twist.


Boil vegetable oil first and let cool.

Then add flour, baking soda, and water to the medium flour, and knead the dough with cold oil.

After waking up for 30 minutes, it was divided into small doses of about 8 grams.

Cover each plastic container with plastic wrap 4.

After waking up for 5 minutes, knead for another 5 minutes.

Roll the small noodles into 40 cm long strips 6.

Fold the sides in half.

Rotate 8.

Roll into twist shape 9.

Put it on the case panel and arrange 10 in order.

Then pour it into a golden yellow 11 in a frying pan.

Look at the oil in the pan.

Save it. Food fills our lives every day, and the health of food is closely related to our lives.

After reading the introduction of DIY twist, you really should learn by yourself and try.

In this way, you can eat happily, rest assured, and you can harvest healthy physiology.

[Can pregnant women eat bitter wheat]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can pregnant women eat bitter wheat]_Pregnancy_Impact

Vegetables are very important foods in life. They provide specific nutrients for the human body to help the body achieve healthier purposes. There are many types of vegetables. Among them, bitter wheat is a well-known one, because bitter wheatThe taste is bitter, but the health effect is very prominent. It is one of the standing choices of people’s home cooking. Because bitter barley has a bitter taste, can it be eaten during pregnancy?

It is best not to eat, bitter food is cold, and easy to cause contractions and abortion.

Bitter wheat is cold. Pregnant women should eat less, but now it’s summer, you can eat it in moderation. You can’t eat it in cold weather.

The fetus is mild, and similar foods can be used, but not cold, cold, hot, and spicy in large quantities. Otherwise, there will be a lot of adverse voltage effects.

Usually eat more chicken, meat, fish, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc. to ensure that pregnant women need nutrition every day.

The diet of pregnant women generally has no special contraindications, but it is recommended to eat less cold and spicy foods in order to avoid diarrhea caused by improper diet and lead to premature birth.

Bitter wheat is not recommended for consumption because of its bitter bitter taste.

It is recommended to eat foods containing protein and vitamins, a balanced diet, and appropriate activities are also conducive to fetal development.

Regular prenatal check-ups.

Usually eat a light diet and eat more vegetables and fruits, drink soup appropriately, something that is easy to get angry or cold can not be eaten.

Pay attention to the recovery of folic acid in early pregnancy, because folic acid is related to the development of the fetal nervous system.

If you are deficient in folic acid during pregnancy, it can easily cause hypertension neural tube defects, such as anencephaly or spina bifida, and the chances of rabbit lips and jaw fissures also increasing.

Many natural foods are rich in folic acid, various green vegetables (such as spinach, lettuce, asparagus, pakchoi, cauliflower, etc.), as well as animal liver and kidney, beans, fruits (bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc.), dairy products, etc.Acidic folic acid.

Pregnant women can’t eat some kind of food crabs: it is delicious, but its cold nature, has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so it is not good for pregnant women, especially crab claws, it has a significant abortion effect.

Turtle: Although it has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, the turtle has a salty and cold taste, and it has the function of blood circulation and scattered spots, so it has certain disadvantages of abortion, especially the force of abortion of turbinates is stronger than that of turban meat.

Barley: It is a homolog of medicine and food. Traditional Chinese medicine considers it to be smooth.

Pharmacological experiments have shown that Coix Seed has an excitatory effect on uterine smooth muscle and can induce uterine contraction, so it may induce abortion.

[Can kids eat Cola Chicken Wings]_Children_Impact

[Can kids eat Cola Chicken Wings]_Children_Impact

Cola chicken wings is a kind of food that attracts people, but for younger children should pay attention to the situation of eating.

Because the child is young, Ping still needs calcium supplements.

Because children will certainly lack some trace elements in the process of growing up.

Therefore, in the diet structure, we must pay attention to timely addition of some calcium is the best.

But cola is a very influential carbonated beverage for the human body, which causes the loss of calcium.

So can cola chicken wings children eat?

Can babies eat cola chicken wings?
Babies can eat cola chicken wings, but eat less.

The main materials of Cola Chicken Wings are chicken wings and Cola. Chicken wings are very nutritious and can supplement the nutrients that your baby needs to grow. Cola is a carbonated beverage that is harmful to the human body. Eating it will affect your baby’s healthy growth, but Cola is making it.The process has caused a lot of volatilization, and the amount itself is not much, so the damage is also relatively limited.

Therefore, babies can eat cola chicken wings.

However, cola chicken wings are high in sugar and high in content, and their nutritional value is not high. It is easy to cause too much babies and picky eaters. Therefore, babies should eat cola chicken wings less.

Is cola chicken wings harmful to babies? 1, cola is a high-sugar food, and chicken wings are also potentially high meat. Babies often eat cola chicken wings, which can easily cause excessive spread, resulting in excessive babies, decreased immunity, and affects the baby’s normal development.

2. Cola contains a large amount of caffeine. Although it is volatile during the process of making cola chicken wings, if it is eaten for a long time, it will still cause harm to the human body, especially the baby’s immunity is reduced, which will easily affect the baby’s development.

3. Cola contains a lot of carbonic acid and some phosphoric acid, and it is easy to form carbonic acid, which will have a certain corrosive effect on the enamel, which will seriously damage the health of the teeth and affect the normal development of the baby’s teeth.

4. Phosphoric acid in cola will affect the baby’s bone development, make the baby’s bones fragile and easy to fracture, and the large amount of phosphorus in it will also affect the baby’s absorption of nutrients.

[The whole process of making traditional tofu]_How to do_How to do

[The whole process of making traditional tofu]_How to do_How to do

Tofu was originally invented in the Han Dynasty, and it can be said that it is the most common bean product in the upper Han people.

The traditional method of making tofu is relatively complicated, but the resulting tofu is more delicious. In some aspects, the main ones are south tofu and north tofu, which are brine tofu and gypsum tofu.

The brine tofu is relatively soft and tender, and the gypsum tofu is relatively firm.

The process of making tofu is nothing more than making beans, grinding beans, cooking beans, cooking soy milk, and then placing gypsum or brine, and finally pressing and shaping with a knife to cut into the shape of tofu.

The nutritional value of tofu is relatively high, and tofu is also eaten very much, and it is still prosperous.

1. The soybeans for tofu must be soaked overnight.

This is using mountain spring water.

2. Soaked soybeans are ground into a slurry by stone milling.

3. While refining, use a firewood to burn a large pot of boiling water, there will be tree fragrance in the water.

4. Pour the ground soy milk into the bag to separate the residue.

5, just boiled water into the bag mixed with soy milk.

6. Tighten the bag mouth of the soy milk bag poured into boiling water and shake it clockwise or counterclockwise, and the inside of the bag will leak out through the replaced milk.

7. Pour out the soy milk into a large pot, which is 66cm in diameter.

8. Squeezed soybean milk should be squeezed hard. The soybean milk inside is squeezed out and it becomes tofu residue.

9. Pour the soy milk into the pot and boil it with wood fire.

10. Pour the soybean milk after the firewood into a wooden barrel made of fir.

11, soy milk is left for a short period of time, after cooling to a certain temperature, it is poured into tofu condensate water, which is made by mixing a small scoop of cold soy milk with tofu condensate powder.

This process is the most important, because the tofu and thick texture of tofu are determined by it, so it is the most difficult to control this temperature. People without certain experience cannot control it.

12, after the previous process, the soy milk left standing will magically become our familiar tofu flower.

13. At this time, pour the tofu flower into the prepared water-proof container to prepare water-proof.

14. Finally, put a weight to squeeze out the water in the tofu flower.

15. After several hours of squeezing, pieces of tofu tender as baby’s BB skin were successfully played.

16, a small piece of soy beans after skillful production into a piece of water Lingling fragrance tofu overflowing.